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The Wholesale Abuse of Ella Gruffudd Explained

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Abuse Victim Ella Gruffudd

Ella Gruffudd is the 13 year old daughter of Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans who is currently being extensively abused by the actions of her father, Bianca Wallace and Gruffudd - Wallace Stans who have worked extensively to make the lives of Alice Evans and her daughters as miserable as possible.

Recent events have escalated this ongoing situation to a whole new level and now Ella Gruffudd has made a choice, that no 13 year old should have to face, to make her own stand against the abuse being inflicted on her and her family.

The situation is as follows. Ella has alleged that while she was at the home of her father Bianca Wallace slammed her arm and head in the doorway Ella was attempting to exit through in what amounts to a violent assault on a child and she has the evidence to back these allegations much of which I will not be posting to protect Ella's privacy as much as possible.

Bruising resulting from a door being slammed on Ella's arm

With their normal tedious predictability Gruffudd Stans are making claims that Ella is lying as a result of "parental alienation" at the whim of Alice Evans who is seeking revenge on her blameless ex-husband.

Here we have a Gruffudd troll trying to claim that Ella caused her own injury and, if what the troll is stating is true, then she is publishing highly sensitive and personal information about a child and that begs the question of just how it was she got hold of that information.

Here we have the response when I asked the question if this person is claiming Ella is lying.

Here we have one of the most dedicated abusers trying to cast shade on Ella's allegations claiming a level of expertise as a "nurse".

What do they all have in common? They are more than willing to publicly attack a 13 year old girl in their own ongoing efforts to harm Alice and support Ioan Gruffudd.

So this leads us to the question. Is Ella being subjected to "parental alienation" or are her reactions to the situation she is dealing with responses to the actions of her father and all his enablers that Alice Evans has no control over?

Parental alienation is a term created by a psychiatrist, who had a sexual interest in children, to create the means to fend off allegations of child sexual abuse by presenting false claims that the mother of any such child is making false allegations to get back at the father in divorce proceedings. No surprises there.

Parental alienation claims serve abusers of all types and it is evident that this vile construct of a pedophile has been used to malign and discredit Alice Evans from the outset. It is also my solidly held belief that Alice was set up for all this well before she became aware that she was going to be under attack.

When Alice first went public about her situation she was immediately set upon by concern trolls telling her to think of her children and that she should be silent in the face of the ordeal she was being subjected to.

When that tactic failed allegations of parental alienation came thick and fast. It is evident that Alice was walking in a minefield that had been prepared for her and the next few months saw Alice being subjected to gaslighting, highly personal attacks and outright lies regarding her veracity and conduct.

As Alice became more distressed and reactionary Ioan entered the fray directly with claims filed under the DVRO process that Alice had threatened to make false allegations against him if he divorced her. How very convenient for Ioan. Now he was in a position to claim any truthful allegations against him are false and that Alice is just out to get him.

Unfortunately the constant attacks on Alice at every level took their toll and her money had been consumed trying to respond to Ioan's litigation abuses combined with the issue that her lawyers were more interested in playing both sides than actually addressing that abuse. As a result the DVRO was finalised when Alice was too traumatised to appear in court.

This resulted in Alice being silenced and the ether was left to Ioan's trolls who have spent hundred of hours doing nothing except defiling Alice Evans. So now that we have the basic background I will now turn to the main question this article is meant to address.

What reasons would Ella Gruffudd have to see the actions of her father and Bianca Wallace as directly harmful to her own life in the absence of any consideration put to her by her mother Alice Evans? As it happens there are several.

In 2020 Ella and her sister were living in what they thought at the time was a secure and loving home environment with their futures planned. The world was facing a pandemic which was stressful enough but they were soon to become aware that their lives were to become dramatically worse.

They suddenly learned that their so called loving father had decided to divorce their mother on the basis his life with her was unbearable. Not long after that they learned that Ioan had met the new love of his life Bianca Wallace, apparently after he had made the decision to leave their mother. Cough cough.

They were to learn this fact by virtue of a picture appearing in the media of their father with a smiling Bianca Wallace along with his statement thanking her for making him smile again. As a result of this display the girls were then forced to watch their mother being humiliated in the tabloids who spared no effort to present Alice as fat and past it while comparing her to the much younger Bianca Wallace.

As well as witnessing the personal devastation being inflicted on their mother, the girls saw the security of their home and the normalcy of their lifestyle being stripped away from them as Alice started running through her savings while their father claimed poverty.

Strangely this "poverty" did not inhibit Gruffudd's ability to pay his lawyer in his ongoing litigation abuse nor did it impact on his lifestyle while he sauntered around the place with his new partner on his arm for all to see.

The world was also to learn that Gruffudd's poverty did not seem to interfere with his stated goal of creating a film called "A ray of sunshine" that was written by Bianca Wallace. It is evident that Gruffudd's poverty was very selective and this became apparent quickly.

One of Gruffudd's first actions was to fire the couple's housekeeper Gloria leaving Alice to try and pay Gloria out of her rapidly depleting savings. Gloria is a very important part of the girl's lives and now they were losing her.

Gruffudd was pressuring Alice to sell the family home with no evident regard for where Alice, and by virtue of that fact the girls, would actually live while the pandemic raged around them. The girls had lost their father, their housekeeper and now their home was being taken from them.

