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Alice Evans is fighting for everything she is and ever will be.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Actress and Mother Alice Evans

Alice Evans is an American actress who is currently going through a contentious divorce process after twenty years of marriage to Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd. Matters between the two have spilled over into social media and tensions are high.

There are many people looking for answers to a very important question. What is happening to Alice Evans? The answer is a whole lot of things as it happens and I will strive to keep the matter as simple as possible.

Speak No Evil

Recent events between Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd have polarized many people. The cheap seats are thundering that Alice should keep silent, all for her own good and of course for the good of the children. Those are the two main go to lines that invalidators favor for these arguments allow the invalidator to claim they are not acting out of personal interest.

There are those of us who know better and I will provide some translations to the abuser rhetoric and demands being leveled against Alice Evans.

Alice needs to take the time to heal

There is something wrong with Alice and she is not right in the head. Alice needs to pull her head in and get a grip on herself and see the big picture.

Sexual assault and domestic abuse survivors will recognize this dynamic for this is a common tactic used against all survivors. Abuse comes in many forms but the underlying dynamics are depressingly generic.

Alice needs to think of the children

Alice needs to recognize that the needs of the children directly correlate to the ambitions of their father and their happiness is his happiness. Any needs Alice has in relation to her own wellbeing are irrelevant and she should put herself last in every consideration.

This coercive attempt to silence Alice is fundamentally flawed. Acquiescing to such demands is a powerful lesson to girls that they should remain silent in their distress and that they should bow down to abuse inflicted on them.

It can also go the other way in that when the girls get older they will see their mother as weak and an object of pity at best or a coward who did not stand up for them all at worst. The would essentially turn Alice into an apologist for the abuse of her own person, a wholly wretched and undesirable outcome in anyone's language.

Response to Allegations

There have been a range of false accusations presented against Alice Evans and I will deal with some here.

Alice is unstable and abusive

Accusations are a funny thing. To stick they often have to fit with the identified narrative and actions of the accuser. Here we have a case where we are being told that Alice is a crazy and unstable person. Yet we can see with our own eyes that Ioan Gruffudd was more than happy to go off overseas for 8 months at a time leaving the children in the care of a so called crazy person.

We can also see that Ioan was more than happy to drop the bombshell he was leaving Alice on his "unstable" wife and saunter off leaving the children in the crazy woman's care. We then go on to see Ioan declaring his "new" relationship in open social media and making no effort to contact his "crazy and unstable" wife who he left the children with before doing so.

So to recap, Ioan was more than happy to leave his children in the care of an unstable person for months a time, declare he is leaving her and declaring his new relationship with a much younger woman in a manner that would test Buddha himself. This begs the question of how there can be so much discrepancy between the accusations and the demonstrable actions of the so called concerned father?

The answer is simple. The accusations are not true and simply serve as a means to try and discredit and intimidate the witness. Abuser tactics 101.

Alice is engaging in parental alienation

This accusation is being hammered by Ioan and his supporters but once again the facts do not fit the accusations. Alice has not tried to prevent the children having contact with their father. What Alice is objecting to is the coercive demand to pretend that what Ioan has done is OK and that she should be supportive of Ioan in his "new" relationship, putting to one side her own reasonable concerns and feelings.

The most Alice can be accused of is "Bianca alienation" and the last time I checked Bianca is not the children's "parent". There is also the matter that the children may not necessarily want to embrace the interloper who has turned their lives upside down based on their own thoughts and opinions which both children are entitled to.

Essentially, to achieve what is being asked of her, Alice will have to negate her own feelings and the feelings of the children, fill their heads up with Ioan's self serving bullshit and reinforce the lesson in their young minds that the only way they are allowed to be happy and or validated is to appease an incredibly selfish person and put him above all other considerations.

The fact is that Ioan is evidently determined that he is entitled to Alice's unqualified support and he is evidently equally determined to conflate his selfish and unreasonable expectations with false accusations of parental alienation.

Alice was abusive to Ioan and that is why he left her

We are expected to believe that Alice subjected Ioan to terrible abuse and tyranny and he finally could take no more and left her. We are expected to believe that having done so Ioan just happened to fall into the arms of a much younger woman who "made him smile again". That is indeed an extremely large coincidence.

Evidently Alice was so abusive that Ioan must have been too scared and traumatized to inform his soon to be ex-wife of his new relationship, preferring instead to take the much safer and far more socially acceptable approach of dropping the fact of this "relationship" on social media without warning.

This of course is the safest and best approach one can use when dealing with an unstable and abusive person said no person ever.

One of the main aspects of this false accusation is that Alice was posting crazy stuff on social media. Yet we who have followed Alice for years have seen no such thing. We saw many posts about how much Alice loved Ioan and how awesome he is and here we can see the real "tyranny" that Ioan had in fact inflicted on himself.

Based on the large number of supportive messages celebrating Ioan's "new" love and the context of them, it seems evident that Ioan and Bianca have been a thing for quite some time. It also seems evident that a lot of people knew and those people had been fed with the narrative that Alice was some hideous monster who existed solely to bring misery to Ioan Gruffudd.

Yet Alice is posting her love for her "victim" in direct conflict with that narrative and as a result Bianca would have had to sit there watching her rival being lauded for her marriage to Ioan and what a great couple they are. The resulting cognitive dissonance would be rather uncomfortable.

Alice's followers noted several attempts by Ioan to force Alice off her platforms especially when Alice started posting about anything socially or politically contentious. Alice was repeatedly informed that her posts put Ioan in a difficult position and so they did. Just not in the way Ioan was presenting the matter to her.

