• Lupine (Alex Taylor)

Grifter Reade is exacting a high toll on the #metoo movement

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Defiler and Grifter Tara Reade

Tara Reade is not the first parasitical grifter to try and take advantage of the chaotic politic of the #Metoo movement but she is proving the most dangerous so far. I am aware that my opposition to Reade's claim has resulted in cognitive dissonance to various degrees in the minds of some of my follower base.

A truth about activism is that good activists are valued but rarely loved. Activism that actually makes a difference relies on obtaining the support and understanding of the people that matter outside of the survivor political beltway.

Activism that confines itself to appeasing the emotions of the faithful with cheap rhetoric and straw man arguments is simply demagoguery. To win the support of those who can actually make a difference for survivors a commitment to truth must be demonstrated to those peoples satisfaction.

Activism also comes with the heavy burdens of duty and care. The responsibilities are daunting and the cost of failing to meet those responsibilities can result in hideous injustices and ruined lives for all parties concerned.

Injustices can land on any of the people involved and are not confined to criminal or civil legal outcomes. Essentially anti sexual abuse activism is ugly, divisive and pitiless and even the good medicine, healing and supportive as it may be, still leaves a bitter taste.

Another major consideration is the fact that what we do is rarely confined to the individuals we are dealing with. What we do impacts on many other parties such as the families of the accuser and the accused, survivors on mass and the potential safety or lack thereof of women and children generally.

Needless to say, as activists we bear heavy responsibilities and our mistakes can cause serious harm if we are not very careful. So with all that in mind I will now address the matter of Tara Reade's claim from the activist perspective and what it means for survivors generally.

This article does not focus on the in and outs of Reade's claim. Other parties have covered those matters extensively and I see no need to reinvent the wheel. Examples are provided here.

Allegations of grifting against Tara Reade

Allegations Reade lied about qualifications

There is a great deal of evidence that Tara Reade is a person who routinely misrepresents herself for the purposes of profile raising and financial gain. In spite of this evidence, activists are facing demands that we give this grifter our unwavering support for her allegations against Joe Biden.

Apparently we are supposed to put to one side the long standing record Reade has for misrepresentation and accept her allegations as honest truth. At the same time we are expected to treat the long list of people who accuse Reade of grifting in the past as liars with an agenda.

Yet in all of this, the only proven liar with agendas is in fact Tara Reade. Tara Reade with her record of lies is sitting there moralising over the movement and making her extortionist demands with an audacity that is simply astounding.

Since when are proven liars given the status of truth teller in the face of a massive amount of evidence that clearly proves otherwise? Since when do we as activists, compromise the integrity of the movement in support of a liar at the expense of survivors generally?

Make no mistake. Activists who are supporting Reade are inflicting real harm on the movement and the survivors in it. It is making the movement look reactionary, uninformed and wholly unwilling to face truths that cause it inconvenience. It presents a movement flailing in the entanglements of its own flawed mantras and rhetoric.

It is labeling the entire movement as a grouping of individuals who have no interest in truth and driven by some inherent need for vengeance. That perception feeds right into the rape machine's rhetoric that we are crazy people who should never be trusted. It is very unhelpful that in the case of Reade, that perception is uncomfortably close to reality.

It is clear that Reade recognises the inherent weaknesses in the #Metoo political structure and rhetoric. It is equally clear her intention was to exploit those flaws from the outset.

According to Reade's allegations, the so called offense took place in the 1990's at the time Reade was an adult and working for Joe Biden. We know that Reade promoted Biden as a champion for women in more recent years.

In all my experience I have never observed a sexual assault victim lauding their attacker as a champion for the rights of women in unsolicited public statements. Reade, if she is telling the truth, essentially took it upon herself to promote a sex offender to other women as their savior.

We know that Reade came out with other women who complained that Biden was a man who was not observing the social boundaries that were expected of him. Biden stepped up and faced those allegations directly and accepted his culpability in the matters in question.

I have not observed any other accused individual stepping up in such a fashion. The allegations were noted along with Biden's apologies and commitment to ensuring such behavior did not occur in the future.

