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Underbelly: Authors Note

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

What we don't know does hurt us.

There are a lot of people who are pissed off with me right now which is a fact I am aware of and accept. The Underbelly series is the hardest thing I have ever had to write. I also know that reading it is going to be very upsetting for people.

This places an obligation on me to try to explain very clearly what is happening, why I am doing this and what is the desired outcome.

The place where I am coming from is based on the undeniable fact that around seventy of the Silence Breakers are cut off from all work and support. Women are losing the roof over their heads and are struggling to feed themselves.

It is also fact that the current regime is not serving the needs of these women in any way. There is clear evidence of industry infiltration in the Breaker movement and that the well being of the majority of Breakers has been subverted by this undue influence.

Having regard for matters such as Black Cube, private investigators and more, it should not be hard to accept that the industry would seek to gain as much influence as possible in the Breaker movement to control and subvert the narrative.

Add to that the fact that the industry exists solely to create and drive narratives and it is clear to see I am not claiming anything that should not have been wholly expected.

Based upon the claims made, the evidence already received and my own personal experiences in the movement it is clear to me that there is undue industry influence in the movement and that around seventy women are suffering as a result.

It is also fair to say I have concerns for those who have been elevated knowingly and unknowingly by the architects of this agenda for it is certain that they also will be cast aside when their usefulness is over.

I want to be very clear that my goal in this matter is to protect the interests of the Silenced Seventy. The only way that can be achieved is to raise awareness of the matter and remove industry influence from the Breaker movement.

It is not my intention to hurt the women who are causing an issue. This is not a matter of good and evil like other matters I have been publishing about. These women are convinced in their own minds they are doing the right thing.

The Cabal exists as a result of the efforts of the industry and good old human nature. People caught up in this constant survival mode are blind to the bigger issues and the influences in their lives.

There has been a great deal of gaslighting inflicted on all the Breakers by industry manipulations and subversion. What we are seeing is the result.

No matter what any of us think we cannot escape the realities of the survivor politic and the paths we are forced to walk.

If this is allowed to continue unchecked then in less than a year the industry will rule supreme and the lives of 100 women will lay in ruins.

All of us talk of the industry monster that has been dominating victims lives and what I am doing here is presenting that monster in the flesh. We know the Breaker movement has been under attack and this is simply what the result of those attacks looks like.

That is what I am trying to articulate here. I want people to see the problem and accept that it needs to be dealt with for the sake of all the women involved.

My target in this is the industry and to do what needs to be done people need to know what is happening.

I pledge that what I write will be true and supported by proper evidence as is my normal way of doing things. I have a complete understanding of my obligations to be fair, honest, accurate and to appreciate how hard this is for people generally.

My job is to make people aware of this issue and that is the purpose of this series. I cannot realistically turn my back on an issue that I am very aware of that is having such a terrible impact on so many women.

If I was to do so then I would be essentially be an industry enabler. That is fact.



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