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The True Johnny Depp Revealed 

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Saint Johnny Depp 

Johnny Depp has been portrayed as many things by his legal team and his toxic horde of Stans and Pick Me's. Saint, feminist icon, victim and the symbol of male victims everywhere. Everything that has poured forth from his lying mouth has been given the status of sacred truth, any action no matter how vile is explained away with mealy mouthed excuses and shameless denial by his horde of trolls and defilers. 

Johnny Depp is simply a man who can do no wrong. We are told that he is not a violent man, that he is not a jealous and possessive man. We are told that he is essentially the hapless victim of the evil Amber Heard, a woman who possesses a sorceress like power and ruthless cunning. We are expected to believe that Amber Heard subjected Depp to a Gone Girl like assault on his sacred person, leaving him helpless in the face of her vindicative malice. 

Let us have a good hard look at Saint Johnny, the victim, the hero and the martyr. This section collates and links to articles and information that shows Depp to be what he really is and what the UK court ruled him to be. A wife beating abuser who repeatedly and violently subjected his ex-wife Amber Heard to degrading and violent abuse. 

Johnny The Feminist 

Texts obtained for the UK and US trials that were authored by Johnny Depp reveal some of the most disturbing comments ever made about a woman. These comments consist of murder and rape fantasies with an element of necrophilia. These comments are violent, degrading and an exercise in extreme misogyny. These comments are more in the vein of what we would expect from a serial killer than a helpless victim of abuse. His desire for revenge, his degrading and dehumanising language and his clear pathological hatred for Amber Heard are revealed as follows.  

Depp Comments.png

According to Johnny Depp we are expected to see this truly sickening display of misogynistic hatred as "humour". Abuser 101. When people object to a statement and or action state that it is a joke meaning that the people who are taking offense are humourless and just not cool enough to get with the program. More detailed responses and analysis are provided in the links below. 

Johnny the Pacifist 

According to Johnny Depp and his Stan acolytes, Johnny is a man of peace who would not hurt a fly let alone batter, rape and assault Amber Heard. Completely out of character is the battle cry. Once again the facts in no way align with the PR propaganda and the frenzied cries of his Pick Me assault squad. Let us examine the history of Johnny Deep and his propensity for violence and aggression. 

This article from the Insider lists the times both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have been arrested on charges of assault. I will start off with the arrest of Amber Heard. Amber Heard was arrested for "assaulting" her wife. Amber was arrested for allegedly grabbing and striking her then-partner, Tasya van Ree, on the arm. 

Tasya van Ree has publicly stated that Amber Heard was "wrongfully accused of assaulting her". So essentially, the "victim" relating to the arrest is clearly saying that Amber Heard did not assault her and that she believes Amber should never have been arrested. The charges against Amber Heard were dropped and the arrest information was wiped from Amber's record. 

Basically Amber Heard's history of arrest for violence can be boiled down to the over zealous reaction of certain public servants who had Amber charged with an offense that was denied by both Amber and Tasya van Ree, the charges were dropped and the record of the event expunged. This series of events in no way provides evidence that Amber Heard has a track record of violent assaults. 

Tasya van Ree states:  "In 2009, Amber was wrongfully accused for an incident that was misinterpreted and over-sensationalized by two individuals in a power position. It’s disheartening that Amber’s integrity and story are being questioned yet again. Amber is a brilliant, honest and beautiful woman and I have the utmost respect for her."

Very interesting. Those of us of the bluff cynic persuasion could be tempted into casting to one side US law enforcement's proud history of proportional and reasonable responses to developing situations and consider the possibility that perhaps the fact that Amber and Tasya were a young, attractive and high profile same sex couple influenced the "thinking" of the officials involved. 

Now, the Insider's headline is essentially a screaming drive by of a false equivalency as the track record of Johnny Depp will show. 

"Johnny Depp was arrested in 1989 for assaulting a security guard at a hotel in Canada."

"Ellen Barkin, testified about the actor throwing a bottle of wine at her" (and stated that Depp was controlling and jealous in their relationship.)  

"Depp was arrested in 1994 for trashing a New York City hotel room he was staying in with then-girlfriend Kate Moss."

"In 1999, Depp was arrested for threatening paparazzi with a plank of wood outside of a London restaurant."

"Depp is currently fighting a lawsuit from a location manager who alleges that Depp punched him on the set of 'City of Lies' in 2017." 

Goodness me. It is rather evident that Depp's self promoted reputation as being the earthly manifestation of Buddha himself is a claim that is complete and utter self-serving drivel. Depp's Pick Me's and Real Victims love to seize upon Amber's clearly bogus arrest as smoking gun evidence yet it is also rather evident that they are as guilty of drivel as their toxic idol. 

Johnny the Truth Paragon 

According to Depp Heads on mass, literally every word that Amber Heard has spoken is a lie. Every piece of documented evidence is fake. Every witness that spoke in her defense is a liar. Every article on main stream media pointing out the glaring aberrations in Depp's case is the result of a grand MSM conspiracy to take down the finest most virtuous man who ever lived. Think I am joking? More on that later. 


Johnny Depp on the other hand speaks nothing short of God's own truth. His obvious evasions are simply not relevant. His well documented acts of violence never happened or are simply Johnny expressing his God given right to be him for after all he is above mere mortals.


As the following article demonstrates Depp lied repeatedly but of course the Pick Me squad are not happy with the source of the article, preferring instead to rely on the beat of their own drum, supported by falsified and edited "evidence" circulated by bots and drawing on their vaunted experience as "real victims".  All of this in the name of "supporting" male victims. Of course. 

But what do we have here? According to this article Johnny Depp lied many times and this does not even cover the blatant evasions on his part that I will document later. 

Depp Heads are very unhappy with this article and their preferred response is to shriek accusations and denials. Amber lied thousands of times they cry without actually showing an objectively evidenced lie that Amber has evidently told for after all the truth is not determined by facts. No, the "truth" is determined by their willingness to believe and actually comprehend and understand and these people have no interest in facts or truth at any level that flies in the face of their amoeba level reasoning. 

There is one aspect of Amber's testimony they love to seize on which of course is her failure to properly qualify her response to questions about her donations relating to the settlement of her divorce. What occurred in fact was an error in terminology on Amber's behalf but Depp Heads prefer to push the line that the Gone Girl level manipulator and deceiver preferred to state a complete untruth that would be exposed in less than five minutes. 


The great deceiver is evidently capable of launching a campaign of manipulation that would have the KGB and CIA blushing but evidently is so stupid that she would choose to lie about something that she well knew was available on public record, when four odd million people were falling over themselves in their enthusiasm to prove that she has lied at any level. 

Yet not only did Amber not actually "lie" it appears that the great Johnny Depp has some questions of his own to answer around certain matters. Not that Johnny is expected to be held to the same standard, for of course he is the great Johnny. If one is a Depp Head of course. For the rest of us I invite you to observe the following. 

Johnny the Native American

It may surprise people to learn that Johnny Depp can not only do or say anything he wants, he can also be anything he wants. Based on his personal whim of course. The next article details how the great Johnny Depp, paragon of truth, made false claims about having Native American ancestry and as a bonus it details just what a promise from Johnny Depp is worth. 

There is much more to come on the matters of Depp's blatant dishonesty and deceit but the evidence shown here to date clearly shows that Johnny Depp and his supporters are completely full of it. 

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