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The Case For Melissa Schuman Part 4: Hunted

People often ask why survivors cannot move on after an event such as rape. It is because the sexual assault is the initiator of chronic and corrosive secondary damage that keeps the victim firmly anchored to the primary event or events. The truth is Melissa Schuman has been subjected to ongoing abuse as the direct result of the rape inflicted on her person by Nick Carter.

This abuse has come in many forms and has caused Melissa significant psychological distress. This distress has been experienced by many other Silence Breakers as well. The high profile nature of their work exposes all of them to the worst humanity has to offer.

Certain individuals have actively sought to harm Melissa Schuman's interests, infiltrate her life and deny Melissa her truth. Melissa has been hunted for a long time now.

The bully at the center of Melissa's experience is Nick Carter. First he used his size and aggression to rape Melissa Schuman. Having committed the act Carter was clearly concerned with how his victim in the matter was going to react.

This is standard for offenders motivated by lust. Lust for sex and or lust for power the dynamic is the same. Those who have allowed lust to dominate their thoughts dismiss matters such as consequence from their mind. The cold light of day inevitably follows.

Evidently determined to learn Melissa's state of mind and ensure Melissa would know her place in the scheme of things Nick Carter went on to harass Melissa Schuman who was doing all she could to avoid him.

This avoidance would have been a bright red flag to Nick Carter. It is also extremely likely that word would have gotten back to him once Melissa had disclosed to various people. The harassment was ongoing until a shift in tactics brought Carter and Melissa Schuman on to the stage together to perform a duet.

This leads us to a complex and contentious matter. The fact of this performed duet has been seized upon by Nick Carter supporters as "evidence" that Melissa Schuman is lying. The nature of this attack is routinely leveled against Silence Breakers on mass and normally inflicted on them by women claiming to be survivors.

We have all seen the way Weinstein would have his picture taken with his victims at functions where sexually assaulted women would be forced to look their best and smile with their attacker's arm around their shoulders in front of the world.

As I wrote that I could not help but imagine the insidious horror these women experienced standing in the view of millions and being able to do nothing to prevent their attacker from placing his hands on them again. At his whim. While they hand to stand there and smile about it.

According to those who troll and bully the Breakers, the correct response apparently is for the Breakers to turn their backs on everything they ever worked for and sit raging quietly at home.

This begs the question of just why Melissa was expected to turn her back on her career and everything she ever worked for? Apparently having already being deprived of her virtue, her bodily integrity and her love of life, the correct thing for Melissa to do was to take herself off and simply fade away.

I don't believe I have to explain in detail how only the diseased minds of sociopaths, enablers and rapists would consider that a valid and just outcome.

I have thought a great deal about this duet. Looking at the matter objectively it is evident that Melissa was subjected to a tactic straight out of Weinstein's handbook. Yet again the indicators in Melissa's statement are compelling.

It was over, at least I thought it was. I thought I’d never have to see or hear from him ever again. Until, I later signed with his manager, Kenneth Crear. Kenneth Crear was a very powerful manager who I thought could help me make my mark as a recording artist.

I quickly learned that Kenneth was thick as thieves with my abuser. Like family. I wondered what story or narrative my abuser might have told Kenneth of our once brief encounter. Did he know anything? I certainly wasn’t going to tell him.

So we can see that Kenneth Crear is closely linked to Nick Carter. The fear Melissa describes regarding what Nick Carter might have said to Kenneth Crear is a fear just about every survivor will be familiar with.

Kenneth set up a showcase for me for a major label. We recorded a few songs, one of them was a duet with my abuser. We never recorded together. He had pre-recorded his part and I went in and recorded mine. Again, what was I supposed to do? I could’t tell my manager that his best friend had raped me so I won’t record this song.

I tried to justify that maybe something good to come out of something very bad. Maybe this song might help me get signed as a solo artist and I could move on and put everything behind me. Kenneth asked my abuser if he would be willing to sing the duet with me live at my showcase and he agreed.

