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Black 18 Part One

 Rose Army


Black 18 Part One


So much has happened since I made the decision to join Rose Army in February 2018. I have been pondering for weeks now as to the best way to describe the events of a dark and turbulent year. I concluded that the best thing to do was to simply write it from my own perspective and recollections. In doing so I seek to provide a frank and honest insight into the situation I found myself in when I made the fateful decision to support Rose McGowan.


By the time February 2018 rolled around I had been an activist for about six years for New Zealand survivors seeking their lawful entitlements. I had not paid much attention to the "#Metoo" movement apart from reading the odd article. I had no idea who 95% of the women involved were due to a total lack of interest in celebrity.


This might still well be true today if not for the various insults and put downs people in my general sphere were putting forward. It was one comment too many about Rose McGowan that set my path on collision course with the woman who raised her fist at the 2018 Cannes Festival, Asia Argento. My first step down this now fated path was to join social media which I had successfully shunned in all its forms until February of Black 18.


It was natural from my point of view to gravitate towards Rose McGowan and Rose Army. One simply joined and comradeship under a common purpose became viable. Also Rose McGowan was an ex street punk as was I and I was taken by her renegade approach having used it so often myself.


It was also evident that things were not going so well for Rose McGowan. I had joined in the day or two after Jill Messick's suicide and McGowan was in trauma counseling for the infamous book launch incident. A lot of social media users I shall simply refer to as the Trolls were targeting Rose with a relentless enthusiasm.


The first few weeks were spent battling Trolls and their Sock accounts. I met the most active members of Rose Army (or supporters of) quickly and soon we were working together to try and repel the Troll pack from Rose's social media. Various ideas were put forward and I put up a suggestion that had been put to me by a comrade.


We would simply go over Rose's posts and get the links of any Trolls and pass them to her for blocking. A hundred Trolls could be blocked in the time it takes to put together a new Sock thus the attrition calculation sat very heavily in our favor.


There was however a flaw in the plan. None of us had direct contact with Rose McGowan to pass the lists to. I did however know someone who did and Rob Marczak was approached to be the contact person. The fact of that contact was Rob Marczak's only contribution but despite this placed Rob in the top position.


Success was instant and noticeable. The Trolls were suddenly blocked on mass and they were not happy. More plans were put in place to achieve more numbers and as a result a group called Sub Rosa was created which had Rose McGowan's official authorization. The plan was to keep everything as covert as possible.


Rob Marczak had other ideas however and now he had his hand firmly of the wheel of the machine that had been built for him by others. His first lofty decree was that the Troll pack was to be appealed to and off he went into private conversations with them. Needless to say I was appalled and when my objections were ignored I immediately resigned from Sub Rosa.


None of the others were ready to go that far but they were not without their concerns. After some further discussion I rejoined though it was noted I would not support the Troll policy. The situation could not last and it was not long before Rob Marczak was spouting all over social media that he was Rose McGowan's friend and he saw her as a daughter all the while talking to every Troll in private.


The increasing icky factor as Rob waxed lyrical about his great friendship with Rose McGowan combined with the general unease with all the backroom Troll meetings was starting to test the tolerance of the whole group by this stage. Matters came to a head when he got into communications with an internet shock jock, A J Benza.


Benza released a podcast denigrating Rose McGowan and he had a few choice words about Rob himself. The Trolls of course were delighted. Naturally we were not. In response to our umbrage Rob went back to Benza. At the end of the next podcast Benza mumbled something about only saying those things to provoke Rose into a response.


Rob came back to declare a successful outcome to his master plan, that we of course were just not quite bright enough to grasp. Sadly for Rob he was speaking to an empty room. We had departed on mass. I got a message to Rose stating why we had left through alternative means. The message was read but there was no response. Rose McGowan it seemed had made her choice.


We reformed as a group as the original Rose Army (and associates) and kept going with our efforts. Rob went right on grandstanding from a celebrity's platform and Sub Rosa was never anything more than a shadow of what it was meant to be. As it turns out that is for the best as it would have been a waste.


We of the Originals went on to support some relatively high profile people and more people got involved. It was in this period I realized that too many people made for too many issues. The whole purpose of Sub Rosa was based on what was evidently a false premise that numbers equaled strength. Irony.


