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Rain Dove: Code Name Tiger Face

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Rain Dove: Predatory Sadist

This article reveals Signal texts between Rain Dove and Asia Argento and these texts will demonstrate some of the most vile abuse inflicted on a survivor that I have ever seen. It shows Dove to be pitiless, predatory and a very dangerous individual who is capable of jaw dropping levels of cruelty and malice.

When I first became aware of Rain Dove I realised that something vile was being inflicted on Asia Argento. Over the following weeks I came to realise that Rain Dove is without doubt is pure evil hiding behind a mask of altruism and caring.

I have made such statements before but this article will show beyond doubt that Rain Dove is a predatory sadist with the mindset of a rapist. Rain Dove takes what she wants no matter the expense to others and has a trail of victims in her wake.

Asia Argento was not the only victim that suffered because of Rain Dove's predatory behavior. Survivors across the #Metoo movement watched in appalled horror as the movement descended into a pitiless melee where brother fought brother and sister fought sister with no quarter given on either side.

Even as Rain Dove sprayed her lies in the absence of shame and tried to essentially make herself the face of the #Metoo movement, Rose Army members mutinied and tore into the hapless SubRosa run by Rob Marczak in a hopelessly one sided conflict that left many survivors reeling.

The person that is primarily responsible for all the pain the #metoo movement and the #SilenceBreakers suffered as well as the near death of Asia Argento is Rain Dove. What you are about to see here are extracts from the transcript of the Signal text exchanges between Asia Argento and Rain Dove.

This transcript was made for the purposes of the criminal complaint Asia Argento filed against Rain Dove in 2018. The texts I provide here will show how Rain Dove mercilessly gaslit Asia over the death of Anthony Bourdain and how Rain Dove lured Asia as a survivor and essentially framed her for profit.

There are a large number of texts in total and I have selected those that are pertinent to the points I have just identified.

It must be noted here that Asia Argento was extremely vulnerable in this period. Asia had come out as a Silence Breaker, suffered severe bullying over her Weinstein allegations in Italy, lost her partner to suicide, was facing a fresh and particularly vile bullying campaign by the Justice for Tony troll pack, was dealing with the death of her grandmother and was being targeted by other individuals that Asia had made the nearly fatal mistake of trusting.

Rain Dove was in a position of wholly undeserved trust and had been trying to exploit Asia from day one. Even as Rain Dove was feeding Asia a diet of total bullshit, she was feeding a internet shock jock called A J Benza much the same about Asia's private life. This was before Rain finally decided to cash in and sell manipulated texts to TMZ media to frame Asia for profit and discredit her challenges against Rain Dove's authenticity.

The Bourdain Texts

What we see here is Rain Dove painting herself as being involved with some kind of clandestine spy outfit that obtains information that others try to hide. What is actually happening is that Rain Dove had a conversation with herself using one of her many Sock accounts and was now presenting said conversation as proof of her bona fides.

Asia was faced with the lie so big that it could not be a lie tactic favored by Joseph Goebbels, a tactic that subverted a country and a desperately grieving and horribly abused Asia Argento was highly susceptible to the tactic. At least at first.

The "lady" in question is the "hijab wearing prostitute" that Dove informed Asia

had injected heroin into the neck of Anthony Bourdain. We see here that Dove is informing Asia that she is in possession of important documents pertaining to Anthony Bourdain's suicide.

Rain Dove presents a truly remarkable amount of detail in her fantasist bullshit and is sparing no effort to be as convincing as possible. At this point Dove has Asia convinced that she is bona fide and has claimed she has a great deal of unseen official information pertaining to Anthony Bourdain's death.

Hard to believe indeed and what we see here is a highly vulnerable victim being played by a well practiced predator using a variant of the well known catfish method of luring victims. For the record I have been catfished some years ago now and many internet users will have a similar story to tell.

Asia has pinned her hopes on a sociopath at this point and even as Dove feeds Benza information and lies that she hope will be used against Asia, she continues with and embellishes on her vile subterfuge.

Finally Rain Dove has the "documents" after hanging their advent over Asia's head while playing superspy in true fantasist style. Yet for a range of reasons put forward by Dove the documents end up being impossible to send.

Rain Dove is stating she is about to send the information to Asia but of course is struggling to use the "program" to send it. As we all know sending documents in the 21st century is not exactly a mission.

We also see Rain stating she is going to get even more documents and the hijab wearing prostitute has been linked to southern russia.

Asia is asking about the "documents" that Rain claimed she was sending and once again Rain dives behind semi plausible excuses. Once again Rain is going to send the documents but naturally there is a caveat. Asia has to download software to make it happen. Of course.

Always the battler Rain decides to be helpful and send the documents in Signal. But wait, she has run into problems with size and format transferring the documents from her super spy network's specialised software.

Rain's excuses just keep on coming and despite having the documents for all this time has faced obstacle after obstacle in her vaunted quest to transmit documents over the internet in the 21st century.

It is fair to say that a determined carrier pigeon could have got these so called documents to Europe faster than what Rain Dove was achieving. Rain even has Asia thinking that she is the one who is failing to get an app downloaded.

