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Why Asia Argento  Matters

Asia Argento was betrayed and abandoned by the movement she stood up to fight for when she needed it the most. 

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Asia Argento was sexually assaulted and extorted by predator Jimmy Bennett. The fact of this was turned on her in what amounted to one of the most vicious bullying campaigns ever seen. 

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Asia Argento made many enemies when she stood up for survivors at the 2018 Cannes festival and paid a terrible price for her efforts.


Black 18

In 2018 the "Metoo" movement broke into civil conflict. I detail the events that took place in that period here. 

(Four Articles In One) 

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Predator Rain Dove

A primary tormentor of Asia Argento, Rain Dove is exposed as a predatory fantasist who wreaks havoc in a shameless quest for financial advantage and attention.  

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