But for the most part things were moving along and as the block lists increased the Trolls found it harder to get past our shields. All that was to change as described in the next installment:



Black 18 Part Two

The Cassandra Prophecy


Black 18 Series Part Two.


What follows next found its triggering event on the day Asia Argento raised her fist at Cannes and called out Hollywood's response to the crisis of sexual abuse as lacking in substance among other things. I remember when it happened and I had watched the videos of Asia in action, blissfully unaware that a train of events had been triggered that would put our paths on a collision course.


The fact is that right up until that speech I had never heard of Asia Argento. Upon learning she was a friend of Rose McGowan's it was noted that the trolls plaguing Rose McGowan were swiftly turning their attention to Asia Argento. This had happened before with other people and it had been dealt with by providing the target with a list of the Boss Trolls in play for a mass block.


I had seen no reason to believe it would not provide the same results for Asia so I went to her and a discussion was had and a list provided. I left the matter at that and did not contact her again for some time. Then Anthony Bourdain took his own life and the impact was immediate. Asia had asked for privacy and so I carried on as per normal for about three weeks.


I had noticed that Asia was coming under increasingly heavy trolling and there was not much in the way of support. The answer seemed evident and constantly updated block lists began to be provided and the threat was pushed back. The attacks spread across social media platforms and blogs. Tabloid media joined in the attacks and by this point I was becoming increasingly concerned.


I pushed back with a blog of my own and it was not long before I was sitting in public social media noting that practically no Troll would come and face me. All that remained to be done was to see the stand off through and the job was done. However it was not to be.


At this stage I was seeing disturbing patterns among the Troll packs stalking Rose McGowan and Asia Argento. Equally disturbing was the increasing suspicion that Asia's situation had been infiltrated. Unfortunately my suspicions were well founded. I wrote an article where in the tradition of the Cassandra Complex I issued a stark warning.


I warned that there were organised efforts to attack the movement taking place and that something dark and terrible was coming. I warned that people were going to be hurt by what was essentially a war and of course no one believed a word of it.


So it was while I was stuck there like Fiver the rabbit trying to explain to the chief rabbit that the warren was well and truly in the shit, my adversary struck from behind where he had been lurking all along. An individual with an association with Asia had used that association to gain access to pretty much everything I was doing.


Asia who was already being gas lit in every aspect of her life and wracked with grief was finally convinced that it was I who had brought the bullies to her, a narrative the Troll pack was only to happy to push in public.


I noted that strange coincidence among other things. I knew the who and the how but I also knew that a trap had been sprung on me and careful thought was required. Normally my response to a lack of faith at that level is to put that person from my mind and let life have its way with them.


I knew the moment I stepped back the Trolls would swarm Asia but I also knew that if I tried to defend myself and prove I had been framed it would play right into my adversary's hands. I was presented with quite the conundrum. What to do?


As I mentioned my normal response to people who reject my assistance is to harden my heart and leave them to their fate. The outcome of their decision would simply prove the strength of my contention. I would tell myself that the fates of those would not listen are not my concern and I would simply observe as my predictions came true and note them for my allies for the I told you so moment that us Cassandra types tend to live for.


The problem was in this case I could not make myself do it. My normal instincts seemed strangely muted. For some reason I could not make myself not care about what happened to Asia Argento. Yet if I fought against my adversary I would play right into his hands. I knew he was counting on me fighting back. So I did the last thing that was expected.


I wished Asia well and we politely parted company. I had succeeded however in preventing her from blocking me. After all the "nut job" was being perfectly nice and why poke that bear with an outright rejection through blocking?


I knew if Asia had blocked me then the Troll Pack was certainly going to learn about it from the adversary who had infiltrated pretty much everything. A virus had taken over and disrupted all the operations I had in place. I was facing what would amount to a humiliating retreat from a totally winning position. Vexing to say the least.


Still one does not complain when the fortunes of war go against one. I knew I could not leave Asia but I also was not up to observing her being trolled to pieces so I simply went silent on my SM and checked in every few days and caught up with the Originals.


As I had predicted the Trolls returned in a screaming wave now that I had been eliminated from the fight by my infiltrating adversary. The Trolls launched attack after attack and my adversary continued to display his rat cunning by making sure the Trolls made sure that Asia and her supporters knew the reason why.


