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Underbelly: Shunned

You are not raped enough to be one of us. Stop calling yourself a Silence Breaker.

The majority of Silence Breakers are being abused and victimised by the system allegedly set up to protect them in the first place. The evidence is becoming increasingly clear and the more evidence that comes in the darker the picture we see as a result.

The Silence Breaker movement is not a representative movement. It is in fact a public relations exercise put in place by the PR firm SKDKnickerBocker. This PR exercise favors a handful of the Silence Breakers to the detriment and deprivation of their sisters.

This small group of Breakers has formed a cabal and has routinely subjected their own sisters to invalidation, assassination of character and in many cases naked abuse. There is a growing number of cases where women are coming forward to tell of their experiences.

The first thing that those of the Silenced Seventy need to be be aware of is the fact that every single one of their stories has been vetted through SKD and the Cabal to determine whether those stories suit the PR narrative currently subverting the Breaker politic.

It is egregious that you were added to the Silence Breaker list without being properly vetted. I’m upset at this breach myself. (Email extract from Cabal enforcer to Breaker A)

That is correct. The Bocker Breaker contingent has been judging other Breaker's stories and applying the exact same methodology of the rape machine in the process.

I’m sorry that you feel so badly about being removed from the list, but I’m sure you can appreciate that the upside is that you weren’t raped by Harvey. (Email extract from Cabal enforcer to Breaker A)

I was personally told by a Breaker I now know as being subservient to the Cabal about how one particular Breaker should not be believed and that her story is a lie that is a threat to the movement.

I was also informed by another Breaker how her story was also maligned by that same backstabbing Breaker and how she was dismissed on the entirely false premise her story was in fact an effort to get revenge over a man she was in a relationship with.

These vile claims are wholly untrue. It is fact that this victim being maligned has more evidence supporting her claim then pretty much any other Breaker in the movement.

A nasty business indeed but it it gets worse. Much worse. Clearly it is not an option for the Cabal to make declarations demonstrating that they are applying abusive tactics to dismiss and invalidate legitimate victims.

To get around this inconvenient problem a process is applied to make their victims believe what is happening to them is their own fault. Sound familiar?

The women who were targeted first were the women who are effective activists and were trying to drive the Breaker movement forward with sexual abuse activism as their primary consideration.

These women had to be eliminated from the movement. Their success undermined the Cabal's PR agenda and its dominance of the entire Breaker politic.

Due to the fact that SKD and the Cabal have gained control over the media narrative, the women of the Cabal are positioned as the face of the movement and therefore the women to follow.

Taking positions of trust and influence from the outset the Cabal has been wielding immense power over the outcomes of the Silenced Seventy and these women are not adverse to wielding that power.

Here is how the system works. The woman in question is encouraged to share any information she has both personal and otherwise. If the Cabal determine the woman is of use to its agenda that woman is invited to participate and added to the "list".

Initially each woman is treated as a Queen with a story to tell and given the customary rhetoric on power and unity. She is made to feel safe and included.

If the woman in question is compatible with the Cabal ideology then she is given status accordingly.

If the woman is not a supporter the Cabal can rely on but is a power in her own right as some of the Queens inherently are then she is managed rather then eliminated.

For the women that do not suit the Cabal's PR driven agenda then a very different process takes place. The word goes around that the woman in question is a fake or that she is not "behaving" as required.

Your actions made some of those women feel as though your goals weren’t the same as theirs and so we enforced our rules of behavior but taking you off of the group circulation. (Email extract from SKD Hilary Rosen to Breaker A)

Once all the Queens have been informed of the "offense" by women the Queens are taking on trust then a false consensus appears that the "erring" woman should be "expelled". A far as each Queen knows she is being told by women she trusts and believes in that the targeted woman is a danger to them all.

When the Queens talk about the matter among themselves they learn that the entire group feels the same way and the condemnation of the woman in question is certain. What the Queens are not factoring in is that all of them are getting the "information" from the one source. The Cabal.

The Queens have not come to the same conclusion based on their independent observations and experiences. They are simply adopting the false accusations and constructs presented by the Cabal as truth and reinforcing that each in other.

As the email extract written by Hilary Rosen published in Underbelly: Bullied Breakers demonstrates, the woman who is being expelled is not told of that fact. Rather she is left to find out by herself.

I am sorry you are feeling isolated on this important day. We took you off of our outreach list a few weeks ago when it came to our attention few weeks ago that you publicly criticized other survivors. (Email extract from SKD Hilary Rosen to Breaker A)

Normally the first sign that something is wrong is the wall of silence that the woman is now facing as the women who called her sister simply cease responding to her. Word may be filtered back to the victim in the form of vague claims that she has done something wrong and offended the movement.

Most of the women in this situation then fall back bewildered and distressed wondering what it was that "they" did so wrong when in fact they are entirely blameless of any wrongdoing. Does this dynamic feel at all familiar to us survivors?

Not all the women fall back though and as we can see with Breaker A some women demand to know why it is that they are being subjected to such a frankly cruel and degrading abuse of their persons.

The result of course is what the case of Breaker A so clearly demonstrates. The woman comes under direct and personal attack, falsely accused, falsely labeled an unstable threat and told that she is not enough of a rape victim to count.

SKD relied upon more subtle methods of gas lighting but that email is clearly patronizing, victim blaming and false in its premise regarding accusations. The email demonstrates that Breaker A was "sanctioned" and not told of that fact and denied any chance to have her say let alone defend herself.

It is clearly evident that Breaker A had her reputation and story defiled behind her back to remove any support she may have been able to obtain if allowed to present her truth as her fundamental right as a human being.

This process clearly demonstrates the complete and total abuse and invalidation of sexual assault survivors and this is because the agendas being driven by SKD and the Cabal are wholly at odds with what we in the wider activist community would consider remotely acceptable.

The evidence to date raises serious questions about the safety of the Silenced Seventy and the integrity of the Silence Breaker movement at a core survivor level. What is certain is that the dominance of the movement by a PR firm and a handful of women who have been bullying other vulnerable women is not acceptable.

There are real live women out there right now who are hurt, isolated and vulnerable with little understanding as to what is happening to them and why. It is clear that there is no one looking out for these women's futures.

The evidence to date is consistently pointing to an outcome where the Silenced Seventy are being invalidated, deceived and betrayed and the intention is to leave them to their fate. There are those of us who do see and we will not let this stand.

These women are entitled to the protection of the survivor code and the support of all survivors who are not prepared to let dozens of women be bullied and discarded. So here we make this stand.



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