We know Reade is an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter and we also know that the moment Sanders failed to gain the top spot for presidential candidate, Reade was there to make more serious allegations against Joe Biden.

I want any survivor who reads this to know that there is no doubt in my mind that the allegations advanced by Tara Reade against Joe Biden are patently false. I base this conclusion on the widely available information and statements on public record.

Those who have read the articles I have written supporting the claims of various high profile survivors, will be aware that I went over those claims and looked into them at the deepest level.

Upon examination I identified and presented the relevant consistency's that are clearly demonstrable having regard for available evidence and the recognised understanding of the dynamics that come with sexual abuse.

When I applied the same tests to Tara Reade's claim, the only consistencies I could find are the litany of inconsistencies in her narrative, the genuine consistencies in the narratives of the individuals who Reade has harmed in the past and Reade's total commitment to a campaign of bullying and extortion of sexual assault survivors.

No I do not jest. From the moment Reade manifested on the scene with her allegations the impact on survivors, women, children, the disabled, people of color and many more has been relentless.

At the time of this writing the world is in the grip of a pandemic. What was once the most powerful nation in the world has been brought to its knees by a psychopath who has managed to put a match to the cult mentality that thrives in the USA.

Black people are murdered on the streets and in their beds. Women's rights are being eroded at every level. LGBTQ all face serious threat at every turn. Secret Police have walked the streets of America snatching American citizens off the streets without cause.

Millions are being left destitute as the USA tetters on the brink of fascism and the collapse of democracy. In the midst of all this chaos we now find ourselves presented with Tara Reade and her wretched narrative, undeterred as she is by matters such as the potential collapse of the democracy of a global superpower.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the appalling damage Tara Reade has wilfully chosen to inflict upon so many with her lying and blatant grifting. Tara Reade is an open Bernie Sanders supporter who is making allegations against Biden who defeated Sanders in the Democratic Primaries.

We know that Tara Reade is a person who has a lot of experience in politics. This fact makes the following Tweets all the more indicative.

So what do these tweets tell us? We see here a politically savvy operative. Reade is clearly in collusion with Sanders' supporters and her motivation is clearly political. We can see that the timing of the publication of her allegations was a critical factor in Reade's thinking but again from a politically motivated viewpoint.

It is evident that Reade's motivation when it came to matters of timing is focused on doing as much damage to Joe Biden's campaign as possible with no regard whatsoever for what would be best for survivors.

It would clearly be in survivors interests if all were made aware as soon as possible. This did not happen. Instead Reade deliberately waited until Sanders was on the verge of losing the primaries to come out with her allegations.

It seems evident that Reade and her political supporters hold the view that the #metoo movement could be weaponized to overthrow the democratically elected Joe Biden in favor of Sanders.

Like every grifter before her, it seems evident that Reade holds the view that she could come out with any semi-plausible accusation and that the politic of the movement would protect her from scrutiny.

Unfortunately for Reade, like every grifter before her, she discovered the truth is that there are those of us in the movement who are more than willing to question a claim and we do so as a matter of course.

Reade's claims were extensively tested by a range of people such as #Metoo activists, ex state prosecutors, Biden supporters and members of the #KHive movement to name a few.

The media looked into the allegations as well. While I am very aware that the media has not been kind to survivors and has also inflicted some serious personal damage on a number of survivors, in this case the media mostly managed to keep to the facts.

All involved came to the same conclusion. Reade is a serial grifter who is trying it on for potential political and financial gain. Survivors can be very assured that Reade was given a fair hearing and that her "evidence" was considered appropriately.

The list of the victims of Reade's actions is depressingly long.

Survivors Generally

A lot of survivors have been in a state of distress having been led to believe that Reade is a genuine victim who is being picked on. The fact of the opposition from activists such as myself and high profiles like Alyssa Milano has caused a great deal of cognitive dissonance with the resulting stress that comes with that corrosive psychological torment.

There are survivors who feel guilty that they are letting down the side and or invalidating their own experiences by voting for Joe Biden. This guilt is wholly unjustified and there is evidently a clear intention to inflict that outcome on any survivor who does not buy into the lies of Reade.