That would be me of course. Asia Argento had been gas lit into believing one of the only people who could assist her was actually detrimental to her. The cost to me was small. I did not lose any real personal support but Asia was left wide open for the horror the Cassandra Prophecy warned of.


Something dark and terrible was rushing down on the movement and the direct impact point was to be Asia Argento's life. If I had been in play and had Asia's trust then most of which was to follow would never have happened. A fact that still haunts me.


Yet all was not lost. The enemy thought the wolf was dead but no I was not dead, just sleeping. And waiting. The enemy saw me everywhere even though I was literally not around. In fact life was ticking along in the absence of Rose McGowan and Asia Argento issues on my to do list.


I had also taken other steps that not even the Originals were made aware of. I had left two infiltrators of my own in the Troll hate pack. I retreated to the jeers and scorn of the enemy, who were now certain they were finally in charge, circled back and hunkered down, watching and waiting in the dark as the foe celebrated my "defeat".


I also gave Rob Marczak a message for Rose McGowan that Asia was in danger and that I believed her life had been infiltrated. I begged Rose to look out for Asia but Rob told me he would not pass on the message due to Rose's health status.


So Asia was now been trolled on mass with me given as one of the reasons and the prophecy warned of far worse to come. What happened next was to be profoundly disturbing. Horror had not finished with either Asia or myself and it would not be long before the fates placed us together in a deep and terrible pit.


It was as if Red Riding Hood had been bound and thrown to a screaming mob and the only one who could do something about it was the Big Bad Wolf. The irony of it would have been quite the laugh if not for a haunting image of a stricken face and the horror of what I was seeing gripping my breaking heart.


Black 18 Part Three 

Broken Birds 


Black 18 Series Part Three.


A few weeks later found me with my mind on other issues. I had returned to giving a more local opponent a much needed political drubbing. I was not paying any attention to SM apart from the odd visit and Rose and Asia faded to the back of my mind.


I had told any who would listen that the darkness was coming and that Asia's life had been infiltrated. I was also painfully aware that not even my Original comrades saw this as anything more than me trying to save personal face.


I could hardly blame them. Self serving grandstanding is a common SM practice and I knew it was only my reputation that prevented people laughing at me outright. I knew I would make no traction in my declarations in the short term but they would set the stage for my vindication when the yet unidentified horror I knew was coming arrived.


When that day came Asia was the last thing on my mind. It was August 19th 2018 here in NZ on Sunday afternoon when Asia Argento's personal apocalypse exploded on to the world stage. I was having a relatively relaxed afternoon when I sat down at my PC with a coffee for a spot of gaming.


My browser was still up and a NZ media outlet on the open page. As I went to shut the browser down I automatically cast my eye over the headlines. My eye caught something about a Hollywood actress and an underage male actor and I went to have a look.


I opened the article and the first thing to leap out at me was a name. Asia Argento. After I finished choking on my coffee I read the article and concluded that Asia was in a terrible position optics wise at the very least and had essentially had her political legs cut out from under her.


I could see the liabilities for the movement and Rose McGowan and decided I best go and find out what Rose wanted to do about the situation. I was viewing the politics of the matter but I did not have any issues with Asia herself.


Having read Jimmy Bennett's statement in the leaked documents I was firmly of the view he was talking shit to be blunt about it. Whatever the situation I was certain that Asia was not a sexual criminal but the political considerations had left her and the movement wide open.


I logged on to SM and it was like opening the gates of hell. The Troll pack was lighting up the ether with screaming allegations and the foulest abuse. Asia had clearly not posted in days and I was not ready to say anything to her yet or even if I could be sure she would respond.


Plenty of Trolls were calling for me to come out but I went to Rob Marczak instead to find out what the word from Rose was. As it happened there was no word. Rob wanted me and the other Originals to return to Sub Rosa and I told him I would let the others know. It was up to them.


For myself I wanted to see what Rose McGowan was going to do before making any decisions. I felt very strongly this was the right thing to do. As it turns out it was, just not for the reasons I had thought. I was not really that keen to get involved. In fact it occurred to me that Asia had decided I was mad and that I could turn around and walk away.


