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Underbelly: Broken Breakers

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The Breakers face threats from within their own movement as their enemies infiltrate and subvert where ever possible.

The Silence Breakers. Never in the history of the human race has there been a demographic of sexual abuse victims like them. Over 80 of the worlds most high profile women in a world where their images are seen by millions daily. Some are wealthy, others are struggling to get by but all are seen as privileged and public property by a lot of people. 

Personally I find the Breakers and the complex considerations that apply to them a challenge I have found to be very interesting. I have no interest in them as artists or the personal lives they lead. As activists and survivors however the Breakers are where my interests lay. 

The first reason is my own demographic. In the wider sexual abuse demographic there is not many set organised groups for straight white males. In fact the groups that do claim to represent white males are generally counterproductive and have no appeal to me. 

Then there are the matters of geography and culture to consider. Essentially the Breakers are potentially accessible to any group or culture with only one but important caveat. The test required to fulfill that potential is wholly merit based. 

The equality is found in the qwerty we all have in our possession. If one can gain the attention of and then the trust of a Breaker then the basis of an activist relationship is formed and in many cases will advance from there. The activist is rewarded with a powerful ally and the Breaker is supported in turn. 

The next main reason is more personal. As I have mentioned in previous articles Asia Argento supporters held me in dim view thanks to the Troll infiltrator who is responsible for a lot of what has happened over the last few months. 

The rest of the movement was not exactly forthcoming in the way of support. So who was it that supported me and put themselves at risk when I went out to take on the Troll army waiting for me? Yes. Silence Breakers. 

Around six Breakers whom I refer to as the "Renegade Breakers" supported me openly and behind the scenes. Two Breakers publicly endorsed me and that is not a small thing. These Breakers put themselves at grave risk when they added their support to my efforts. 

Not only that but those same Breakers held firm against numerous efforts to turn them against me. That is what one calls loyalty and it was Silence Breakers who gave me their trust and loyalty and therefore I return the same in full measure. The effect on those in the cheap seats was particularly welcoming. Thus we see the power of Breaker endorsement and support.  

Now the civil war has run out of steam the big battles are now upon us. The Weinstein trials and the efforts of those in the industry to control their female staff place the Breakers on the front line in 2019. 

Which leads me to the issues at hand. The Breaker movement is far from ready to take on the foe. Those who wish to see the Breakers fall have subverted the Breaker movement. Infiltration and gas lighting is epidemic. 

Before I go in to the details I need to demonstrate the enemy in action. The hit on Asia Argento was a hit on the Breaker movement. The movement was expected to react in the way that it did. It was in fact one of the primary goals of the enemy. 

The enemy relied on the fact that panic and infighting would cause most Breakers to look to what they believed was their own survival and act accordingly. This worked very well. It must be remembered that the Breakers are survivors whose high status does not automatically confer ability when it comes to this kind of attack. 

The real danger was not the fact of Asia's troubles but rather how the movement was going to react to them. The movement responded out of fear and anger as expected and in doing so left itself wide open. This was not an isolated hit either. 

I was soon to discover that the Breakers have been subverted so badly that many Breakers see each other as a threat. It is glaringly apparent that infiltrators and other self serving interests have been very busy bees. 

These infiltrators have been able to create more chaos and division because the Breakers did exactly what was expected of them. Excepting the Renegades of course.

We need to understand the reasons why and how this was able to happen. This is no longer about Asia Argento. All that can be done there has been done. But what this all means for the Breakers still in play and the wider movement must be understood. 

Even now the foe will be seeking another Breaker to isolate and make an example of. I am expecting a wholesale attack on the Breakers in general and especially when Weinstein's counter measures come into play in the lead up to and during his trials. 

In our world the rules often work backwards. What seems to be the correct and intuitive path more often than not results in a detrimental outcome that is then written off by others as a "failure" of the survivor. 

The survivor has in fact done the widely accepted "right" thing but the hidden burdens of PTSD and the truths we carry often render the "right" thing worse than useless. The Breakers for a wide range of reasons have a fixation on the appearance of seamless unity. 

Breakers hold a deeply seated fear that any sign of division will leave them vulnerable, little realizing the foe is already well tapped into what is really going on. This renders the subterfuge pointless. The foe is already well entrenched inside the Breaker movement. 

They know very well what is going on as they are in there making sure they cause as much division as possible. Not only is the subterfuge pointless it causes the Breakers to expend resources and considerations on a fruitless exercise that goes on to prevent the unrelated but inevitable issues that occur as a matter of course from being addressed. 

The truth is that women have been isolated from the Breaker movement for doing what we activists know to have been the right thing to do. A fellow activist and survivor came under attack and those women put aside their own personal interests to stand up and be counted. 

Not only is that exactly what the Breakers need in their activists it is no coincidence that I have observed that all the women in question are very strong and capable women whose very unwillingness to put their own personal issues first is in fact the exact antidote and indeed a vaccine to subversion. 

It is for these reasons the subverts targeted them in the first place. Those who cannot be bought off, deceived or intimidated, simply have their reputations defiled until they are turned on by the very people they are trying to protect. 

There is not a doubt in my mind this is what we are looking at here. It would not be fair to condemn the Breakers for failing to respond correctly to a very well organised and complex attack on the movement. 

It is however vital for Breaker victory in this dirty war to learn from the past and prepare for the future. The Breakers need to unified and every Breaker needs to take a good hard look at the people next to her for infiltrators and third parties with their own agendas will be lurking all around be sure of it. 

Breakers need to communicate with each other and compare notes as to what they have been experiencing and take a whole new fresh look at divisions with open minds to determine what is behind those divisions. 

Finally the Breakers need to understand that what has happened was not Asia Argento's fault. What we are seeing is the direct result of a range of individuals who worked very hard to make it happen. These people would and will if possible do the same to any of you and what matters now is that there are no repeats of 2018. 

This is not a moral consideration. Energy focused on blaming a woman who obviously has some deep seated struggles diverts energy and attention from the real dangers the Breakers simply must address as their fledgling movement faces it biggest tests yet. 

The unity that matters is the one that says the movement will not be provoked into reacting against its own best interests. It is time to put the events of 2018 behind us but we must carry forward the lessons that need to be learned as we enter this new and fraught phase of the battle in 2019 



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