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Invalidating Concern Troll Andrea Deaton is Targeting Alice Evans

Concern Troll Andrea Deaton

Alice Evans is currently suffering a campaign of bullying and invalidation that is designed to harm Alice's interests to fulfill the desired agenda of soon to be ex-husband Ioan Gruffudd. That agenda is as simple as it is abusive. Ioan Gruffudd wants Alice to be forced into silence and unable to respond to the abusive dynamics being inflicted on her wholesale, both publicly and behind the scenes.

This is a common enough dynamic in many breakups but Alice Evans has the additional burden of being a public figure with her life on display for all to use and or abuse at their whim. Ioan Gruffudd is a handsome and high profile individual who inspires a number of Stans into seeking his attention and approval and these factors add additional toxic elements to the consideration.

The situation that Alice Evans has been forced into will a be a familiar one for many women and men who have had to face the crippling and subversive attacks of a malicious ex partner. If Alice fights back then she is danger of falling into the narrative trap that Ioan is creating for her.

If Alice does not fight back and maintains the silence that Ioan is trying to impose on her then that will be seen by many as a tacit acceptance of her so called guilt and the narrative is in the complete and unchallenged control of Ioan Gruffudd.

The result is highly predictable. Any "friend" who buys into Ioan's narrative will have likely abandoned or even turned on Alice and openings are created for people like Andrea Deaton to slide right on into the situation. Generally speaking, the target only finds out the damage has been done some time after the knife has been put in his or her back.

High profile abusive men are often supported by female Stan's who relish the opportunity to primp and preen in front of their desired idol and grandstand on the misery of women that they are inherently envious of. Nick Carter and Scott Biao have devotees of this nature and it is evident that Ioan Gruffudd is no exception.

This brings me to Andrea Deaton who has taken it upon herself to concern troll Alice Evans, and it is clear that Deaton is more than happy to use Alice's children as a means of coercion.

This loaded spiel that we are presented with demonstrates a well versed concern troll in action. This is indeed a classic tactic of a concern troll seeking the opportunity to soak the narrative with her carefully coached attacks in the form of passive aggressive invalidation.

Here we have our opening tweet and what we see here is indicative. Deaton leads off with a statement to present herself as very empathetic to Alice's situation thus establishing herself as the epitome of kindness and empathy.

Deaton states that Alice does not know her and even goes on to state that she is a very recent fan who took up her fandom in April, a few scant months ago. Thus we see the "alibi" component come into play.

Deaton now moves on to more direct denials regarding statements made by Alice's friends Deb and Lin. Deaton feels she is on strong ground here. Deaton is aware that Deb and Lin will likely not be able to produce a DM where Deaton states something obvious like Alice Evans is this or that. That is not how a troll like Deaton works.

The concern troll relies on dog whistles and gaslighting being presented in the guises of caring and concern and of course we are supposed to be unaware of that fact. The problem for Deaton is that we have years of experience fighting Weinstein fixers and other such undesirables and concern trolling is a well worn tactic of the enablers and supporters of the rape machine.

Deb and Lin are very aware of this dynamic and they are equally aware of Ioan Gruffudd's ambitions and tactics and like them, I also can see exactly what is going on here. Deaton sets up a false premise, a straw man. Deaton says that we have no evidence of direct and overt trolling and therefore there is no evidence of trolling. That is not the test that is being applied to this matter.

Deaton takes a moment to let us all know that she is a woman of standards who is simply incapable of such behavior, notes that Alice has never done anything to her, and flags that she disagrees with some of the things Alice is doing. Of course she would never say anything horrible about Alice on social media before going on to do just that as we will see.

Here we have a spiel about just how it was Deaton innocently appeared in Alice's life and of course we have the mention of the kids and grandkids to let us all know that we are dealing with an Earth Mother type.

So far we have seen Deaton setting up the narrative in any way she can to advantage herself and now she is set to move on to the condemnation phase of her spiel. It is not open to Deaton to claim she has a personal problem with Alice as Deaton has already shaped the narrative claiming no significant connection to Alice and of course she can hardly act openly in support of Ioan.

Deaton is not concerned by this evidently as she can apply the tried and true trolling method of targeting the victim through the victim's children. All out of the greatest concern of course. So we are supposed to think.

Having promoted herself as a hapless fan who just wandered on to the scene recently and fell in love with a fairy tale scenario that ended badly, and that she is an Earth Mother fairly marinating in human wisdom and kindness, Deaton tries to drive the blade home and set Alice up in a manner most vile.

Rare is the woman who is not sensitive to the idea that others may see her as an inadequate mother who is putting herself first over the wellbeing of her children. Such allegations severely undermine that woman's status with the sisterhood and turns her into an object of contempt and derision.

The message to Alice is clear. Any attempts to defend herself or push back against the false narrative being promoted by Gruffudd will be seen as a dereliction of duty to her children, her actions those of a woman who prefers to act on her unjustified anger at the expense of her children and therefore a woman who can neither be trusted nor believed.

If Alice fights back then that is advanced as "proof" in support of the false narrative being used against her. If Alice does not fight back then she is agreeing that Deaton and others like her are right and either of these scenarios well suit the agenda of Ioan Gruffudd.

The accusations ramp up here. Alice is "allowing" nasty people on the internet to advance her cruel agenda and Deaton now points the bone directly at Alice when she alludes to behavior that Alice is allegedly conducting in her own right which is in fact Alice simply trying to defend herself.