Curse my sentimental heart I found I could not just walk away. The least I could do was argue that Asia had yet to defend herself and I proceeded to do so. Three days later the leaked texts between Asia and some unknown party were published on TMZ media.


Upon publication many of Asia's friends deserted her. Her fans were reeling in shock and some Silence Breakers condemned her in the media. The rest of the Breakers deserted on mass leaving only a handful willing to defend her. The problem is they could not. Anyone who stuck their head up to try and support Asia was overwhelmed in mass Troll attacks.


Asia had lost her job and was silent. The Trolls owned the SM ether and this unnamed third party had tied Asia's hands behind her back and thrown her to a howling mob as they screamed Asia was a liar and a child molester to name but a small sample of what she was being subjected to.


I watched in appalled disbelief as the movement left Asia alone to face the mob that had now surrounded her. There was not a doubt in my mind the goal of the Troll ringleaders was to gas light Asia to death and instinct warned me they were about 90% there.


It was then that I messaged a Silence Breaker to see how she was holding up. Not so well as it happened. I mentioned how Rose had cut Asia off in her traditional blunt manner and that it looked like she had no choice.


The response came back. It was Rose's partner Rain Dove who had leaked the texts for financial gain. I stared at my screen in disbelief. A lot of things finally clicked into place. Images of Asia's face with the agony of her torment etched deep upon it flooded my mind.


The primal part of me convulsed like some terribly wounded animal and in that instant any care or sympathy for Rose McGowan was scoured from me by one of the blackest furies I have ever experienced. Not only had Asia been infiltrated, her life had been essentially violated to the point of destruction.


I immediately contacted Rob Marczak to discuss the issue. I was told by Rob that he would ring Rose to find out when I told him my source was impeccable. I informed him there was no doubt in my mind that Rain Dove was the leak. Looking back it was likely that Camp Rose assumed I had been told by Asia. That was not the case and no one will ever know who whispered in my ear.


I went out for a couple of hours and came back to find Rain Dove posting like a one armed paper hanger. Rain Dove was basking in Troll love now that she was identified as the source of Asia's misery. Many of the posts were soon deleted.


I contacted Rob Marczak and told him that my support for Rose was concluded and that both she and Rain Dove could count me as their enemy. Rob told me that Rose and Rain had no choice, a contention that I rejected. Camp Rose was very confident that day and Rob was not concerned that I was now the enemy of Rose McGowan.


Camp Rose and the Troll hate pack were supremely confident that Asia was beyond rescue. Rob simply told me he would wait for me to come to my senses and we parted ways. I posted to Rain Dove to inform her that she had made a terrible mistake which she would come to deeply regret.


Rain Dove was not concerned about this "keyboard warrior" and muted me. New Zealanders who are reading this will likely be wincing right now having seen me in action before but internationally my past en devours were not known in detail.


It did not take me long to figure out what needed to be done. The Trolls had to be diverted from Asia long enough for her to gain a breath and her fans and supporters needed something to hang on to. Essentially some hapless sap was going to have to walk out there and make a stand that would divert the Troll's attention.


Whoever it was would have to be hated by the Trolls to the same degree if not more than they hated Asia Argento. The Trolls would have to want to destroy that person so badly they would back off to give said hapless punter the room in which to first humiliate and then destroy him / herself.


There were exactly two people on this planet that could fulfill that role. Rose McGowan and of course me. As Rose was revealed as a predatory infiltrator, this placed her as a Queen Troll for the other side. I confess it was the strangest feeling to realize that out of seven plus billion people on this planet it was me who drew the short straw.


I had to decide if I was going to take on an organised hate pack, world media and Hollywood for a woman who had been gas lit into seeing me as her problem. I would need to decide before I had spoken to her and decide if in fact she was being truthful based on what was on public record.


I knew that there were those who had not abandoned Asia held me in low regard and that my adversary would not sit idle. I knew there were people in Hollywood who wanted Asia to go down as revenge for Cannes. I could count on no one for support even if I desired it from among my peers as Asia was now a dirty name in the movement.


In the alternative I could walk away and leave Asia to her fate. But the truth is I never seriously considered it. It was clear to me that an innocent person was being bullied to the point of suicide in what amounted to a campaign of organised psychological rape.


I do not say this for dramatic effect. People need to understand that was exactly what was happening. A woman was dying in front of the entire movement. The few who had not turned their backs were savagely bullied into submission.


