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The Rose McGowan Question 


As I have mentioned at various points I had no idea about who was who among the Silence Breakers and that included Rose McGowan. As I described in Black 18: Rose Army, I joined because it was an accessible model and because there was a lot about Rose McGowan that resonated with me.


We were both ex street punks who had risen against a background of sustained cruelty. We shared a disdain for ideological constraint and the pageantry of false gods. I read Brave and was moved by the experiences depicted within it.


Upon arrival it seemed very evident Rose was on the receiving end of serious and sustained attacks and the logical choice at the time was to support efforts to try and protect her interests. I never spoke to Rose at any level so we were not what could be considered friends.


When I originally wrote this article I adopted a far different approach from the one I am now going to undertake. My reasons are typically complex. Rose McGowan did cruel things and she defamed a survivor who called her friend. That is the truth. However there are many truths that apply here. 

Asia Argento was victimized by Rain Dove whom many people believe to be a sociopath. Having regard for the influence and impact she had on Asia's life what is Rain Dove doing to Rose McGowan? Based on the evidence it is safe to assume nothing good.  I cannot be sure Rose would have done what she did if Rain Dove was not in her life.

I also have read Brave. I called Rose soulless but then I think of the way she was tricked into eating the lamb that she loved for others amusement and I realize that no one ever taught Rose how to love or gave her love. Rose has had to do everything for herself like I have had to. 

I cast my own mind back to the fraught social outcomes I created for myself as I to staggered through life trying to work it all out in my head. I think of the times I was not there for people and the times I turned my back and walked away when they needed me. As it happens I understand Rose McGowan more than people believe. 

In our world justice and retribution is delivered only if there are those who are willing to make it so. There are rules but it gets down to the individual. There is a strong wild west component to the whole thing. Circumstances have placed me in the position where I am one those individuals. 

I realize that to fulfill that role I am wholly reliant on sufficient support in the movement. To keep that support I need to demonstrate that I have compassion and can see the bigger picture. I need to show that I truly understand the issues survivors face to be a successful activist. 

I also need to be ruthless when facing those who would hurt the movement or anyone I am associated with. Yet people need to know that I am not pitiless and that I do what I do based on a whole lot more than my emotionally driven whim. 

Rose McGowan has had a terrible life and I cannot find it within myself to stand in the way of her finding some peace and healing. Up until now I told myself that Rose tried to destroy Asia as a survivor and therefore I will not apologize for the actions I have taken against her so far. 

Rose deserved what she got and I hope it serves as a painful lesson as to why it does not pay to do the things that she has done. I am aware that there are some Breakers who want to perhaps bring Rose back into the fold. The Breakers are Rose's peers and only they can decide the shape of Rose's future. 

So with all these things in mind I will no longer stand in the way of Rose's activism or hold the truth of what she has done over her head. I hold the view that people need to be aware that Rose is a damaged person who is inherently unstable and is in a relationship with a sociopath. 

But that aside this article is the last thing I have to say about Rose McGowan and though I despise what she has done I genuinely hopes that she can find her way in from the cold and that she realizes to do that a certain someone will need to be left on the door step. 

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