Evidently it is far more damaging to the children if Alice actually fights back against the man who is actively trying to hurt her. Evidently Alice is supposed to sit in silence and allow herself to be mistreated and abused, to allow Ioan to paint her to the world as a crazy person who has highly questionable parenting abilities.

Evidently the message the girls should receive is that they should put aside their own needs in a relationship and allow themselves to be treated in an abusive manner lest they themselves are one day are labeled crazy and bad mothers.

Women and girls should be silent in the face of abuse and say nothing because someone might think that they are weird and crazy. There is no doubt that Weinstein himself would approve of such methodology having practiced variants of it himself to enable him to rape actresses en masse.

I note that such an approach would be seen as fueling the cycle of abuse and subjecting the children to lies in support of an abusive man who is above recrimination and or liability. Over time this would result in one of three likely outcomes.

The children will get older and adopt the negative and toxic reasoning of their father and hold their mother in a negative light.

Or they will learn the truth of their father through other means and see Alice as being too weak to stand up for herself.

Or they will adopt Alice's approach and believe that they also should be silent if ever faced with an abusive partner in their own futures.

Clearly, none of these outcomes are in the best interests of Alice and or her children and the result would be three people ending up with highly damaged lives to appease the abusive and toxic ambitions of Ioan Gruffudd.

It's not Alice who has brought the children into the situation. The children are in this situation because of the willful ambitions of Ioan Gruffudd and it is his tribe of sycophantic enablers such as Andrea Deaton who are pushing the children into the middle of the situation in a naked and vile attempt to weaponize them against their own mother.

Deaton also states that she is a Family Law Paralegal. Deaton might want to ask herself how long she wishes to stay in her role for I strongly suspect that her actions would not be seen in a good light by the legal fraternity. I expect that matter will be put to the test very soon.

The reason why Deaton has done this of course is to give off the impression of knowledge and experience in matters such as this but what she has done is create a situation where her suitability for her role can be subject to a scrutiny that Deaton will find most uncomfortable.

Evidently, Alice is supposed to find the experience of someone disagreeing with her but still caring about her beyond her understanding. This could not be further from the truth. I met Alice Evans when I was fighting in foxholes in the year I refer to as Black 18. It was in Black 18 that various forces converged to try and gaslight and abuse Asia Argento into suicide.

Alice had been told at length that Asia was a liability to the movement and so Alice had no reason to like or support Asia at any level. Any Silence Breaker who came out in support of Asia was shunned by the Times Up - SKD Knickerbocker machine and labeled a pariah who needed to be expelled.

Despite knowing this would be her fate Alice came charging out on to the frontline in Asia's defense in the face of one of the most vile troll hate packs in SM history. So this is indelible proof that Alice is more than willing to act in defense of someone who she had every reason to believe was a liability in the face of a vicious and determined troll pack. All of this was done in the certain knowledge that she would be shunned and condemned by those who called themselves her sister.

It is fair to say that Alice Evans is a person who stands up for what is right, regardless of how she might feel about that person and was willing to face serious danger and ostracization to do the right thing by a woman who was in terrible danger and desperate need.

On that basis it is fair to say that Alice Evans is a woman who does what is right in the face of great adversity and a woman of great integrity and bravery. These are in fact some of the reasons why Ioan wants to destroy Alice. Alice is living proof of everything he is not.

I also note the entreaties to take the steps to heal, which translates into, "Alice is a sad and damaged individual who cannot be trusted to control her own emotions, and needs to get over herself. Pity Alice and her broken heart but do not believe or trust her."

Deaton concludes with another Earth Mother notation and of course the inference that she truly gets where Alice is coming from but of course Alice is simply not capable of the foresight and wisdom that Deaton is claiming to possess. All very nice and neat.

What we see here is an example of one of the many women who like to attach themselves to the causes of accused and abusive men who then use their status as women to position themselves to attack and undermine the woman who is on the receiving end of their hero's abuse.

Here we see Deaton responding from her Gruffudd Stan account and it is very clear that the Stan is strong in Deaton. I do not need to prove that Deaton is the Bridge of Sighs. Here we see indelible proof of Deaton's Stan like devotion to Gruffudd and it is therefore evident that Deaton is prejudiced against Alice Evans.

Rather than question whether she is inadvertently supporting an abuser, Deaton focuses her concern trolling tactics on the victim in this, Alice Evans, and blatantly attempts to silence Alice by trying to weaponize her own children against her.

Deaton is clearly advancing a narrative that blames Alice for the actions of Ioan Gruffudd and in itself is patronizing, manipulative and entirely divorced from the truth. On that basis we have the key ingredients. Motivation, means and documented evidence of the behavior in question.

The inevitable conclusion is that Andrea Deaton's toxic actions are a threat to the wellbeing of Alice Evans and her children and that contention is supported by documented and indelible evidence.

These trolls should take note. There will not be one step back when it comes to defending the interests of Alice Evans and her children and if Ioan and his little band of troll thugs and Stans think they are a match for us then I would put it to them that would be a very big mistake.

Alice Evans will have her day. That is a certainty. In the meantime trolls and Stans should consider whether they want to be on the radar WHEN the day comes that Ioan Gruffudd faces a reckoning, for that day is coming as sure as the sun rises in the east. My vow on it.

Note: Alice Evans has had no input into this article.

Note: There is some speculation that Andrea Deaton may be a person who calls themselves Bridge of Sighs. I have not seen any sufficient evidence to back up such a claim and for all intents and purposes Andrea Deaton is not Bridge of Sighs.



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