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The battle for Amber Heard's victory is not over. We stand and we fight.

Abuse Victim Actress Amber Heard

Amber Heard's loss is an appalling set back but the news is not all bad. There has been a marked success in the efforts to push back the vile narrative of DARVO Johnny Depp. The link below will take readers to essential information.

It is a tool for Amber Heard supporters to find whatever it is we need to quickly and efficiently find information to respond against DARVO Depp Head supporters and or drive the truth of Amber's narrative home to those who have been deceived and mislead.

I will be updating this section of my site with more information. This is just the basic start to doing what I can to respond to this great evil in support of my fellow survivors with a special emphasis on my tormented and bullied sisters.

Please follow the link below and prepare to be astounded as the truth is laid bare about the most vile and depraved assault on a survivor activist in social media history.

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