I knew that I had to offer myself up as bait and I had to make it so attractive to the Troll pack they would pull back or be denied seeing the Big Bad Wolf go down by his own paw as it were. The Trolls and Camp McGowan were utterly certain that Asia was finished and what better than to have the bonus of seeing "her pet wolf" hung up along side her?


So it was I set out to stand by a woman who had been condemned in front of the world by her own peers. A woman who had a litany of enemies and whom had been gas lit into thinking I was a liability to her. I had not spoken to Asia and my own future would be wholly reliant on Asia's innocence and the truth of every single word she spoke.


Not only that Asia was from a different culture and country where English is a second language. Getting close to Asia would be like trying to pluck a bird with broken wings out of a pack of snapping curs. This was a woman driven to the point of suicide in terrible fear and pain and betrayed by nearly everyone she trusted.


It occurred to me that matters could get out of hand. Yet I never really had to think about it. So I sat down with yet another coffee and wrote up a post stating that I support Asia Argento. It went on to detail a few things and upon completion I sat there with my finger on the mouse.


I knew the moment I hit the mouse button my whole life was going on the line and no matter the outcome nothing would ever be the same again. I felt it was important to commit such a moment to memory. A life changing event was to take place and it all boiled down to that one last tiny action.


I could walk away. All I had to do was exit the browser and crank up a game. All I had to do was walk away from the terrible suffering being inflicted on an innocent woman. I clicked the mouse. What else was I going to do? I could think of lesser hills to die on.



Black 18 Part Four 

 Tricks and Traps


Black 18 Series Part Four.


I stand by Asia Argento. Those five words earned me the attention of the Hollywood Breakers, certain associates of Asia who had already proven to be a liability and of course the Troll hate pack Justice for Tony.


The delight of the JFT hate pack was equaled only by the chagrin of certain people who had condemned me for doing what they had proven themselves incapable of doing. I knew that JFT had what it wanted so I had to offer more to ensure they would take the bait.


So I stated that I was so sure that Asia would be exonerated and found innocent that if it was not so I would end all my activism and leave social media. Only the thought of my total destruction would tempt the Trolls away from their target. I knew they were totally confident that I would never be able to argue it.


Most of the Trolls backed off sufficiently and got out their popcorn. They were all set to see me fall in front of the Breakers and jeer as I marched to my exile. I allowed them their joy and delight as what I needed was some ether to get out the counters I had already spotted in the evidence.


The Trolls could not try and suppress me with their normal tactics because that would give me an out when they got their totally expected victory. They were essentially snared by their own fevered desires. However I knew it could not last. Time was of the essence.


I responded initially with posts simply stating Asia would win. Asia is innocent. The Trolls were delighted of course. If there was one thing in this world they hate more than Asia Argento it is me. I had caused the Boss Trolls considerable chagrin when last we fought and their personal hatred of me was palatable.


Now they could enjoy the sight of me running around in ever decreasing circles. Once I was a figure of contempt among the movement like Asia was I belonged to the Trolls. Truth was I had already worked out where there was a gaping hole in the Troll attack line and I went straight for it.


New Zealanders will already know what the enemy was unaware of at that time. I had spent many years going full mongrel against a multi billion dollar state agency literally teeming with humanities oldest form of Troll. The Bureaucrat.


The battle against the Bureaucrat is fought with words and I had already wiped the floor with the Corporation many times by applying reading and comprehension skills. I learned very early that understanding every nuance and every word and applying those words to the full context determined who would be victor.


Not only does one have to understand the words of others, one must provide words of ones own to get others to understand. That is after all the goal. To get the agreement and support of the people that matter. I knew that the key was to gain the support and understanding of reasonable people.


To obtain this, people needed to have something they could rely on and understand. The Troll pack had not worked out that I had maneuvered them onto the battle ground of my choosing where I am at my strongest. The first thing I had to do was address the allegations Asia had lied in the media.


I had already spotted the fact that Asia had in fact not lied. She was simply making a completely different argument than the one presented by the Straw Man Rain Dove inflicted on her in the media. Rain Dove was claiming the original media statement was a denial sex had taken place whereas I had read it as a denial consensual sex had taken place.


