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Alice Evans has the right to be angry

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Alice Evans

The victimization of Alice Evans has been as profound as it has been comprehensive. The raw truth of the matter is that Alice has been betrayed, defiled and viciously bullied. Every time Alice has a human moment, Tattle Trolls and the tabloids seize upon her like jackals.

This leaves me with no option but to reveal in greater detail just what it is that Alice has been dealing with. The latest wretched efforts of the Toxic Duo to present themselves as victims has far exceeded the survivor politic in the depth of cynicism and unmitigated bullshit these two remarkably nasty people are nakedly demonstrating.

Here are the raw facts of the matter. Bianca Wallace set herself up against a woman who was sitting blissfully unaware, thousands of miles away and pinned down in a pandemic with her children. A woman who was doing everything she could to keep her children's father present in their children's lives despite long absences.

These are the actions of an adulteress and a coward and a vicious one at that. Before Bianca decided to seize on the highly dubious prize of Ioan Gruffudd's attentions, Alice Evans, her children, housekeeper and dog had lives of certainty and security. Now they have lives of fear and suffering and Bianca Wallace is directly responsible for that fact.

This is not the simple matter of an affair we are looking at here. What we are looking at is the comprehensive violation of a person at every level. It was not enough for Ioan to betray Alice and for Bianca to subvert her as a wife. No, they had to defile Alice as well, gaslighting her, lying to and about her and humiliating her on the global stage.

Having done these things Bianca Wallace goes trapezing over to the US with her own dog in tow. Evidently Bianca has made some serious life choices in relation to Ioan Gruffudd. Those choices have come with serious consequences and I will now outline these consequences here.

Alice Evans

Alice Evans has had her hopes and dreams ripped from her along with her sense of safety and security. Alice has been hammered with the message that she has no value, she is old, she is fat and a source of psychological torment for her long suffering husband. Twenty years of Alice's life has been rendered moot.

The tabloids are right in there of course. "Oh look everyone, Alice is ranting, Alice is in bare feet, Alice had a fender bender, Alice is a bunny boiler who drove the long suffering Ioan Gruffudd into the arms of another woman and check out his new chick in a bikini!"

For weeks Alice hunkered down in the face of threats from Ioan and his divorce lawyer. Threatened, gaslit and terrified for her future and the future of her children, Alice was forcibly told that she was a shit wife, a burden and a crazy person. It was not until a few of us actually went to Alice to tell her we could see what was going on that the truth started coming out.

When the truth did start coming out the Tattle Troll crew arrived on the scene. First they tried to concern troll Alice into submission and when that failed they tried to amplify the bile in the public forum and used sock accounts to bait Alice into making a response they could then misuse against her.

All the while Alice has had to fend off multiple attempts to have her children forced into compliance to appease the whims of two of the most revolting people I have had the displeasure to witness.

Alice has had to deal with that at the same time as Tattle Trolls sought to weaponize her children against her, defiling her as a mother and a wife at every turn, all in the name of concern for the very children whose lives are being ripped out from under from them. The hypocrisy and malice is sociopathic.

The Children

One of the most traumatic things a child can witness is the abuse of the person or persons that are the security and safety in their lives, in this instance their mother.

When Bianca Wallace decided to be the source of Ioan Gruffudd's smile it was not just Alice he was abandoning. No, he is also abandoning his children, Ella and Elsie. The children's education and home is under threat as well as their emotional wellbeing and they are being flung into a world of uncertainty and fear in the middle of a global pandemic and a mutated and diseased US politic that has most adults on edge.

The Housekeeper

One must not forget the additional follow on victims of this type of abuse and in this case we have Gloria the housekeeper, a woman with her own needs, dreams and fears, a woman who needs her employment like any other person and a woman that the children have come to know as a member of the family.

Gloria's own future is now under threat and are the children to be deprived of yet another source of safety and security in their lives to appease the urges of the Toxic Duo? Evidently Gloria is just another expendable person that Ioan and Bianca are willing to shaft to further their narcissistic agendas.

The Family Dog

Of course we cannot forget Emma the faithful family dog, a source of great delight and love for all the members of the household and every day Emma wakes up to be with her pack, knowing that they are in pain as dogs do and no doubt doing all she can to try and make things right in her canine fashion.

Bianca Wallace

It seems that Bianca has her dreams. Bianca recently put out a video stating that she has MS and that her diagnosis had taught her to live her life with no regrets. That is deeply unfortunate because there is going to be a great deal of regret in Bianca's future.

Bianca does not understand that she may have support in her circle in Australia thanks to the backstabbing attacks on Alice's reputation but in the US the truth of Alice's situation is far more evident and Bianca will be seen as nothing more than a jumped up ockerina whose ambitions far outweigh her class and talent.

Bianca also just happens to be unaware of the power politic of the actresses of Hollywood. Does Bianca really believe that the women of Hollywood are going to open doors for an interloper who is violating one of their own?

Does Bianca not understand that Alice is widely liked and known in the industry and that every one of those woman are aware that they also are under the constant threat of mercenary predators such as her?

Having personally witnessed what happens to women who fall foul of that sisterhood, rightly or wrongly, it is fair to say if I was Bianca I would be far from relaxed. Of course in this case there is more than just cause and I expect the consequences of Bianca's departure from reality to be intense to say the least.

Bianca may be able to strut in a bikini but so can a billion or so other women. Bianca has nothing that anyone will see as stand out, apart from her mercenary malice and there is no chance that Bianca is going to make it big in the industry.

Bianca has sold her soul for nothing. Having failed to achieve her agenda Bianca will find herself stuck with another sad old man who thought he could have what he wanted and too bad for the people he is supposed to care about the most.

Does Bianca really believe that Ioan is going to be there for her when her MS starts to bite deeper when Ioan found the fact of Alice's fibromyalgia to be an unbearable burden? Oh please.

Ioan Gruffudd

I have never liked Ioan. I saw that one for what he is as far back as 2018 for I could see him through the eyes of a survivor and I have seen and dealt with his kind more times than I can possibly count.

People like Ioan are cookie cutter hollow people but Ioan is a stand out in that he is a pathological cliché. What Ioan has failed to comprehend is that the basis of his success is found in the fact he deceived his largely female fanbase into thinking he is an awesome guy.

Ioan is evidently unaware that he has transgressed in the feminist and survivor politics and that his actions offend the majority of women as partners and mothers. He will not remain ignorant for much longer.

Ioan is also equally unaware that the moment he cannot supply Bianca with what she wants then it is game over. It would not surprise me to witness Bianca using her rat cunning and simply driving Ioan away by waving her condition under his nose.

Bianca is in the position to give Ioan the flick and make him think its his own idea, that or she could simply haul up stakes the moment she has US citizenship. Having witnessed Bianca so far I would not be surprised to she her paint herself as his victim.

It is fair to say that Ioan has no real idea of what he has sacrificed his family for but he can be certain that the remainder of his life with be bereft of any genuine love and loyalty. We will see how Ioan smiles when that reality starts to bite.

Note: Alice Evans has had no input into this article.



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