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The Judicial Farce of the Century 

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Judge Penney Azcarate

This so called trial should never have happened and even if it did then it should not have been conducted the way that it was and it should not have generated the most appalling legal outcome since the OJ Simpson trial. Yet, it is hard to see how Judge Penney Azcarate could have done more to turn her courtroom into a complete and utter circus. 

Judge Azcarate allowed the trial to be televised thus making the US justice system complicit in the sadistic psychological rape and torture of Amber Heard. We were treated to the spectacle of Depp supporters performing like trained seals in the courtroom. Their presence and their conduct would have been extremely intimidating for Amber Heard and arguably influential on the world's thickest jury. 

The decision of Judge Azcarate exposed Amber Heard to a trial in global media both social and mainstream. People grabbed pictures and video clips to edit with no regard for context and created dehumanising and degrading memes targeting Amber Heard to be fed back into the DARVO machine tearing her apart on social media. 

Millions of survivors and the professionals who deal with us were sickened and traumatised by the spectacle that was taking place in front of us as we were forced to watch Amber Heard being torn to pieces by a bot fueled DARVO mob that was feeding on its own psychosis and naked desire to sadistically harm Amber Heard. 

There were people dressing up as pirates while Pick Me's competed with each other to be the next object of attention of the man who professed to wanting to drown and burn Amber Heard and rape her burnt corpse afterwards. The man who coined the phrase "dangling overused flappy fish market".  The world watched in appalled contempt for the US justice system as DARVO Depp waved to his fans as he majestically sailed in and out of court. 

It seems that Judge Azcarate was quite content to toss aside law and the right to a fair trial and conduct her proceedings on the book of DARVO instead. Judge Azcarate did not act at any level to try and mitigate the horrendous abuse being inflicted on Amber Heard in her own court room and she was not prepared to allow the Supreme Court to have any say in the matter either. 

Not content with enabling the maximum level of abuse possible on Amber Heard, and by association every survivor not infected with Depp Head disease, the witnesses who testified in support of Amber where also subjected to vicious abuse on social media. 

The result of this aberration of a trial was that a non sequestered jury, some of whom were falling asleep in the trial, produced a decision that sits in complete contrast with itself. Yet there were powerful legal arguments available to Amber Heard that this trial should never have taken place at all. Just how was it that two people from the State of California, who had already had the factual matters that the entire trial turned on ruled upon in another jurisdiction were tried and judged in the State of Virginia?


Depp certainly wanted this to take place but Amber Heard clearly did not and Judge Azcarate denied Amber the chance to have some very important matters determined in the Supreme Court. Amber Heard has very strong grounds for appeal that can be best summed up in the following article. Regardless Judge Azcarate will go down in history in a less than flattering light.  

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