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Black 22: The Rape and Abuse of Amber Heard

As I write this article I cannot help but consider how lonely and frightened Amber Heard must be right now. Not since the dark days of Black 18 when Asia Argento was betrayed by those she called sister and thrown to a screaming mob has the entire validity of the #metoo movement been under such extinctional threat.

Besieged Actress Amber Heard

I had hoped to never see such events again. Now in 2022 another woman is being bullied to the point where many would commit suicide. In Black 18 there were thousands baying for their victim's blood and now in Black 22 Amber Heard is literally facing millions.

One of the most disturbing elements of the mindset of these millions is that every single one of them maintains the illusion that they are virtuous crusaders when essentially they have decided to swarm together and launch a campaign of what amounts to psychological rape and torture.

Amber Heard is a human being with fears and feelings like the rest of us and these people have lined up in their millions to demand that her career is ended and her role stripped from her latest movie.

This horde of pitiless thugs have been posting memes of Amber with pig faces amongst other degrading imagery with a constant theme of vicious scorn and derision. The world's largest troll horde have been declaring that every thing that Amber Heard will say will be a lie before she even had the chance to present her case in court.

They discount all and any evidence that sits in her favour with spurious reasoning, shifting the goal posts in front of her while undermining the ground under her feet. It has literally reached the point where anything Amber Heard says is a foul lie and every word out of Depp's mouth is God's own truth.

There are two considerations I wish to present for the purposes of this article. The first is how this vile abuse being inflicted on Amber Heard has extremely dark and heartbreaking connotations for vulnerable women and girls everywhere. This is a matter of interest for all survivors.

Beautiful and funny' girl, 12, who took her own life after being groomed and raped had been left ‘traumatised’ by online and physical bullying following her ordeal, mother says

  • Semina Halliwell, 12, died on June 12 after spending four days in hospital

  • She was raped in Southport, Merseyside, and faced months of bullying

  • Her mother shared footage of her daughter being punched and kicked

The article linked above is but one of many examples of where a rape victim has been targeted by supporters of an accused offender and literally driven to suicide. This has become more prevalent over the last four years as the general collapse in women's rights in the US especially has emboldened offenders in ways previously considered unthinkable let alone possible.

The sight of millions of people lining up to abuse and violate a lone woman, whose crime it increasingly appears was to try and stand up for herself, would be seen as not merely just support for such abuse but complete validation by offenders and their vile supporters and enablers.

What is happening to Amber Heard is aimed at the rest of us also. Amber Heard has become a lightening rod for the hatred and venom of those who hate women and survivors. These are people, both male and female, who despise the #metoo movement and now they have a popular and powerful figurehead as they concentrate their hate on a besieged and abused Amber Heard.

Right now, every misogynistic rapist and woman beater with a phone is gloating and receiving gratification from the sight of Amber Heard being bullied by a howling mob who clearly have no sense of justice, no care for anyone but themselves and are clearly bereft of the ability to summon even base pity in their rat coward hearts.

The next consideration is directly applicable to Johnny Depp and his stated intentions and attitude.

Depp evidently sees the presence of over three million Stans supporting him in his attacks on Amber Heard as one of his great strengths in this conflict. What this craven horde actually signifies is not a vindication for his cause but rather the compelling evidence of his own damnation. Let us consider the thoughts and feelings expressed by Johnny Depp in his own words.

"She is begging for total global humiliation. She's gonna get it".

What do we see happening right here before us? The total global humiliation of Amber Heard driven by the histrionic fury of his horde of over three million Stans. Depp stated he was going to do it and now we are seeing it done.

"I have no mercy, no fear and not an ounce of emotion..."

Some might say that is a reasonably compelling testimony to psychopathy. Now we get to the part where Depp is clearly determined to make the depth of his feelings known.

"This gold digging, low level, dime a dozen, mushy, pointless dangling overused flappy fish market."

There are the rantings of angry people going through a break up, there are expressions of naked misogyny and then there is whatever the hell this is supposed to be. What stands out to me here is the way he reduces Heard to her genitals and the manner in which he presents this context is not what one would call healthy and productive.

