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Underbelly: Silenced Breakers

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Breakers face eviction and hunger as the subjugation of their lives continues unabated.

Circumstances have placed me in a position of unique privilege and trust in that I have been granted varying degrees of communication with some of the most high profile women in the movement, the Silence Breakers. It has taken a year to get to this stage and in the course of my dialogue with these remarkable women I swiftly realized that I have long been observed in turn by women who have learned the hard way that they can trust no one. Needless to say these bridges were not easy to build. 

One way I can provide material support to the Silence Breakers is to articulate and document the issues and threats they are facing without exposing any individual among them. People know that I talk to several Breakers and that I can cross reference information with various accounts obtained directly as well as what is on public record. 

The Breakers are aware that I would rather die than betray them and that I see exploitation of their situations as a violation and abuse. Breakers know I will never betray them and readers know that I am committed to the truth. This allows me to present some very important facts. I have learned a great many things, enough to realize that few people truly appreciate the nightmare the Breakers are living and so I will detail some dark and terrible truths here.

The majority of the Silence Breakers are not A list celebrities. They are women who are trying to make their way in the industry and pay their bills on pay day with little left over like most people. While they appear as privileged to a lot of people, they are wholly dependent on the good will of people who see them nothing more than as targets for sexual assault and coercion. 

These women have no power in their industry. In fact they are intimidated, threatened and cut off from any employment opportunity. The very people who make this happen then go on to fuel rape culture rhetoric claiming the women came out to advance their careers adding mortal insult to grievous wounds. 

What we are seeing is more than sexual harassment, bad enough as harassment is. I have seen compelling evidence and heard equally compelling statements that leave no doubt in my mind that the Breakers have and are been forced into varying degrees of organised sexual servitude that permeates nearly every level of their lives. 

There is compelling evidence that the perpetrators have used their money and their influence to extend their corrupt influence into various legal jurisdictions. It is not hard to believe that other vulnerable women with lower profiles are being targeted by these people. It is also not hard to believe that certain law enforcement officials have partaken in the organised abuse of women we never hear about and are offenders in their own right. If not abuse then access to vices that require significant management and discretion. 

Disclosure has not been kind to the Breakers. My own experiences have taught me that disclosure only alters the nature of the problems faced and it offers no panacea to a sexual assault victim. When the Silence Breakers came out I only had half an eye on the developments. Even so my initial thoughts were that due to the fact of their celebrity the Breakers would suffer more than most when it came to the liabilities that come with disclosure. 

Sadly my predictions reflect the truth of the current outcome. As I have stated in Broken Breakers, the Breaker movement is infiltrated by those who seek to suppress the women trying to push back against systemic sexual subjugation. This subjugation is not limited to touching and unwanted advances. There have been cases where women have been beaten and violently raped. 

These rapes have occurred more than once for some women. They are then left bruised and torn surrounded by a sea of people they cannot trust with every other predator and opportunist within smelling distance racing in to exploit and abuse further. 

People need to understand that these women are really suffering and are out there unsupported and betrayed. There are no stellar acting careers or large cash payouts flying around. There is only more abuse and degradation and humiliation. Then there are the opportunistic parasites and predators. Add the survivors who seem to feel they can place all blame and responsibility for the movements outcome on women who are fighting just to stay alive and it is clear the Breakers need and deserve more support and less judgment. 

The Breakers are paying in lost privacy, loss of employment and a constant erosion of health and sanity The records already demonstrate at least one woman was pushed to the point of suicide. They are mocked, abused and derided in blatant displays of rape culture fueled malice often from other survivors. People need to understand that all of this amounts to one long ongoing violation that started from the moment unwanted hands were laid upon their bodies without their consent. 

This is why I stand with the Silence Breakers. To my mind, to ignore this situation once it is understood is a betrayal of the reasons this movement claims to be in existence for. To ignore the ongoing abuse of these women is akin to walking past a woman being roughed up in an alley and ignoring what is happening. To actually perpetuate, profit from or materially support this abuse makes those who choose to do so no better than any other predator or parasite. 

This year is the year the Breakers face off against the predator who violated and defiled them. If these women fall then it will be seen as evidence by the rape machine that it can indeed roll on with impunity. What hope for then for the women and children without a high profile? Make no mistake the outcomes for the Silence Breakers is going to set the stage for the future for better or for worse. 



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