I had a most trusted ally to back me up in the matter. The dictionary. The process behind that will be detailed in its own article. But the short of it is that I proved Asia had not lied and fans and supporters and those in the movement without an agenda took heart from the revelation.


Not only that a Silence Breaker had broken ranks and was openly supporting me and cracking at the Trolls herself. Then out of nowhere another Breaker with an even stronger following posted that she was interested in what I had to say.


The Troll pack was not happy. They had decided that it was impossible for me to win and suddenly the heat was coming off Asia when reasonable people saw that she had not lied and the wolf had Silence Breaker endorsement. My follower count jumped about 250 in three days.


Seeing their victim slipping free of the snares her enemies had put in place for her the Trolls came for me in a wave of attacks. Unfortunately for the JFT pack I was prepared for them. Readers may recall I mentioned in the Cassandra Prophecy that I had left two infiltrators to work their art while I sat on the sidelines waiting for my moment.


As it happened those infiltrators are very good at what they do and I was in possession of a great deal of information on the Boss Trolls who were running the JFT hate pack. The infiltrators suddenly declared they had been working with me for some time and went on a public offensive against the most potent Bosses.


My infiltrators, now in open combat with the Boss Trolls, kept the Bosses attention on their own self preservation. That crucial battle is a story of its own and I will be extending an invitation to both of those brave women to write it for publication here.


It is fair to say that the enemy was taken by total surprise and as they reeled under the relentless push back Asia stepped into the fray wreathed in fire and fury. Asia's fan page waged a campaign to get Asia her job back. Sadly we were not able to achieve this but it was instrumental in turning public sentiment from condemnation to support.


The Italian activists and the Fan page worked hard to turn public opinion around and Italy as a country was openly rejecting the abuse inflicted on one of their own. Asia waged a stunning campaign made even more remarkable by the fact she should not have even survived let alone wage the campaign she did.


I was in contact with Asia by this stage. We talked about many things. All those conversations have been deleted without copies and I will go to my grave without telling a soul about what we talked about. I was aware before most people Asia was going to strike at her tormentors and I was deeply impressed with the outcome.


The enemy fought back. My adversary was there of course, working with the Trolls and getting into the ear of anyone who was linked to me, telling them I was the devil blah blah blah. The Boss Trolls sought out Rob Marczak who was only too willing to hand over all and any information he had on me.


It did not work because I was already well ready for that stab in the back. The Troll's frustration when they discovered the information they had received paid nothing in the way of dividends made for a good laugh. Asia was tearing into Camp Rose and was exposing very disturbing facts about Rain Dove and Rose McGowan.


My adversary had revealed his true self and no longer held the trust of the people who mattered and all my allies held firm in the face of his constant attempts to derail my relationships.


Jimmy Bennett had succeeded in humiliating himself in Italian media and more people of note were openly rejecting his claims as foul lies made for the purposes of blackmail. Two of the Boss Trolls fell and as part of an agreement made the JFT Facebook presence was shutdown and JFT was significantly reduced.


Asia had disclosed to the media that she had therapy records from the therapy she sought in the weeks after she was sexually assaulted by Jimmy Bennett. I had been aware of this highly relevant information for some time and it was with delight I could now demonstrate such compelling evidence.


The outcome was not the fairy tale ending we hoped for as the top bosses in X Factor rejected the calls of Asia's fellow judges and fans across Italy. Yet our successes were nothing short of stellar. Asia had come back from the brink of death.


The people who cared about Asia were now satisfied their faith has not been displaced. Those with morbid interest in the matter drifted away once they saw there was nothing more to see. Asia's reputation in her industry was salvaged and she has been receiving steady work since.


All that are left are the dedicated haters and Trolls gnashing their teeth. Their victim had done what they had thought impossible. Asia has gone on to pursue health and recovery and the main battle has been won.


Asia has left the movement and the movement is much poorer for it. After the pathetic display from the movement in general I firmly hold the view that the movement does not deserve her. Asia had done a lot of good work in her native Italy and Italy is now bereft of a fine activist thanks to the actions of various people.


It is now time to address various outstanding issues and bring accountability to those who have committed crimes against this movement. This article concludes the Black 18 series. The next series is called the Faces of Evil. I hope that "they are all ready".

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