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Allegations against Nick Carter accuser are put to the test

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

A situation has arisen where I have been approached by an evident associate of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys with requests for me to consider responding to certain matters. Having regard for the circumstances presented and the fact of the allegations I have argued against Nick and Aaron Carter there is an onus on me to respond to these requests.

This of course is dependent on fact and evidence and the fact that Camp Carter decided to approach me of all people seems to indicate that they believe they are in possession of evidence that cannot be refuted. The proverbial smoking gun as it were. Let's put that contention to the test. The issues can be broken down as follows.

  • It has been alleged that Nick Carter accuser "Shay" has admitted to making false allegations against Nick Carter.

  • I have been asked if I will make a statement regarding a statement I made some time ago alleging that Aaron Carter had tried to coerce a Nick Carter accuser into making false allegations against Nick Carter.

  • This has been presented to me in the context of a stated belief that Shay is the survivor I am referring to regarding Aaron Carter along side an allegation that Aaron Carter has manipulated Shay into making false allegations against Nick Carter.

  • In summary the person seeking my responses is claiming there is evidence in screenshot form that shows that Shay has admitted that Nick Carter did not rape her and the fact of that, in conjunction with the documented incident regarding Aaron Carter, Shay is discredited and this is all evidence of a conspiracy against Nick Carter.

For my own part I would be bound to act in accordance with my stated code and the standards I have applied to allegations and others generally if such evidence was to prove conclusive. I would have to rescind my support for Shay and the objective of this person extends beyond Shay.

Public statements have been made against Melissa and Jerry Schuman by this person in direct relation to the evidence claimed against Shay. If my articles in support of Melissa Schuman could be nullified then that would be advantageous to Nick Carter in a variety of ways.

It is not open for me to rely on my strongly held statements of belief to make a valid call. Both parties must be treated with equal consideration and I wish to note this is to provide the actual required level of support for survivors not to give the accused an easy ride.

If I cannot support a stance on fact alone then I have no business taking a stance. It really is that simple. It is clear that Camp Carter has much to gain from making me accept the evidence they are providing but the actual question is whether this evidence is what is being claimed.

Statement by Shay

First we must be aware of an important fact when it comes to considering this allegation. Shay has intellectual disabilities and has been facing additional challenges in her situation. I also note that it is evident that Shay is disclosing to a person she trusts.

Shay is essentially confiding certain considerations in a disclosure and I note this person states "yes of course you can" which of course means yes you can speak freely to me, you can trust me.

This begs the question then on just how it has come to pass that this confidential disclosure that was dependent on gaining the trust of a victim who has intellectual disabilities end up as exhibit A on some quest to discredit the Carter accusers?

I like objective evidence and there is much of that to be seen here. I note that Shay is not saying that Nick Carter did not rape her as alleged. If that was the case I would expect that this evidence would show Shay stating that fact. Shay does not state that at all.

I also note that these messages are dated back in 2019 which is a period much earlier in Shay's process for coming to grips with what Nick Carter did to her. Having regard for the fact of Shay's aforementioned disabilities, Shay had found herself in a position where she was connected to other women by the fact of their shared abuse suffered at the hands of Nick Carter.

Some of Nick Carter's victims are public figures and Melissa Schuman clearly fits that definition. Shay is now caught up in a maelstrom of troll attacks and ongoing attempts to manipulate her by various parties such as, but not limited to, Aaron Carter, another high profile figure.

That is a lot for any person to process and it is clear in this exchange that is exactly what Shay is doing. Shay believes she is processing her situation as it stands in relation to other Carter accusers and is evidently trying to determine if her situation reflects what she understands the others she mentioned have gone through.

It is very common for survivors to place themselves as a "lesser" victim as a coping strategy. In short, Shay was telling a so called trusted person that she was having trouble placing herself in the wider scheme of things. That is hardly a confession to making a false claim about Nick Carter.

Now, this line of reasoning is not confined to my personal view of how these matters play out. It is not to me to dictate the premise of the consideration and it is certainly not the prerogative of Camp Carter to dictate premise either.

The premise that applies is the standards adopted by various jurisdictions as they pertain to criminal matters such as sexual assault. The question is then, how does Shay's statement stand in the legal consideration?

The procedure for determining rape in CA is as follows:

  • All forms of nonconsensual sexual assault may be considered rape.

  • The essential determination of whether an offender is guilty of rape lies in the outrage to the victim’s person and the feelings of the victim of the rape.

The Rainn website provides the procedure in CA as an example and the premise will appear in one form or another across a range of jurisdictions. It is in fact a matter of common sense.

The thoughts and feelings of the victim of a rape play a central role in the consideration and what we see here is Shay processing her feelings with someone she felt she could trust who evidently decided to throw Shay under the proverbial bus.

This statement in no way can be presented as a statement saying that Shay is admitting that Nick Carter did not assault her. We see here a woman with disabilities being toyed with by extremely nasty individuals who clearly have no sense of honor or the slightest grasp of the concept of human decency.

On that basis, the allegation against Shay, that she admitted to making false claims about Nick Carter is rejected. Shay's allegations against Nick Carter stand and her integrity in the matter has not been compromised.

Aaron Carter

It has been put to me that the survivor who called me and passed me over to US law enforcement is in fact Shay.

I will not confirm nor deny if that survivor is in fact Shay. I stand by my statement that Aaron Carter did in fact try to coerce a Carter accuser into making false statements against his brother Nick Carter and this was motivated by the fact Aaron Carter was in open conflict with Nick Carter and other family members.

It is my view that Aaron Carter is his own form of toxic malice and I hold the view that he seriously abused the trust and the goodwill of the Schuman's who had developed a genuine concern for Aaron Carter's wellbeing.

A telling point in all this is as follows. The accuser I am dealing with alleges Shay has been manipulated into making false allegations about Nick Carter by Aaron Carter. What we have here is two premises that sit in conflict with each other.

Let's assume that Shay is not the Aaron Carter accuser. There is no basis for a conspiracy allegation. Conversely let's assume that Shay is the Aaron Carter accuser. It is also alleged that Aaron Carter has manipulated Shay into making false allegations.

If that is the case then why would Shay ring me up in distress and pass me over to a US police officer so she had indelible proof that Aaron Carter was in fact trying to coerce her into making false statements?

That would amount to indelible evidence that Aaron Carter had failed to coerce Shay into making false allegations against Nick Carter. Either way, the contention being advanced simply does not survive the application of logic to the consideration.

I conclude with a statement regarding the ongoing attacks against Melissa and Jerry Schuman. I do not have an ongoing contact with the Schuman's. But I can say this with complete conviction.

Melissa Schuman is a kind and courageous person who is not capable of the malice and the bile required to wage a false campaign against Nick Carter. Jerry Schuman is an honest man who is devoted to the wellbeing of his daughter and the other victims of Nick Carter. Jerry Schuman possesses a truly notable insight and is without doubt one of the most formidable survivor ally's I have encountered over my years of activism.

Both Schuman's are in fact a potent and relentless force and in conjunction with the other victims who have stepped forward against Nick Carter, they present the man I believe to be a serial power rapist with real challenges.

As a result the attacks on Camp Schuman are expected to continue. These attacks have no basis in truth. Of that I am completely certain.


All of this fits in with the normal and expected patterns of behavior by industry fixers. The allegations against Shay and the Schuman's are refuted and vehemently rejected. There is no basis in truth to be seen here. What we can see is the lengths that Camp Carter is prepared to go to in an attempt to assist Nick Carter in evading justice.

Note: Shay and the Schuman's have had no input into this article.



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