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Sensitive Claims Cover

Applicable Legislation 

Schedule 3 AC Act 2001
Section 21 AC Act 2001
Section 27 AC Act 2001
Section 55 AC Act 2001


If a person suffers a mental injury of the type described in Section 27 under the circumstances described in Section 21 in relation to an act defined in Schedule 3 then that person has cover under the legislation. 

ACC and the Claimant have certain obligations under the legislation and the obligations that apply to all claimants seeking cover and entitlements are covered in Section 55. 

Schedule 3 

Schedule 3 lists the acts that must have occurred in one form or another to be eligible for a cover consideration. With the exception of indecent communication all events are dependent on some kind of physical interaction. For example a person who was flashed or peeped on would not be eligible for ACC cover. 

Section 21 

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