Here we see Rain Dove is more than aware of just how hard it is for Asia in her struggle to survive but it is clear that Rain Dove is bereft of human decency. For even as Dove torments and gas lights Asia she is there to be that supportive friend. The one who understands.

It is at this point where Asia has decided that she has had enough of being jerked around and correctly calls the situation out as a hoax.

Dove immediately responds with some tried and true Goebels and adds to her lies without a hint of shame. We know that Rain knows how badly Asia is suffering and Asia is making a point of letting Rain know that Asia is dealing with her dying Grandmother.

"Heartbreaking" Dove replies even as she continues her gaslighting and manipulation of the fact of Anthony Bourdain's suicide. It is clear Asia is aware that only a total sociopath could continue to abuse a woman in her position.

The reality is that Rain Dove is in fact a total sociopath.

It is very clear that Asia has let Rain know in no uncertain terms that she is in a vulnerable place and that she fears she is being treated cruelly. Noting her well documented ability to avoid any sense of shame Dove continues her abuse.

It is clear that Dove is in fact everything I have alleged her to be. What we see here is a truly jaw dropping display of cynical abuse and cruelty. It is hard to believe that Dove could or would hurt Asia anymore than she already had been but she did.

The catfishing continues and an event took place that put Rain Dove in a serious spot. It is important to note that when Rain Dove was with Asia Argento in Berlin she went off in a taxi one night and returned the next day with a box of ashes she claimed were some of Anthony Bourdain's.

Dove does not respond to that text and Asia follows up with another text that marks the beginning of the exchange over Bennett.

The Bennett Texts

It is cold hard fact that Asia Argento was sexually assaulted and extorted by Jimmy Bennett. This is proven at a logical, factual and legal level and I will be making a very important point on that subject when the most controversial text appears in the narrative.

It is also cold hard fact that Rain Dove carried out Bennett's threats to falsely label Asia a sexual offender for the purpose of financial gain. As the following extracts will demonstrate, Rain Dove committed acts of depraved cruelty on Asia Argento.

At this stage I was not in the picture as I had been taken out as described in Black 18 and the troll attacks were merciless and unopposed. Asia was only now becoming aware that there were a number of people close to her that she trusted who were in fact only there to hurt her.

The deaths, the trolling and the extortion had Asia in a clear state of total fear and panic and as people who are panicking are prone to do, Asia attempted to seize on anything that gave a hint of being able to save her. In doing so she stepped straight back into the embrace of the sociopath Rain Dove.

This is where Asia was not equipped to deal with the realities of frontline activism and the evils one must face when practising it. Asia was not equipped to spot sociopaths which is the case for most people.

In that message we see Dove claim victim status, that she was in danger and that Asia was unstable but she would heroically step up once again. All this packaged into excuse 434 as to why she had not done what she said she was going to.

Those of us who have dealt with Dove's kind can easily see the cat fishing, gas lighting and total mind fucking Dove is putting into her victimization of Asia Argento. Asia herself never stood a chance having regard for her circumstances.

Having reasserted herself in her role as spy master, Rain Dove engaged in text exchanges that relate to the Jimmy Bennett case and without warning sold a selection of those texts to TMZ media.

The texts were cherry picked to make Asia look guilty of a crime that she did not commit. Indeed the crime had been inflicted on her. Throughout the exchange Dove is totally supportive of Asia and gives no indication that she has any issues with what she is being told.

Dove wastes no time digging for information.

This text is the extremely important text I mentioned earlier. Rob Marczak in his role as mindless Rain Dove Stan made this text his go to when pressured over Dove's lies and I will now clear this up for once and for all.

The jurisdiction in which the assault by Bennett on Asia Argento took place is the State of California. There is an agency in California that helpfully describes the legal process in place to prosecute sexual assaults in that jurisdiction called Rainn.

The procedure for determining rape in CA is as follows:

  • All forms of nonconsensual sexual assault may be considered rape.

  • The essential determination of whether an offender is guilty of rape lies in the outrage to the victim’s person and the feelings of the victim of the rape.

When Asia Argento stated "it wasn't rape" she was stating her FEELINGS on the matter which as it happens is a consideration that forms an integral part of the legal process that applies in the State of California.

Rain Dove took that perfectly valid legal consideration and in the form of texts provided on a selected basis used that statement in a straw man attack that presented it as "evidence" of Asia's guilt.

Again we see warning signs of a grifter in action. Dove pulls out big words and Asia speaks English as a second language. Fact is that "speculation" plays no role in any consideration here. Asia is not "speculating" about what happened to her. It is clear that Dove has no idea about what she is talking about.

Snakes lie in the grass? Misinterpreted? A determined press? Interesting choice of words from Rain Dove considering what she had been doing and what she was about to do.

This evidence shows that Dove was well aware that Asia Argento had been in therapy for the assault inflicted on her by Bennett. Dove even points out how such evidence is to Asia's advantage. Yet this information was not provided to the media in this detail.

After a range of more supportive statements the tone of the conversation changes suddenly. Asia has seen the article in TMZ and she has a very small list of suspects to choose from. Dove is obviously the top contender in the consideration. We can see here that Dove immediately issues a blanket denial.

