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Response to allegations against DARVO victim Alice Evans

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

The situation regarding what is happening to Alice Evans has gained prominence recently due to the MRA DARVO machine shifting its attention away from Amber Heard and switching its focus to other high profile women who are currently locked in battle with powerful Hollywood men.

This has resulted in a number of attacks on Alice Evans by Team DARVO with the normal side helping of judgement and condemnation from those who claim to be activists of merit even as they fuel the very DARVO being alleged.

There are also a number of people of honest intent who have their legitimately held concerns when it comes to ensuring the proper processing of facts for consideration and I respond to those people here.

This movement is currently locked in brutal combat against the merchants of DARVO and rape culture. The considerations that apply are complex and far from confined to the situation we are dealing with regarding Amber Heard. To properly support Amber and all other victims impacted in the same way as Amber has been, it is vital to understand the situation from a big picture perspective.

Allegation One:

Alice Evans is a Depp supporter who mistreated Amber Heard in posts Alice made in 2022.

This allegation is denied on the basis the considerations in question are not being considered with a full understanding of the full context that applies. To gain a full understanding we need to be fully informed about three key considerations.

  1. The DARVO inflicted on Amber Heard in the industry itself.

  2. The culture of the industry.

  3. The DARVO being inflicted on Alice Evans.

When considering why Alice posted comments that came across as pro Depp we must have a good understanding of what Alice believed she knew of the situation at the time. Keep in mind this all went down in the period when Depp had significant support from many high profiles in the industry, and before the release of the VA trial court documents exposed what Azcarate hid from view during the trial and therefore the wider public.

I can add information of my own here. I am one of the very few activists who has worked with multiple high profile victims. It came as a shock to me when one of the women I worked hard to defend and support started sending me aggressive messages criticising my support for Amber Heard. To be very clear, Alice was NOT that person.

I was told that "Johnny is a good guy and Amber is lying about him" among other statements along those lines. I no longer associate with that person as a result. Other high profiles I have dealt with remained silent and unsupportive. What was going on became a large question in my mind and it did not take me long to work out what had happened.

The movement has been fighting the public DARVO of Amber Heard but there has been little regard for the private and professional DARVO that Depp certainly subjected her to. We know that Depp was sending vile and degrading messages about Amber to his associates from early on in their relationship.

We know that abusers poison the people close to the victim and we see a man who spent 25 million trying to do just that globally. It is certain that Depp was defiling Amber behind her back where ever he could. Depp would have been painting himself as her victim even as he damaged her career prospects .

Depp was popular in the industry and had many enablers available to him to push his DARVO narrative. Amber is very attractive, intelligent and charismatic and therefore a perfect lightening rod for professional jealousy in an industry that has a dog eat dog, survival of the fittest culture.

The result for Amber was exactly the same result experienced by many women in the Silence Breaker movement that had been subjected to divide and conquer tactics by various parties such as Times Up. The word was out on Amber. Amber is a bad person people would say. No one could really say why but what they did know is that "everyone" hated her and so on that basis she must be a bad person.

The accusations against Amber were always found in the form of "I heard someone say that Amber is bad and that she screws people over." Yet as I just said there was never anything that could be directly and objectively attributed to any action of Amber Heard to justify these negative and often hostile attitudes.

Essentially, Amber had been subjected to a DARVO campaign against her in her professional and private life and that campaign had largely succeeded just as it had in the public forum. I had not initially factored in that reality when the subject of Amber Heard came up with Alice Evans.

I was shocked when I discovered that Alice did not initially share my views about Amber Heard. I was actually a bit hurt to be honest. It became very clear to me that Alice had no understanding whatsoever of the situation regarding Amber Heard.

It is also very relevant that Alice was and largely still is, in complete survival mode and those caught up in fighting for their very survival become blinkered and their ability to take on complex considerations becomes severely compromised.

At this stage Alice had been so badly gas lit by various parties she was beyond seeing her way clear on nearly any issue. Alice had been extensively abused and defiled in public for months and her life was disintegrating around her. Fear and panic were the primary emotions driving her at this stage.

I am one of the handful of people in this world that Alice trusts and I could not get through to her regarding pretty much anything let alone Amber's highly complex situation. I realised I was dealing with a victim in a state of chronic and severe distress. This was the mindset Alice possessed when she made her posts about Depp.

Alice had not watched the trial or kept up with any details regarding Amber's situation but she had Amber used against her as a weapon in her own situation. So when her tormentors started to call her an Amber Heard Alice responded by saying she was more like Depp and not like Amber because in her mind she believed, like a few million other people, that Depp was somehow a victim and the jury had come back to say that was so.

At this stage I was hurt and upset that Alice was not seeing the truth of the matter. The verdict had come back and I was going out of my mind with rage and grief and here I found myself not being able to get through to a person I count as one of my most cherished and trusted allies, an ally I had never steered wrong and supported at every level.

The fact that this was happening on top of the fact that other "supporters" of my own had turned on me over my support for Amber Heard hit me hard. At that stage I was seriously considering deactivating and walking away from the whole sordid mess as I was in the grip of an all consuming nihilism.

