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Texts written by Rain Dove as published in the media. These texts are accurate and clearly demonstrate how Rain Dove was gas lighting Asia Argento. 

Update: Rain Dove has been denying she is the author of the texts provided. Evidence confirming beyond any doubt that those texts are indeed authored by Rain Dove has been added on the 17th January 2020 below. 

Rain Dove Published Texts.JPG
Rain Dove Published Texts 3.JPG
Rain Dove Published Texts 1.JPG
Rain Dove Published Texts 2.JPG

These texts demonstrate Rain Dove's fantasist tendencies and willingness to gas light and play head games with a grieving and bullied woman. It is little wonder that Dove is keen to distance herself from these communications. 

Tweet 001.JPG

Here we see Asia Argento challenging Rain Dove on the lies Rain fed Asia about Anthony Bourdain's death. 

Rain Dove Published Texts 3.JPG
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