Of course the survivors in question know that to not vote for Biden only helps Donald Trump, the man who wants to send women's rights back to the stone age. Survivors have been placed in an intolerable situation based on lies and as stated it is my view this outcome was planned for and fully intended by Reade.

Past Present and Future Victims Globally

The rape machine is forever pushing the false accuser narrative to its great advantage. Reade has put forward a claim that has been given the thumbs down from ex State prosecutors.

When activists advance a claim as flawed as Reade's, the message to people such as those prosecutors is that as a movement, we are incapable of separating fact from fantisist lies and therefore our ability to be heard by these people is severely compromised.

The public see that there are those in the movement who will push claims regardless of evidence and that allows the rape machine to advance its highly favored "witch hunt" propaganda.

The public buy into those rape culture fueled narratives and of course it is the public that sits on juries. If anyone wishes to dispute the impact the movement's failures are having on the jury pool and justice system then please feel free to explain why there is a global conviction rate of about 1.5 percent.

Donald Trump's Victims

Twenty five women have come out against Donald Trump and have spent the last four years fighting at every turn for the justice they deserve. Since the advent of Reade, these women will likely have seen Donald Trump's supporters moralizing over the movement regarding Reade while simultaneously denigrating the claims these women are making against these enablers Orange Overlord.

These women will be watching as a section of the movement buys into Reade's fantasist constructs and they will have noted the threat that the man who assaulted them may get another four years in power even as the movement fails to give their own legitimate cause the attention it genuinely deserves.

The movement should be right behind Trump's accusers, not enabling a grifter who is stealing their oxygen and empowering their rapist. The Trump 25 are being poorly served and the movement is failing these women disgracefully.

Blasey Ford

Blasey Ford was dragged into the #metoo melee that erupted when Brett Kavanaugh was being positioned for the SCOTUS. The movement did mostly get behind Professor Ford initially but failed to protect her from being torn to ribbons by a rabid right wing opposition.

Having had her life destroyed for no real gain, Blasey Ford disappeared off the radar only to be dragged straight back into the middle of the politic, once again without her consent or benefit to her own situation.

Kavanaugh and Trump supporters chorused a narrative of false equivalence claiming that the Reade claim was the same as the Ford claim and that the hypocritical left was only concerned with right wing offenders.

Those supporters, who are clearly determined to enjoy themselves, denigrated and spat on Blasey Ford's claim yet again while simultaneously holding up Reade as an aggrieved victim who was being betrayed by her own.

There was much ado about "poor Brett Kavanaugh" whose "life had been destroyed" by the "hags" of the #metoo movement. Forget the fact that Kavanaugh is doing very well for himself while Blasey Ford is the one who had her life turned into ruin.

Blasey Ford has a legitimate claim and has been failed by the movement that dragged her into a life destroying melee and then failed to protect her. The argument that the Ford claim is any way comparable to Reade's fantasist garbage is just another abuse inflicted on yet another woman who has already suffered a great deal.

The Ongoing Extortion of High Profile Individuals

High profile survivors and activists such as Alyssa Milano have had to endure hundreds of abusive posts denigrating them as women and survivors. Individuals such as Donald Trump Junior have been feasting on the movements misery and all this is made possible by Reade's grifting bullying agenda.


Reade is a serial liar and chronic grifter who has placed women globally in a terrible position, undermined an already struggling movement and the creator of a situation where our movement is now an open target for republican rapists, Bernie Bro Stans and Q Anon thugs.

Our activists are being bullied and abused and survivors everywhere are deeply conflicted and distressed. Most of those who have stood up against Reade have been subjected to vicious bullying and abuse where Reade uses personal knowledge of these people as a tool for the purposes of blackmail and extortion.

The fact that Reade is largely enabled by Rose McGowan speaks volumes. McGowan is on public record falsely accusing a woman of being a pedophile and was literally forced to retract and apologise under legal duress.

Like Reade, McGowan has a long track record of trying to bully and intimidate people into bowing to her will. Birds of a feather in more ways than one. Enough is enough.

Update: Below, is a very relevant and detailed article describing how Reade the Thug has been bullying one of the kindest and most dedicated activists I have ever seen.

Tara Reade's thuggery revealed.