It is the last sentence that stands out. It is my view it is extremely probable that Melissa was misled when she was told that Nick Carter was asked if he would be willing to sing the duet with Melissa live.

I wasn’t surprised that he did. He knew this way I couldn’t avoid him anymore.

It is evident that Melissa was well aware that Nick Carter would "agree" to the duet as she was aware that in doing so Carter would achieve something that he clearly wanted. It is time to consider certain facts.

Nick Carter expended a great deal of effort trying to get close to Melissa for the range of reasons I wrote about earlier in this article.

Kenneth Crear is in a position of influence over Melissa's life.

Nick Carter has a great deal of influence with Kenneth Crear.

We have a serial sex offender who has already tried to harass Melissa into compliance and who now has the means to reach his victim, in this case a victim who has proven to be most adroit at avoiding him.

Are we expected to believe that Nick Carter did not actively seek to create a situation where he would be in a position of power over Melissa Schuman? Nick Carter had much to gain from the situation.

Nick Carter was in the position where he could create a Weinstein style alibi for himself and on the basis of the harassment he had already conducted it is evident he was highly motivated to get some form of control over Melissa Schuman.

I need to put on record at this point that I have seen no evidence that would allow me to allege that Kenneth Crear is an enabler or conspirator. There is no way of knowing exactly what was said to Kenneth Crear by Nick Carter.

As it happens what Nick Carter specifically said to Kenneth Crear is irrelevant. As any survivor well knows all the offender needs is the ear of the third party in question. The offender manipulates that third party into responding to the victim in the manner desired by the offender.

The third party either believes their trusted associate or gets confused by the back and forth and opts out by casting off the victim. Let's not forget here that all the Breakers were assaulted by men who held much greater influence in their industries than their victims.

From a business point of view Nick Carter is worth a lot more money than Melissa Schuman. To support Melissa in any way would cost Kenneth Crear an important friendship and make a powerful enemy in the industry.

Carter did not need a conspirator. He simply needed the means to force an outcome and there are all sorts of things Carter could have said to achieve that. It is my view, that on the balance of probabilities, Nick Carter played an active role in ensuring that a duet with him was featured on Melissa's showcase.

If her career took off then he would be able to claim he was part of that success and thus gain his alibi. He would be protected by the fact if Melissa went public she would lose everything she was working for.

This of course was wholly dependent on the way Melissa reacted to him when they were together. In the absence of achieving that alibi, Nick Carter was in a position to retaliate against Melissa.

It is very clear that the whole scenario favors Nick Carter no matter the outcome. The combination of all these considerations simply begs one to take a cynical view.

I believe that in one way or another, Nick Carter used his influence with Kenneth Crear to put himself in a position of power over Melissa Schuman.

I view this as an extension of the rape Carter inflicted on Melissa Schuman. Once again Melissa was in a position where she was in the grip of Nick Carters power.

I wasn’t surprised that he did. He knew this way I couldn’t avoid him anymore. The day of the showcase, he arrived. I waited quietly and anxiously backstage bracing myself for the confrontation. We stood next to each other in awkward silence. He was irritated with my lack of warm welcome and appreciation for the favor he was doing for me.

Here Melissa is clearly aware that Carter would be motivated for this encounter to happen. Melissa's take on the dynamic between them is highly relevant. Carter's troll pack like to claim that if Melissa was "truly raped" she would never have put the fact of that aside even if it was to advance her career.

In actual fact the evidence clearly shows that Melissa found herself cornered into a position where she had to make that choice and that she chose to refuse to put aside the fact of what happened to her and sign up to Nick Carter's lies.

We can see that initially Melissa hoped she could scrape by the experience and come out the other end free as a solo artist and free to pursue a Carter free existence. That is hardly unreasonable.