I concluded something important was missing in the situation I faced with Alice and it took me some time to work it out. Alice had no understanding of DARVO and how it worked even though she was a victim of it in her own right.

I was telling Alice that she is a victim of DARVO and she was absolutely not getting the message and if Alice could not comprehend the DARVO she was being subjected to then she had no ability to see how it applied to Amber.

So what changed? Alice had been severely compromised due to a lack of competent and informed support in the US. I was but one person parked on the other side of the world. Then a support person with ability and understanding came into the picture. What happened next was something along these lines.

Support person: "Ah I can see that you are being subjected to DARVO, deny attack reverse victim offender".

Alice: "Wait. DARVO? Oh my God that is what my friend Alex has been trying to tell me".

Alice then works through what she needs to know about DARVO and she can see that I was right all along and that what I had been telling her was accurate. Alice can now see how DARVO has been impacting on her and she then recalls that I have been saying that Amber is a victim of DARVO as well.

With that in mind, and in possession of her new knowledge and understanding, Alice turned her mind to Amber's situation. It was suddenly very clear to Alice that Amber was in the right of it.

Alice messaged me to say she could see that Amber was the victim and Depp the offender and that she could not get the look of Amber's crying face out of her mind having watched footage of Amber on the stand.

Now, there is nothing I would have loved more than to have a high profile that I know come out against Depp but as an activist I have responsibilities. Alice was in a state of chronic stress and being subjected to savage bullying and gaslighting. How could I ask a person who is that vulnerable to throw herself into the meat grinder we have all been fighting in?

What about Alice's two young, vulnerable daughters? How could I ask their mother to think of anything else apart from their wellbeing in a very difficult period in their young lives? There are few things I would not do for Amber Heard but I could not put a vulnerable victim into severe danger on Amber's behalf and I genuinely believe that would be the last thing Amber would want me to do.

On that basis I asked Alice to stay well clear of the situation and I believe that any reasonable person in this movement would have done the same. To be clear. Alice was never mean to Amber. Alice never bullied or mocked Amber at any level. Alice simply did not understand what was going on and she had been on the direct end of Depp's DARVO against Amber in the industry.

However once Alice was able to properly process the facts, her reasoning was clear in her mind and she came down fully on the side of Amber Heard. Alice was not a coward. Alice was not being mean or anti Amber. Alice simply did not know what she needed to know and she has very good reasons as to why that was her situation.

It is also relevant that the Amber support movement is not a cult where we spurn victims for simply failing to understand what took so long for many of the rest of us to work out. That is not something I believe the Amber Heard I have learned about would want. Cult behavior is the domain of Depp supporters, not Amber supporters.

Allegation Two:

Alice was an ableist regarding Ioan Gruffudd's girlfriend Bianca Wallace in relation to Bianca's MS.

This allegation is denied and is not supported by the wider context.

Alice made some kind of comment about Bianca needing luck when it came to Ioan supporting her in her life long issues she faces regarding her MS. This was seen by some as a dig at Bianca mocking her over her MS. Evidently some saw that as Alice saying that Bianca would not be good enough for Ioan due to her condition and that would lead to the end of their relationship. Not so.

The barb was actually aimed at Ioan not Bianca and here is why. Alice suffers from severe bouts of fibromyalgia which can leave her bed ridden on occasions. Ioan was extremely unsupportive of Alice in this matter to say the least. Alice was made to feel that her situation was a burden on Ioan and essentially she was made to feel blamed for not being up to scratch.

So when Alice saw that Ioan had decided to reinvent himself as a champion of the afflicted and watching him spout on about how dedicated he is to supporting Bianca, selfless and sacrificing guy that he is, the blatant lie and the hypocrisy of the situation provoked Alice into making the comment which we are evidently meant to condemn her over.

Not only was Alice and her family abandoned for a younger woman who was now being paraded about in the media as Ioan's hot new girlfriend, while Alice was being ragged on as being fat and past it, she was now getting the message that the reason why Ioan was so indifferent to her suffering was because she was a piece of shit who was not worthy of support. Not like the new wonder girl hanging on Ioan's arm in front of the whole world to see.

Evidently we are not supposed to care about any of that. Evidently what happened or is happening to Alice is nothing to be concerned about. Alice made a comment that did not sound very nice so we are meant to focus on that instead in isolation of the context that applies to the situation. Here I was thinking we are supposed to be fighting DARVO not driving it on behalf of the offenders.

Allegation Three:

Alice sent mean emails to Ioan and was emotionally abusive towards him.

The emails are accepted subject once again to context and the allegation of emotional abuse is denied.

There is no need for me to cover all this here as I have already covered this off extensively in this article linked here.

I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read all of this. I ask everyone to remember that making a mistake in this kind of activism generally leads to severe and detrimental consequences.

It saddens me to see that there are those who claim to be activists in our movement seizing on DARVO tropes such as the "perfect victim" and or focusing on information presented by the accused in the absence of the full facts and evidence and condemning the actual victim in the matter.

Alice Evans will be vindicated when all the facts regarding Alice's situation come out. That is my stated position and I stand by it.



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