Shortly after that Ella was to learn that the school she was meant to attend as planned and budgeted for was no longer an option for her and she was now going to have to attend a public school with the corresponding loss of her friends and reduction of status among her peers.

The girls had to witness their mother struggling as first she lost the means to pay for any extras for the family to go on to struggle to just provide the bare basics as her money was consumed trying to fend off Gruffudd's litigation abuse.

The girls had to deal with the DARVO attack on their mother based on lies submitted by their father in the now infamous DVRO proceedings and those girls know they are lies because they were present throughout the time the allegations made by Gruffudd centre on.

To top it all off Gruffudd cut off the families phones and internet services on the basis he could "not afford to pay for it". While all this was going on Alice Evans was being contacted by various creditors and providers looking for payments due while Gruffudd remained walled off behind his DARVO DVRO leaving Alice to face said creditors alone.

All of that took place while Alice was being subjected to relentless bullying that targeted her with false claims that she was an unfit mother as Gruffudd trolls waxed lyrical about their concern "for the children" whose lives they were helping destroy in an attempt to use them as unwilling weapons against their struggling mother.

As part of that effort Gruffudd trolls made spurious allegations that Alice was a danger to her own children resulting in the police going to the family home where the girls were hauled from what should have been the safety of their beds to face extensive questioning about their mother. I note that the police were only doing their job and that they were very professional and I cast no aspersions on them.

Not to be outdone Gruffudd and Wallace then tried to have Alice convicted and potentially jailed for making an oblique reference to Wallace on Twitter and daring to cc Gruffudd into an email Alice sent to a service provider regarding an unpaid bill. Those charges were later dropped.

In spite of all this both girls were willing to see their father but were wholly unwilling when it came to being forced into the presence of Bianca Wallace for reasons I believe should be extremely obvious. There was no "parental alienation" involved at any level and I note that Wallace is in fact not the girls parent so the allegations of such alienation have no basis at any level.

This was not acceptable to Gruffudd however. Evidently Gruffudd thought that a few minutes with his "ray of sunshine" would appease the girls and they would toe his line as they had in the past when the family was together. That was a big mistake.

Finally, after years of determined resistance from both girls, they were forced against their vehemently stated will to go to the home of Gruffudd and Wallace and they all finally came together in the same house. Both girls cried the length of the journey.

They had repeatedly stated that they did not consent to being forced into the presence of Wallace and they were coerced relentlessly until they finally were forced against their will into the presence of a monster who seemed to determined to force herself upon their lives against their express and determined objections. What do we call that again? Oh yes, abuse.

As a result of suffering years of abuse at the hands of Gruffudd's troll pack and having her life stripped from her at every level Ella reacted from that place that all we survivors know so well and expressed her thoughts and feelings in a manner that left Wallace in no doubt as to what Ella thought of her.

Needless to say matters became very heated and Ella attempted to leave the premises. It was then that Wallace showed her true colors by trying to deprive Ella of her liberty by violently assaulting her with the door Ella was trying to get out through while screaming at her something along the lines of "you are bloody well not leaving!"

Some might call that unlawful deprivation of liberty but that aside we all know that slamming a door on the arm and head of a distraught 13 year old is not done in the best of families and is commonly called assault on a child in this case with a weapon that being the door in question.

So, having regard for all that factual information, do we believe that Ella Gruffudd has some serious issues with being forced against her will into the presence of the woman who has worked so hard to destroy her life or do we believe Ella is motivated on the basis that Alice has said mean things about her father?

It is my view that there is only one reasonable answer to that question and that claims Ella and her sister have been poisoned against their father by an angry and vengeful mother are nothing more than DARVO bullshit designed to protect the abusers and vilify Alice Evans at her daughters expense.

It is clear that Gruffudd is an invidious position of his own creation and what he does or does not do next is going to have some lifelong consequences for him.

Will Gruffudd continue to support the woman who violently assaulted his child thus ending his bullshit claims of being a loving father?

Will he tell lies about his daughter in the manner he has in relation to the girl's mother knowing that even if he gets his little ray of sunshine out of this both girls will know he lied about Ella to protect her abuser thus making him their abuser?

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

We can also see that Gruffudd's trolls who are "so concerned about the children" have no problems with publicly trying to attack and discredit Ella's allegations in the same manner that was inflicted on Amber Heard and a long list of high profile women making allegations of abuse. Except of course in this case these attacks are being inflicted on a 13 year old girl. The truth of their actions demonstrate the lies to be found in their words.

Essentially, when all these facts are put together, the evidence that Ella and her sister have had to endure chronic and wholesale emotional and psychological abuse thanks to the actions of their father is wholly compelling.

The problem for Gruffudd and his DARVO enablers is that both of these girls are extremely intelligent and well informed by the information widely available to young people. It is also relevant that unlike Gen X and previous generations, young people do not take being abused quietly these days.

Ella Gruffudd is growing into a determined and well informed young woman who will not take one step back in her defense of herself, her sister and her mother. I salute Ella Gruffudd and the brave see her.

Note: Alice Evans and Ella Gruffudd have had no input into this article and the views and opinions expressed are entirely my own based on the factual evidence I have gained throughout this vile business.



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