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Cult 45 Seditionists must be held accountable

Republicans need to decide what side of history they prefer to assign their legacies to.

On the 6th of January 2020, a plot by the then sitting President of the United States Donald Trump, came to its ugly head at the White House in Washington DC. People around the world watched in horror as a crowd of inflamed Trump supporters made the decision to support Trump in his quest to overthrow the elected government of the United States of America by attempting a violent coup in the very heart of US democracy.

Lawmakers were forced to hide under their desks behind barricaded doors. This response seemed to be coordinated by younger staff members who received their education under the daily threat of massacre.

The Vice President of the day Mike Pence, was rushed to the secure bunker that Trump had recently cringed in because some black people had shown up in the Capitol demanding to be able to live their lives free of the fear of summary execution on the streets and in their beds.

While this desperate scramble for survival took place, security forces tried to rally to hold the insurrectionists back with limited results. A police officer was literally beaten to death. A fellow officer was to go on to take their own life as a result of what they experienced on this day of horror.

Insurrectionists smeared their own faeces on the walls of the corridors of power. One report claimed that someone had urinated on Nancy Pelosi's desk. Media were assaulted and had their equipment smashed.

A woman who had recently posted videos of herself frothing at the mouth over conspiracy theories was shot as insurrectionists tried to breach an internal barrier. Another woman seen sporting a sign stating "Don't tread on me" was trampled to death and another would be insurrectionist succeeded in tasering himself into a heart attack with his own taser.

A noose and gallows appeared outside the White House as Trump evidently did all he could to prevent reinforcements from being called. We should note that this was the POTUS who built a large wall around the White House and hid in a bunker because black people were on the streets in DC.

Yet somehow the actual sight of hundreds of MAGA supporters literally killing police officers and smearing their excrement left right and center failed to concern him. We know that this is because this is exactly what Trump wanted. To take the White House with violence and assert his unlawful rule over the nation he has gas lit and violated for the last four years.

We also know that the obscenity unfolding before us was the result of weeks of hard work by Trump and his Republican enablers. The attack started on the Post Office when Trump tried to hamstring the mail in vote system. BLM was presented as an anarchist organization dedicated to the overthrow of the rule of law.

After Trump lost the election, he launched an unprecedented campaign of misinformation that was supported by several of his talking heads. Despite losing 60 court cases on the basis of failing to provide a shred of evidence, the claims of election fraud continued unabated.

All of this was to culminate in Trump marching out to his supporters and inciting them to literally launch a coup to overturn the rule of law and democracy in the United States of America.

Trump is now facing a trial in the Senate as a result of being impeached by Congress for the second time. Trump was officially impeached for inciting an insurrection and now we are presented with an array of Republican's who want to let Trump walk. For their own perceived advantage of course.

The two main mealy mouthed justifications for this stance are faux concerns about "unity" and self serving arguments pertaining to the constitution that have no basis in constitutional law and process.

To assist these Republicans in reaching the correct moral and legal outcome, there needs to be a big push to inform these people that if they fail to convict then they will also be treated as seditionists and that any who donate to them or support them at any level will be labeled the same accordingly.

It is simple. An acquittal in this matter equates to the sanctioning of the murder of police officers and the smearing of excrement through the halls of American power and democracy.

There is no both sides in this matter and there is no consideration that is more important than full accountability for what amounts to an obscene violation of the principles that underpin the worlds last but fading Superpower.

Republican Senators need to realize that there is no sidestepping this matter. They either vote to convict or be marked in history as the seditionist enablers of a psychopath who gas lit a country to the point of insanity and who has violated the principles of the rule of law and human decency for far too long unchecked.

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