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Underdog: The war against the Corporate Sociopath enters final stages

Those who grow sufficient teeth are the ones who get to chew their own food.

I have often stated that activism in the 21st century needs to achieve new and significant heights to successfully push back against the world's ills. We have witnessed four years of failure at nearly every level in the institutes we have built over the last hundred years.

New Zealand is no exception and for the last three years I have found myself set against some of the most feared and powerful state agencies in New Zealand and now the New Zealand government itself.

Over the last three years I have unearthed and documented the state agency and government corruption that has brought misery to hundreds of thousands of injured New Zealanders over the last twenty years.

It is fact that the Corporation is knowingly operating unlawfully in that it has failed to levy and pay entitlement to self-employed contractors for the last thirteen years. The Corporation has essentially stolen more money out of the pockets of its victims than any other individual or entity in New Zealand history.

Evidence of Corruption

It is fair to say that in some other countries I would have simply disappeared by now. The political and financial consequences of the failings I am exposing are quite incalculable as is the human misery that has resulted from it.

It is fact that my government and the agencies in question have turned their back on the rule of law in support of the most feared and hated agency in New Zealand, the Accident Compensation Corporation.

The Accident Compensation Corporation hurts people and it does so deliberately. The Corporation has already tried to frame me for criminal charges and it has tried to do so to others in the past.

In the 2009 to 2013 period, the Corporation and its survivor hating psychiatrists subjected survivors across the country to a campaign of psychological abuse and terror that saw 94% of survivors wiped out with the loss of all their entitlements unlawfully.

There was a team of women in the unit responsible that made a game of it. I clearly recall the gloating malice in the voices of these puppy kickers who were enjoying their work immensely. At least they did until their foot found not a puppy but a fully grown Lobo instead.

I also recall the whispers of the broken women who called me at all hours pleading with me to stop the Corporation from hurting them and if I could not do that, avenge their suffering. Part of what I doing here is fulfilling the promises I made to those women.

So here I stand for the rights and wellbeing of thousands of people and the Corporation is running out of room to run. In New Zealand we have a culture where if someone or something is exposed in this manner, we must all avoid saying anything that hurts the perpetrators feelings.

The offenders enablers rush into to manipulate and deflect as much as possible, ready to squeal their faux offense at a moments notice. The victims are cajoled into "taking the higher road" while the offender spouts their empty apologies and promises. Then, when the dust has settled the offender goes straight back to the business of being vile. The victims are left wondering why they bothered.

For example the CCTV building that collapsed on 175 people in the Christchurch earthquake. Not one person was held accountable for the failings that contributed to that. The Pike River mine exploded leaving dozens dead and not one person has been held accountable.

New Zealand is a country that is rotten with enablers and sell outs and we as citizens are supposed to view this as a desirable element of New Zealand culture. Well I am here to say "not this time".

In this matter I am going to lead by example. I stand here now before all my peers with everything I am and everything I have ever done on the line. The actions of the Corporation have led to a situation where the only acceptable outcome is the complete political and legal annihilation of the other.

I want to demonstrate the power of the individual at the level of activism reserved for those who feed on danger. We can shout slogans and make hashtags but sooner or later there has to be a reckoning and that reckoning must be fought with everything that means.

Over the next few weeks I will be waging a campaign that will be beyond the experience of most New Zealanders. It will be ugly and brutal and the truth will be represented without fear and or apology.

As activists we need to ask ourselves if we want more to what we do than just endless attrition while the suffering we fight against continues unabated, just like it has for the last 50 years. At the end of this, people will see a victory that few could imagine or in the alternative the end to everything I am as an activist.

The time to find out which way this war will go is now. The Corporation has Hell to pay and I am here to collect on Hell's behalf. Not one step back.

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