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DARVO assault was an attack on all of us

Amber Heard Bruises.jpg

The beatings were just the start of it 

In all my life I have never seen so many people determined to deprive one human being of everything that she is. People lined up in their millions to deprive Amber Heard of her safety, her dignity and her love of life in a sickening display of entirely unjustified hate and sadistic malice. This was done by people who have no sense of human decency or base pity let alone mercy. 

I have never seen anything as disgusting, degrading and sadistically abusive as what I have witnessed over the last few weeks. Amber Heard has done nothing to these people. Nothing that she could do or say in her own defense made the slightest difference to the human trash who were determined to inflict themselves upon her life with the enthusiasm and malice of a rapist. 

By virtue of that reality millions of survivors around the world suffered appalling psychological consequences. As I write this gloating offenders are walking free of the justice system globally as panicked and fearful victims pull out of the court cases that so many professionals worked so hard to put together. 

Those same professionals have also been abused, some literally to their face while the rest have had to watch everything that they have tried to achieve for victims being hurled into the bonfire of animalistic hate that was embraced by Depp supporters on mass. 

Now I am sure that many of those Depp supporters are lining up to tell me that I do not speak for the survivors numbered among them. I can say that I absolutely agree with them. I would and will never speak for any of them for in my mind I see these people as offenders and I consider them in the same vein I consider rapists. It is my view that these walking bags of bile are not one of us and will never be one of us. They have made their choice. 

Such is the thinking of this collection of DARVOS, rapists and Pick Me Deppford Wives, they insist upon telling us that what we witnessed and experienced is somehow not real, that our own thoughts on the matter are simply invalid. Everything that comes out of these peoples mouths is straight from the book of DARVO. They are truly offenders in every sense of the word. 

I will post articles here that demonstrate the total carnage these psycho freaks have inflicted on the rest of us. This is what Amber supporters tried to warn the world about when we went out to face a tide of human trash who outnumbered us about a thousand to one. History will judge us correct and how we tried to stop our world from burning. May God help all of us. 

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