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Enabler Rob Marczak

Enabler Rob Marczak

Enablers. We hear a lot about these individuals. Rob Marczak is one of the most shameless examples of these agents of the rape machine I have ever seen. Marczak has fawned over Rain Dove from the moment Dove appeared to infiltrate Rose McGowan's life.

Marczak has been Dove's tireless champion and has supported Rain Dove in every lie Dove has spewed for over a year. Marczak also enthusiastically supported the troll pack targeting Asia Argento in an attempt to prevent me defending her.

This article is focused on Rob the Enabler. I cannot and will not tolerate Marczak's passive aggressive efforts to undermine Asia Argento's truth in support of those who have offended so badly against both Asia and this movement.

A quick look at those offenders:

  • Rain Dove. Self confessed liar, con artist and proven fantasist. Currently facing off against an array of aggrieved individuals.

  • Jimmy Bennett. On public record with two entirely separate and totally unbelievable versions of events pertaining to his false allegations. Track record of extortion and accused by a group of young women of lewd behavior and pornography offenses.

Recently I had been in negotiations with Rob Marczak about a meeting with Rain Dove when she gets to New Zealand next month. This meeting was put to me and I agreed. When I agreed I was fully aware of two things.

The meeting was proposed to try and get me to stop making public statements about Dove and buy Dove time to try and impression manage her way to freedom from the consequences of her actions.

If the meeting did go ahead there was an expectation I would be so influenced by the force of Dove's "charm" I would either let the issue go or decide that Rain is correct.

Predictably I started to receive the complete run around as Dove tried to back out of the meeting she apparently proposed.

Rob Marczak informed me during these negotiations that Rain Dove had evidence that proves Asia Argento consented to Jimmy Bennett and this evidence, I was informed, is an email from Asia saying she did indeed consent.

Knowing that this was a complete load of drivel I demanded that Dove produce a copy of the email with all the IP information from the mail server attached. No such evidence was produced.

This sets the scene for what I want to demonstrate next. Rob Marczak knows full well that I have challenged Rain Dove on her bogus evidence and required her to provide it which has not been done. So knowing all this Marczak posts this in the public forum.

So what we see here is Marczak stating that he has information that he is claiming proves it was all mutually consensual. However Marczak is well aware that Rain Dove has failed to provide what is apparently a detailed email.

The reason why Dove has failed to provide this email is because this so called email evidence is simply yet another fantasist manipulative lie from a sociopath. It is fact that Asia Argento has never emailed nor received an email from Rain Dove.

That is but the first example of Marczak's manipulative tactics and campaign of misinformation.

Here we see Rob's favorite party trick. Marczak holds the position that Asia consented but that she did not do anything wrong.

Marczak is essentially saying that Asia consented to the sexual assault she suffered and was in therapy for and that she is a liar.

That what Dove did was justifiable and therefore was not responsible for Asia being falsely and publicly labeled a pedophile and no better than Harvey Weinstein who has also assaulted her.

Rob Marczak is more than willing to subject Asia Argento to that vile and degrading narrative without a shred of evidence to support his claim. Despite Marczak's efforts to turn the consideration to the appropriateness of California law, the law there is clear.

If in fact Asia Argento consented to Jimmy Bennett then she is guilty of an offense and a liar. These realities have no relationship to the load of garbage put forward by Rob Marczak.

To accuse Asia Argento of consenting to Bennett is to accuse her of a criminal act. Such accusations must have proof and Marczak and Dove offer none because no such evidence exists.

There have been attempts to take Asia's texts out of the context of both wording and circumstance that clearly do not constitute evidence. When those attempts were refuted Marczak was willing to expand on his blatant rape culture tactics.

In response to a challenge to his lack of evidence Marczak came up with this gem. This at a time when "loving emails" and pictures of Weinstein with his arm around his victims on the red carpet feature large in the rape culture being inflicted on the Breakers wholesale.

Marczak's complete dismissal of the well documented need for survivors to try and normalize their situation is as offensive as it is obtuse.

This post was in response to a question I put to him about Californian law. Marczak is openly saying he is not familiar with the law that applies to the matters at hand. Yet despite this admitted blatant ignorance Marczak feels completely free to make statements about alleged crimes in that jurisdiction.

What Rob Marczak is doing is abusive and offensive and violates the mores of this movement. The fact that Marczak is doing this in support of two proven liars and abusers in the absence of any evidence whatsoever is frankly obscene.

This is what an enabler looks like. Asia Argento was at real risk of dying as a result of the actions of these predators and Rob Marczak has played a direct and leading role in assisting Dove and Bennett in their depraved actions.

The evidence is clear as demonstrated by Marczak's own posts. Rob Marczak is an abusive and manipulative enabler who has contributed to the significant harm inflicted on a woman who has been sexually violated and extorted.

As a result Rob Marczak can join Rain Dove and Jimmy Bennett in their shame and culpability. Those who support offenders in such a dishonest and abusive manner are offenders.



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