Depp reduces Heard to her own genitals in the context of being a overused flappy fish market. This remarkable display of misogyny has proven so popular that it has spawned a merchandise.

One needs simply to google the term and one can discover the flappy fish market T-Shirt. For the serious collector there is the coffee cup, the sticker and in keeping with the times a COVID mask. There is even a T-Shirt specially for the kids so the whole family can join in.

So what we see here is the psychological targeting of Amber Heard's genitals and it is here I note Amber Heard's allegation that Depp forced a bottle into her vagina. I also note the allegation that he forced a cavity search on Amber Heard in a quest to find drugs that he claims he does not use.

I hold the view that is not hard to a build a bridge between Depp's demonstrable statements and the allegations being advanced by Heard at this current trial.

"She will hit the wall hard!!! And I cannot wait to have this waste of a cum guzzler out of my life."

Depp presents Heard and the act of fellatio in a demeaning context and I note the allegations of Heard being forced to perform oral sex.

After expressing a round about way of hoping Amber Heard would die and stating that he will stop at nothing Depp goes on to state that he would cut Elon Musk's cock off. Again with the targeting of the genitals but that is not the only tell we can see here.

It has been alleged that Depp is a controlling and jealous partner which naturally Depp denies but consider. Depp has gone to considerable lengths to denigrate Heard at every sexual level and show she is worthless to him but clearly what is eating at him is the thought that Musk has gone there with Amber Heard. Yet we are expected to believe that Depp is not the jealous monster he is being accused of.

Now why else would Johnny Depp be so desirous of depriving Musk of his manhood if not for that reason. Earlier Depp states:

"But she sucked Mollusk's (evidently Musk) crooked dick and he gave her some shitty lawyers".

Once again we see the obsession with his opponents genitals and does Johnny Depp really want to "slice" Musk's cock off for the crime of giving Heard some lawyers? One might hold the view that the desired response is hardly proportional so it seems rather evident that Depp was focused on the fact Musk had been there with Heard as it were.

There is another tell here. If it was true that Depp is the victim of the evil and conniving soul sucking slut of Satan, that he and his supporters are evidently claiming Heard to be, would he not state something along of the lines of Musk is an idiot for being deceived by the evil one?

That would make logical sense but instead Depp nuts off about wanting to slice the man's penis off later in his missive and makes no mention of Musk being Heard's dupe. What is logic telling us here?

There are additional comments to consider such as when Depp states that he wants to drown Heard, go on to burn her and then perform a gross indecency on her burnt remains.

"“Let’s drown her before we burn her!!!” Depp wrote to actor Paul Bettany in June 2013. “I will fuck her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she’s dead.”

We do not exactly have to wrestle with the nuances to see that Depp holds a hideously depraved view of his ex wife and we are expected to believe that he is incapable of striking and sexually assaulting Heard as she claims?

Let us see what Depp had to say in response when asked to address his stated musings.

"When questioned about those texts, Depp's response was to deny the power of the language, saying only, “I have a particular way of using words, vocabulary in my vernacular.”

Well. Call me a bluff stickler if people must but I am going to hang my hat on the view that Depp's response in no way provides a rational and or reasonable explanation for comments that could be ascribed to a fury driven psychopath with deep seated issues with all things female and an unhealthy fixation on the degradation and indeed the complete removal of other people's genitals.

So, in the absence of said rational and or reasonable explanation, and evidently in the complete absence of remorse and any modicum of self awareness, what exactly are we left to work with when contemplating the expressed thoughts and feelings of Johnny Depp?

So we see that all the considerations of the ongoing trial aside, Depp and his Stans condemn themselves by these comments and their actions alone. We see Depp's Stan's subjecting Amber Heard to the most vile abuse and we see the context of the thinking of their cult leader Johnny Depp.

When placed together with the allegations that Heard has presented and after applying the trusty if it walks like a duck test it is my view that Amber Heard is essentially telling the truth and this attempt to destroy what is left of her is as inhuman as it is vile.



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