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Predator Rain Dove

Defiler, Sadist, Fantasist, Usurper

It is rare to encounter a person of unadulterated evil but Rain Dove proves such people walk this earth. The evidence I will present here will clearly demonstrate that Rain Dove is a fantasist, a sadist and a predator. Make no mistake. Rain Dove is a danger to vulnerable people and is exactly the type of person this movement was put in place to oppose.

Rain Dove has inflicted a great deal of harm on a lot of people for financial gain and the pursuit of media recognition in support of her fantasist delusions and shameless attention seeking. It is my view that the weight of evidence will clearly show Rain Dove is essentially a psychological rapist.

I will prove Rain Dove subjected a disclosing vulnerable survivor to psychological rape and torture. In doing so Rain Dove also brought harm to the movement, specifically the Silence Breakers and the Italian movement.

Rain Dove has to answer for these crimes. The first step to accountability is detailed disclosure. I will list the following offenses with links to the evidence on dedicated pages to keep the format manageable.

Rain Dove sought to exploit Asia Argento from the moment she entered Asia's life.

1: Covert Filming

Rain Dove was recording video of Asia conducting her private affairs without Asia's knowledge and therefore consent. Threats were made against Asia that the videos would be disclosed and threaten custody of her children.

The videos were released and the videos demonstrated that not only was there nothing in them remotely scandalous it revealed Rain Dove and Rose McGowan as the type who covertly record people who trust them.

As the attempted use of the videos demonstrate the motive is evidently a desire to gain footage to be used for Rain Dove's advantage if and when Rain Dove so desires.

2: Gas Lighting Using Anthony Bourdain's Death

Rain Dove created a fantasist web of deceit around the circumstances of Anthony Bourdain's suicide. Rain Dove went to considerable lengths to convince Asia that Anthony Bourdain had been in the company of a "Hijab wearing prostitute".

Rain Dove claimed that she was associated with a group of powerful women who had access to information that revealed the "truth" of Anthony's Bourdain's death. To support this, Rain Dove produced a box of what she claimed were Anthony Bourdain's ashes.

While this was going on Rain Dove was supplying "inside information" to A J Benza at the same time as she was trying to gas light Asia into accepting her lies as truth.

These texts were confirmed as genuine by the media that published them and were also accepted as evidence by the Italian police when Asia made her criminal complaint against Rain Dove. These texts are genuine and prove that Rain Dove was gas lighting and exploiting a grieving woman who lost her partner to suicide.

3: Falsely Accusing and Defaming a Disclosing Survivor

It is here we find that Rain Dove is ever capable of new depths to sink to as the evidence will show. After the Bennett documents were leaked to the press Asia went to Rain Dove for advice. The evidence is completely clear on all valid points. Asia Argento did not lie to the media and was disclosing offenses that had been committed against her to a person she thought she could trust.

It is very clear that Asia was presenting her defense on the basis that she was sexually assaulted by Bennett. Rain Dove knew this as her texts demonstrate. Rain Dove also knew that Asia was in possession of highly relevant therapeutic evidence. This was concealed from TMZ when the texts were leaked.

Rain Dove was also aware that Asia was being blackmailed by Jimmy Bennett. Not only did Asia inform Rain Dove of this fact, the information in the public arena supported her contention.

Rain Dove claims to have caught Asia in a lie and therefore confessing to a crime. Yet Rain Dove gave no indication at all in her responses of any concerns. Quite the opposite in fact. The correct thing to do from a genuinely motivated persons point of view would be to seek clarity and confirmation.

I believe Rain Dove did not do these things as Rain Dove needed time to contact people to secure advantage for herself. If Asia had been questioned further then she would have provided additional comment which was the last thing Rain Dove wanted.

Rain Dove has claimed she had no choice but to report Asia to the police as a crime involving a minor had been committed and that would make Rain Dove an accessory if she did not go to the police. Mandated reporting in the State of California applies to people acting in certain professional capacities, none of which apply to Rain Dove.

Rain Dove's claims that the texts were leaked by a trusted third party is patently absurd and typical of the pathological lying Rain Dove exhibits. Rain Dove took information given to her in trust and confidence, distorted it and used it to violate a survivor suffering terrible grief and appalling abuse.

It is fact Asia Argento did not lie. Her media statement was based on her defense that she was sexually assaulted. Rain Dove twisted things to remove that consideration by using a vicious straw man attack. Not content with that Rain Dove then went on to claim that Asia had been receiving nude pictures of Bennett since he was 12.

When this was immediately demonstrated to be false, Rain Dove played it down as a matter not worth noting really. To demonstrate that Asia did not lie, note the comments when read together. There is no contradiction that can be used to prove a lie. It is disclosure plain and simple. All of who have worked with victims would have seen many examples of statements just like this.

“I have never had any sexual relationship with Bennett. The public knows nothing; only what NYT wrote. Which is one sided. The shakedown letter. The horny kid jumped me. I had sex with him it felt weird. I didn’t know he was a minor until the shakedown letter. He wrote me this afterward (referring to note from Bennett) and kept sending me unsolicited nudes all these years up until 2 weeks before the attorney’s letter. It wasn’t raped (sic) but I was frozen. He was on top of me. After he told me I had been his sexual fantasy since he was 12.”

That is disclosure. Read in full context, combined with the therapeutic evidence and the evidence that Bennett was indeed blackmailing Asia there is simply no justification for Rain Dove to do what she did.

No matter how she tries to spin it, the leaked texts to the media are her responsibility. The defamation is her responsibility. The fact she was taking covert video of Asia and gas lighting her over Anthony Bourdain all the while working with A J Benza, demonstrates a very sinister, sustained predatory behavior.

Rain Dove taunted Asia on social media, mocking and laughing at her pain and preened for the Troll hate pack that was trying to destroy Asia's life. To my mind that is nothing short of sadism. The evidence is incontrovertible.

Rain Dove waged a sadistic campaign of psychological rape and torture on a highly vulnerable survivor who thought she was safe and trusted Rain Dove. Rain Dove essentially tried to make herself the hero of the movement by standing on Asia Argento's corpse.

Rain Dove is a walking talking violation of every principle this movement holds dear and an offense to human dignity and decency. Considerable harm was inflicted on the Italian movement. Silence Breakers were personally bullied, threatened and abused.

Relationships between survivors have been irreparably damaged. The offenders who we are here to oppose took great enjoyment at the movements humiliation. All of these things were made possible thanks to the willful premeditated actions of Rain Dove.



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