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Alice Evans: Clarification and evidence of specific abuse against her.

I have been asked by an Alice Evans supporter if I would clarify what I am referring to when I state the word abuse in my previous articles. I have also been asked to provide specific evidence. These things have been asked of me on the basis that the word abuse is not to be thrown around lightly.

This is a valid point and on that basis I have an obligation to respond. This is where any anti-abuse activist walks into a minefield of issues where certain basic considerations must be applied.

The type of support Alice is receiving here comes with a significant cost. Alice is not the first high profile I have intervened for and of all of those people Alice is the only person that I can legitimately call a friend.

High profiles are well used to the frustration of the fabrications and misrepresentations of the tabloids but that is a far cry from the sheer terror of having their most vulnerable truths laid out for dissection in the public forum.

At at time when they are at their most frightened and vulnerable, their abuse is not only being documented and laid out before an often callous public, they get to relive their own abuse being presented back at them.

It takes most people years of careful therapy to reach this level of detail in their own understanding and in these cases the entire abuse dynamic is being dropped on them in a series of rapid articles where everyone who knows them can see.

There is no privacy and no accommodation for any consideration other than the vicious and pitiless conflict the survivor has to win to actually survive. This is essentially the survivor equivalent of having dental work done without pain control. With this in mind activists must do all we can to ensure we protect the person we are intervening for as much as possible.

That requires not revealing a word more than is required and every statement has to be made with the goal of advancing the victim's narrative on one hand and not revealing information that may be detrimental to the victim on the other.

We must also consider the question of who and what defines abuse? What separates abuse from shitty selfish behavior of the kind that we will all almost certainly encounter in our lives?

What is the basis for determining whether an alleged victim's situation justifies taking direct action against an accused person? That action can involve criminal and civil action and or public campaigning to expose a wider threat and or to protect the immediate wellbeing of the alleged victim.

I will start with the basis of what can be legitimately construed as abuse. The determination is not made on the feelings of offense taken on behalf of another. The gold standard is what is considered abuse under law and in this case the law that applies is in the jurisdiction of the state of California.

"On September 29, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill clarifying that conduct used to establish “coercive control” constitutes abuse under CA’s Domestic Violence Prevention Act. This is a welcome recognition of a long-established form of abuse that can be rather invisible, but no less dangerous to victim-survivors."

"The legislature has unambiguously recognized that such non-physical actions “destroy the mental or emotional calm” of victims. Specifically, the amended statute defines coercive control as “a pattern of behavior that in purpose or effect unreasonably interferes with a person’s free will and personal liberty.”

The following specifically applies in the case of Alice Evans:

Isolating the other party from friends, relatives, or other sources of support.

Depriving the other party of basic necessities.

 Controlling, regulating, or monitoring the other party’s movements, communications, daily behavior, finances, economic resources, or access to services.

Based on the evidence of the reaction by Gruffudd and Wallace supporters when the couple came out, the widely promoted attacks on Alice's mental state and the sudden absence of the couple's mutual associates, it seems evident that Alice was subjected to a campaign behind her back to paint her as a crazy and nasty person who was victimizing Ioan Gruffudd. It is my view that this behavior is textbook "discredit the witness" tactics.

As a result Alice was isolated from the support of her friends and this has occurred in conjunction with a range of widely witnessed attempts to isolate Alice from the support of her social media base. I will document that in detail in relation to the third offense.

It is fact that Alice is being deprived of basic necessities in several ways and on that matter I will say no more at this stage as that matter contains elements not already in the public forum. The facts that determine that matter are wholly objective however and I am confident in the facts that apply.

The third matter is specific to the widely witnessed and repeated attempts to regulate and even outright prevent Alice's use of social media. I put it to Alice in public forum that I held the view that Ioan was resentful of the fact that Alice came out as a Silence Breaker when the #Metoo movement started in 2017.

Alice confirmed my view in the public forum and it was later confirmed to me again by a witness and I was told why it was that Ioan was so unhappy. I will not reveal those reasons at this stage as they are not in public forum but Ioan's real attitude was in total contrast to the impression management he presented in the media regarding the issue.

I myself am a witness. In 2018 Alice came out in support with me when another Breaker was being bullied to the point of suicide. Alice told me she had been told she "needed to back off and think of her children". Sound familiar? Alice did not tell me who it was at the time but I figured I knew who it was and this was later confirmed to me.

Some months later Alice deleted her Twitter account stating that she was doing so because her primary concern was her relationship with her husband. Alice came back after a period that likely coincided with Ioan leaving to go overseas.

Sometime after that Alice posted that Ioan was trying to force her to shut her Twitter account and finished off her post with "help!" This resulted in ominous rumblings from Alice supporters and Ioan pulled back temporarily.

Then after Ioan declared his intentions to divorce Alice, she lost control of her own Twitter account to Ioan and was deprived of access to her account for a considerable period. At the same time Alice was being forced into silence through threats of losing custody of her children.

Alice was being bullied into forcing her to agree that her "behavior" was the reason for the marriage break up and that essentially it was all her fault. When I went to Alice along with some others to express our concerns, Alice elected to fight in the open as this was the tactic we agreed would serve her best interests under the circumstances.

In response the Tattle Trolls arrived, first concern trolling her and then making naked statements about her losing her children and that she was abusing her children by virtue of the fact that she was not being silent. These trolls seemed to have access to information about legal matters that could only have come from Ioan directly and or through the agency of Bianca Wallace.

Every single one of these events has the common theme of attempts to control Alice's behavior and communications through the use of bullying, gaslighting and coercion, much of which has been witnessed by hundreds if not thousands of people.


Based on the wording of the legislation that applies and the wide range of evidence in the public forum it is my strong view that Alice Evans is being subjected to unlawful abuse. That abuse is not fully detailed in this article but what this article demonstrates is that several tests have been met that allow the reasonable claim that unlawful abuse is occurring.

Tattle Trolls who beg to differ should be noted as being parties to the abuses described above having regard for their own actions and the party they are taking those actions in support of.

I am aware that there is other abusive behavior that has not been disclosed publicly, I have been informed of examples of that abuse and Alice may or may not decide to release that information in the future.

In the interests of fairness to all parties I will say that I have had no information that indicates sexual abuse and that type of abuse is in no way being implied. The reason this public stand has been taken is for the sole purpose of protecting Alice from ongoing abuse as described.

Note: Alice Evans has had no input into this article.



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