Dove is in full form here. First Asia is required to consider what she must have done to make this happen. That is followed by claims of purity of heart and motive in all Rain's dealings and a willingness to "investigate" the matter with the caveat that the leaker may not have left a money trail.

Dove now seeks to make Asia see this betrayal as a positive. Note that Dove is telling Asia she has everything covered and "that kid" needs to step up. Everything Dove is saying here is that she supports Asia's innocence and that there is no way Dove is the leaker.

Rain still leaning heavily on blanket denial here. Asia is not letting the matter go however.

Rain playing the trusty "I feel unsafe" card that sociopaths rely on when facing a challenge from one of their victims. The denial tactic is still in play here.

Asia is certain that her allegations are correct and she is not letting them go.

Rain trying to claim that she is not one of those assholes. There is some truth in that. Rain is so much worse than just an asshole and is in her own league when it comes to this kind of thing.

Dove is still drawing heavily on Sociopathy 101 here. We see here how Dove tries to turn everything on Asia with claims that Asia has issues that Dove cannot deal with. The victim blaming we see here is simply astounding.

This was the last communication sent by Asia after the second round of leaked texts appeared in the media. It is clear that Dove is relying on several tried and true tactics here and these communications were not published in the media.

Dove had made an effort to conceal her identity in the media, issued her denials to Asia and it is evident that Dove was relying on Asia being too broken to defend herself. However Dove is not only motivated by money. Dove is also addicted to shameless grandstanding and decided to indulge herself.

In doing so it is evident that Dove wanted to give herself a bit of extra cover by claiming a position of virtue and issuing a threat all in the same sordid package as we see next.

The day after the original TMZ story we were presented with this spectacle. The narcissism on display here simply beggars belief. It is also raises a very pertinent question. If "justice" was Dove's motivation in all of this why then did she issue such emphatic denials to Asia and openly state that she believed Asia was innocent and would prevail?

At this stage Asia was being torn to ribbons by the JFT hate pack with no one to defend her. The Silence Breakers had turned their backs on her bar a handful of renegades who were facing significant pressure to withdraw their support.

If one of the renegades issued a public statement she was at serious risk of being brutalized and degraded by a jubilant JFT. Asia had been pushed to the point of total fear and panic. Her so called friends who had concern trolled Asia into shunning my support flailed about impotently.

I observed all this from the sideline. I posted that Asia had not had a chance to defend herself but was not prepared to do more at that stage. I was being asked by Rob Marczak to become active again in Rose's defense. I was told that Rose would need me.

I was not particularly motivated to take that option but there was the incentive that if I was actively supporting Rose again and having regard for Asia's disgrace, the disgrace her friends falsely inflicted on me would be nullified.

All I had to do was take my place once again in Sub Rosa and or Rose Army and assist in destroying Asia Argento's life. Instead what happened was that a Breaker fed me the information revealing what Dove had done.

In the grip of incandescent rage I did the opposite of what was expected of me and mutinied on the spot. When Marczak was informed I knew who the leaker was Dove came roaring out in the open and started tweeting like a trooper.

Rain Dove, with the enthusiastic support of Rob Marczak, went on an offensive. Dove admitted she was the leaker but only because she had no choice. Dove falsely claimed she was bound by law to "report" (to TMZ?) the matter because a minor was involved.

Do we seen any mention of these considerations in the text transcript? No. Quite the opposite. The glaring contradictions between Dove's claims of virtue and the transcript require their own article. This article is long enough as it is and I will be following up with a later article.

There are some important points to conclude this article on.

This tweet is very interesting. Here we see this parigan for truth and justice openly laughing at the distress of her victim and as those text extracts clearly demonstrate Asia was being victimized at every level by this sociopathic grifter. It is evident that Rain Dove is determined to enjoy herself.

Here we see an exchange where I am calling out the blatantly false follow up allegations that occured after Camp Dove realized that Asia was biting back a lot harder than anticipated.

Apparently falsely labeling a woman Dove had already been victimising at every level a pedophile is a source of much hilarity for Rain Dove. What we see here is one very sick individual taunting and gloating over the appalling suffering she has inflicted on her victim.

These transcripts prove that Rain Dove gas lit and abused a woman over the death of her partner and gas lit and abused a survivor and framed her as the perpetrator in the sexual violation Asia herself had suffered.

These actions came within a whisker of destroying Asia's life and driving her to suicide. Rain Dove presents lie after lie in her ongoing effort to make herself the victim in this matter. Dove sat there and took a survivor's disclosure and distorted it to frame her.

These acts are as monstrous as they are inhuman. The callous cruelty and the malice inflicted on a trusting and highly vulnerable sexual assault victim amounts to psychological rape and abuse.

It is based on this reasoning that I reiterate that Rain Dove is literally one of the most evil human beings I have ever seen and there is no way that this sicko should ever be in a position to hurt another person.


  • Asia Argento has had no input into this article. (Or any other article on this site)

  • The evidence provided are extracts from a forensic document prepared for the Italian police.

  • There will be sample screenshots of the original texts in question provided shortly.

  • There will be a follow up article revealing more of Dove's sicko behavior.



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