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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Asia Argento. Scapegoated by a movement gas lit into chaos.

Authors Note

The views stated in this article are wholly my own. It does not contain any information that is not available on public record. All analysis is my own and no inference should be taken that I am repeating information or statements on behalf of any individual. 

This is a detailed article that seeks to cover off a complex series of events in a way that can be understood by a wide range of readers. I am writing it because what happened does matter and a lot of people suffered personally as a result of what occurred in 2018. 

After all that has happened and having regard for the long term impact on Asia's life it is essential that the actual truth of what happened to Asia Argento is documented and exposed as the vile abuse of an innocent woman as opposed to the lies the offenders who hurt her would like to inflict on her. 

I am writing this for reasonable people to consider and I have faith that the logic and the supporting evidence of what I am going to write here will allow those of fair and reasonable mind to comfortably conclude that the victim in all of this is in fact Asia Argento. 

I would also like to emphasis that I am not writing this as Asia's "friend". My relationship with Asia is based on that of two people who are strangers to each other who stood back to back in a black and terrible pit. While that obviously forms a shared bond it would not be recognized as a friendship in the manner that is generally understood by people. 

I believe most people will recognize I have done my utmost to apply the clinical objectivity that the situation deserves and requires.


Asia Argento is an actress, a feminist activist in her native Italy and a Hollywood Silence Breaker. Asia epitomizes the fabled Roman beauty and she possesses a powerful charisma. Asia is a person who says what she thinks and means what she says. 

It is also evident that Asia simply wants to be loved and understood for who she is. Passionate and determined she holds no malice in her heart and has struggled to see it in others in the past. It is painfully evident that Asia has experienced significant and ongoing intensely personal violations in her life.

It is clear a long line of people have held out the hand of friendship only to exploit Asia as much as possible. The result of all that is Asia is clearly a damaged and troubled woman and her life issues are logically related to those events. 

One of those issues is an almost pathological need to distance herself from intensely emotional or problematic personal interactions. The PTSD driven response of flight holds a powerful sway and people often see the reaction as callous.  

Many survivors will recognize that dynamic in play in our own lives. The truth is fight, flight and freeze engenders a negative response from most people who interpret these responses as responses to themselves rather than the PTSD suffered by the survivor. 

What we see here is the classic ongoing secondary damage that stalks a survivor's life and there are at least two documented assailants who sexually assaulted Asia.

Add to that the pitiless bullying she has suffered as a vulnerable high profile sexual assault survivor, the exploitation and violations inflicted by those who claim to care about her and the grief that comes from losing people close to her who have died and it is clear that Asia Argento was and is being subjected to extremely damaging outside forces. 

Any activist and sufficiently aware survivor should plainly see the text book secondary damage consideration in play here that is being punctuated with repeated ongoing abuse and violations.

There has been conjecture circulating that Asia is Bi-Polar. I have seen this condition being touted many times by those who would prefer to have a label they can apply to the person they have failed that allows them to deny any responsibility for those failures. 

How very convenient. It can't be the fact the woman has been abused and denigrated to within an inch of her life. It has to be some inherent issue within herself. That way no one has to consider how their failings aggravated the circumstances of a struggling survivor. I am confident many survivors can relate. 

Some people have sought to dissect every action that Asia has taken in her life through the filter of their own frankly rabid and prejudiced view. Others have sought to invalidate Asia's experiences to relieve themselves of the concern that others may find them wanting by claiming an inherent mental illness is in play. 

There is not any mental illness. The result of the graphic bullying and violations inflicted have resulted in trauma that few people could survive. As survivors, many of us have been there and will see the dynamics reflected in our own lives. 


Asia Argento was one of the few Silence Breakers who had experience in activism before the mass disclosure in October 2017. It is evident that Asia saw the response from Hollywood as an exercise in impression management as opposed to a legitimate response to the entrenched dynamic of abuse that suppurates on the underbelly of the Hollywood regime. 

Time has proven Asia correct. As I have described in Broken Breakers there have been ongoing attempts to subvert the Silence Breaker movement that have been largely successful. It defies logic that a regime that invested so much in the ongoing rapes and sexual abuses of actresses would not invest equal resources into the avoidance of accountability. 

Hollywood is solely concerned with shaking off its reputation and returning to the business of making money. Asia was concerned with the well being of survivors and ensuring the next generation of young women seeking careers in Hollywood would not suffer what befell those who came before them. 

That made Asia particularly dangerous to the enabler culture of the rape machine. Asia was a person who could not only see the truth, she was willing and able to state that truth. On the 20th of May 2018 Asia took the podium at the 2018 Cannes festival and presented that truth to the world in front of a stunned audience of industry players. 

At the time that speech was made, Asia was standing strong and determined to fight the good fight despite the knowledge she was going to suffer negative consequences for standing up for the sexually abused. Asia was the partner of Anthony Bourdain who was supporting her in her activism at that time. 

The movement was highly active and 85 other women stood "united" in the fight against sexual abuse. It seemed there had never been a time when women were so strong and awareness so high. There was a sense that change would surely follow. 

Sadly these predictions amounted to nothing more than a dangerous illusion. The Breaker movement was being actively subverted by infiltrators who moved among them, feeding their suspicions and fears to the point of paranoia. As a result Breakers turned on Breakers and the cracks in the movement became chasms. 

As the movement started to lose traction a scapegoat was required. Guess who? Asia Argento. Instead of being supported by the wider movement, the ether crackled with spiteful allegations. Asia was not "behaving" acceptably. Asia was destroying the movement. The Breakers were taking all the limelight blah blah blah. 

A wide range of groups clawed and whined that their issues must take dominance. Forget that a lot of these groups had failed to make headway in their own right. All their issues could now be laid at the feet of one of the very few activists who had the courage to stand up and say what needed to be said. 

The fact that the movement has bought into the message the rape machine was issuing in an attempt to destroy one of its most dangerous adversaries was completely lost on those detractors. It was not lost however on many activists who have actually produced results and this leads me to a question.

Now that the scapegoat has gone, how is the movement going? I see less and less evidence of it every day. I have noticed a lot of activists I have met over the last year have melted away. The media has lost interest and nothing has changed. Nothing. 

Asia Argento inspired many with her courage and her dedication. Her frenzied struggle to survive an all encompassing assault on her life was used against her. Slut shaming, victim blaming and defilement was Asia's reward for trying to do the right thing by the rest of us. 

If there are people out there who believe that a lot of people did not see that for what it was, they are deluded. Who will be ready to step up after watching a fine activist being shredded by the very people she was fighting for?   

The simple truth is the rape machine came for Asia and the movement pinned her in place so that she was helpless. Asia did not have to stand up. Asia was getting work and she had her relationship with Bourdain. Asia could have walked away but she did not. Good luck finding anyone of worth to take her place. 



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