The evidence also shows that the Melissa was well aware of the risk she was taking by refusing to submit yet she stood by her truth and acted accordingly. Melissa was aware of Carter's relationship with Kenneth Crear and the position of power that placed him in.

Melissa knew what Nick Carter wanted and that was reassurance that he could be free of worrying about certain matters such as being held accountable for raping her.

That reassurance would be presented in the form of a warm greeting and I expect statements thanking Carter for elevating her to stardom.

Carter would have his Weinstein type alibi in place and he would be free of the burden of the tell tale heart, a.k.a Melissa Schuman, beating away in the background of his life.

Melissa was aware of what Nick Carter wanted and the likely cost of failing to comply with his wishes and Melissa made the conscious choice to deny Carter what he wanted in spite of being fully aware of the likely consequences of her decision.

So having regard for all the facts it is clear that when Melissa could run no more, she made the decision to refuse to deny the truth of what happened to her and adopt Nick Carter's lies over that truth.

The duet is not evidence that Melissa Schuman was prepared to put the assault to one side to further her career. The duet is the exact point in time that Melissa made the active choice to reject Nick Carters offer to exchange her truth for advancement in her career.

Melissa knew what was wanted from her and she refused to provide it. The context provided by Nick Carter when he said " “Let’s just get this over with already.” is very indicative. Nick Carter was not getting what he wanted but he had to perform regardless.

Now there was nothing in it for him his faux interest in performing the duet is exposed. Now he just wants to get it over with.

So having regard once again for the evidence it is clear that Melissa Schuman made the deliberate choice to hold on to her truth and in doing so sacrificed her career. Melissa's career is now another loss inflicted on her by the rapist Nick Carter.

To add insult to injury Carter trolls are claiming that this duet is evidence of Melissa trying to advance her career with Nick Carter and that amounts to evidence of Melissa not telling the truth. Bollocks. Once the proper context and applicable facts are applied then the opposite is proven to be true.

Context and facts are key in these matters. When Melissa wrote her public statement, there was no way she would have anticipated the someone like me would come along and start applying it to every aspect of her life.

To pass the tests Melissa's narrative has to gel with not only the events described during the assault but also how it impacted on her relationships and her employment and every other aspect of her life.

It is when these tests are applied properly the so called contradictions alleged by camp Carter are exposed as being no such thing and the narrative holds firm.

Based on the evidence as presented it is my conclusion that it is far more likely than not that the duet was arranged as the result of Nick Carter's influence.

I do not believe Kenneth Crear was a knowing participant in Nick Carter's agenda. His attitude and enthusiasm for Melissa's work right up until after the duet he praised her for indicate this.

Mr Crear's later avoidance of Melissa is in clear contrast with his previous behavior towards her. That action indicates to me that Kenneth Crear had the word put on him somehow by Nick Carter.

Suddenly finding himself in a position where he had to give Melissa the push and knowing there was no valid reason for doing so would have placed Kenneth Crear in an invidious position.

The ending of Melissa Schuman's career was the direct result of a power play by the serial sexual offender who raped her.

It is equally clear that Melissa Schuman made the conscious decision to place her truth over her career. The exact timing of that decision is the day of the duet where Melissa had the choice of smiling and validating her rapist or rejecting him at the cost of the last dream she had left.

This makes the claims sprayed around by Carter's troll pack as cruel as they are invalid. Melissa's career was taken from her by Nick Carter. That career loss is another casualty in Melissa's life thanks to the decision Nick Carter knowingly and willfully made to rape her.

It is also my view that part of Nick Carter's obsession with Melissa Schuman, as evidenced by his stalking and harassment, is not only fueled by his desire to avoid liability.

The evidence indicates that Nick Carter is so narcissistic and so caught up in his swollen hubris that a part of him is actually offended that Melissa Schuman and his other victims are anything less than grateful for the experiences he inflicted on them.

I will conclude this article with a link to a video that will clearly show how I draw that conclusion. Prepare to be disturbed.



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