As Ioan was forced to play a role of his own, that being devoted father and husband, in response to Alice's postings about them as a couple, it is fair to say he was feeling the pressure. The fact is that pressure was of his making not Alice's yet Alice was and has been expected to support the narrative that everything that has happened is her fault and that she is to blame for Ioan's actions.

Alice is wrong to rely on her social media base for support

This argument is demonstrably false. The Silence Breakers relied heavily on their social media bases to protect and advance their interests and the correct use of social media has been a tool of activists and survivors alike for years.

Victims have been encouraged to speak out and bring their issues into the open as part of an ongoing campaign to fight back against abuse in all its forms and that is what Alice has been doing as per her right and need.

All survivors know that abusers thrive in the silence of the victim and we know that abusers are easily identified in the event that suppression of a person's voice is evident. So determined are abusers to silence their victims that there are a range of processes used to try and silence any who would object to their behavior.

We can see much evidence of this taking place here and that brings in the quacks like a duck and walks like a duck consideration. Only abusers demand silence and Alice is facing demands to be silent. What are we supposed to conclude from that fact?

This brings me to a highly relevant fact. Alice did in fact remain silent for several weeks which of course was a big red arrow in my view. I could see much that concerned me and I went to Alice to discuss the matter. Alice did not come to me and I was not the only one who having concerns.

I found Alice in a terrible state of distress and confusion and it was when I started pointing out certain pertinent considerations that the matter became clear. Even then I did not elect to come out in full force, preferring instead to hope that Ioan would pull his head in if he was aware that myself and others were aware of what was happening.

Unfortunately Ioan decided to intensify his efforts and try and claim victim status. That resulted in an increasing escalation and we now sit on the cusp of total war, a reality created by the actions and ambitions of Ioan Gruffudd.

Alice is a Bunny Boiler who needs to get over herself

This is a common go to that has been seized upon by the cheap seats in response to tabloid articles. Ioan may see this result as supportive of his ambitions. Big mistake. What that all amounts to is evidence of wholesale bullying and abuse inflicted on Alice.

After all was not every Silence Breaker subjected to that same dynamic in a varied form? Were the Breakers not repeatedly accused of being in it for the money and subjected to vitriol about the casting couch? Were the Breakers not told that they should remain silent?

Did we not see how much effort Weinstein and the enablers he relied upon going to extreme lengths to achieve just that for many years? That silence was achieved through gaslighting, bullying and threats and that silence enabled the rape and violation of over a hundred women.

That is the context that the vile responses in media comment sections should be seen in, a threat and an ongoing example of how women are hammered into submission to forgo their own narratives to allow the abuser to assert their bullshit in dominance over fact and reason.

At a specific level Alice was sitting there at her home, posting her love for a man who had evidently hooked up with someone else and the humiliation that would come with finding out the truth would be severe.

That humiliation was aggravated to whole new levels when it became evident that there is evidence that her reputation was being violated and that Alice was being presented as a bunny boiler who was ruining her husbands life all while she was unaware of the betrayal being inflicted upon her.

Alice has had to sit there while the tabloids post pictures of the woman who usurped Alice's life, in her youthful bikini clad glory, while striving to show Alice as an older washed out woman who no longer matters because her prime years are now behind her.

Alice has been expected to shoulder the blame for Ioan Gruffudd's choices, accept without complaint the complete upending of her life and put every aspect of herself second to Ioan's desire to have his "new" relationship" validated by the very woman whose whole life has been ruined. All of this is happening in the context of Alice's ongoing very public humiliation and the severe bullying she is being subjected to.

Alice supporters are a mob seeking to bring Ioan down

Alice supporters have every right to act on our reasonable concerns with legally appropriate responses. Ioan's support on social media almost entirely consists of trolls who lurk on the platform known as Tattle. These trolls use sock accounts relentlessly to target Alice, all in the name of concern for the children. Alice supporters do not conduct ourselves in that fashion as a whole.

The fact that Ioan is evidently relying on a support base that has a primary function of stalking celebrities when they are at their most vulnerable speaks volumes. The facts are clear. It is Ioan supporters who use the tactics of social media mob behavior. That is a fact that is evident for all to see.

These trolls claim they are "concerned" for the children. That begs a pertinent question. If a mother was in fact an issue for her children, in what universe would it be logical and or acceptable to target said unstable mother with relentless online troll attacks using sock accounts?

Operation Spoilsport

It is very difficult to stop Ioan from hurting Alice but no problem at all to extract payment for doing so in full. Just because the victim falls that does not equate to the abuser standing. Far from it. It is a simple matter to collate the evidence, present the narrative in the true context and hang the fact of that "victory" as a millstone around the abuser's neck.

Alice has no control over what I do here, no one does, for that allows abusers to try and coerce the person I am standing by into getting me to back off. This is wholly unacceptable and a threat to my ability to defend all the other people I have stood by in the past.

The only thing Alice can say is that she is satisfied that the process is reasonable, that she is comfortable returning to social media and that the Tattle Trolls have taken their leave and are leaving her alone.

Essentially the more Alice is harmed and or intimidated, the stronger and harsher my response will be accordingly. It is my hope that Ioan will see the error of his ways. If not? That would be regrettable for in these matters I am indeed a spoilsport and this is far from my first rodeo.

Note: Alice Evans was not consulted on this article and has had no input here. Alice also has no control over what is posted on this site at any level.



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