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Why I fight for Alice Evans

Alice Evans

A question has been put to me by a Ioan Gruffudd supporter that requires a response in the name of fairness and due to the complexity of the answer I thought the question would be best answered in the form of this supplementary article.

This is what I have been asked to respond to. Why am I doing so? I am not above scrutiny and I have a duty to respond to reasonable inquiry.

"Alex, why are you trying to ruin his career? It’s the only way she’s going to get any money for herself and the best way for them to take care of the kids. If he’s left with nothing, she will be too. I know you have to realize that, so why the posturing?" I will start by dealing with the premise of what this statement is advancing. I actually have no interest in ruining Ioan Gruffudd. My interest lays in preventing Ioan from hurting Alice where I can and bringing accountability to Ioan where I cannot. Outside of those considerations I have no interest in Ioan Gruffudd or Bianca Wallace at any level.

Having said that I make no secret of the fact, that if the situation demands, I will do whatever is lawfully necessary to ensure that Alice is protected, that accounts are paid in full and I will do these things in a heartbeat as I have many times before.

As for the money consideration, it is my assessment that Ioan intends to leave Alice destitute and any money he would provide her would come with so many hooks that Alice would essentially lose her soul in the acceptance of it. The cost would be her total subservience to Ioan's whim.

Essentially there is nothing for Alice to gain in accepting what Ioan is trying to force upon her. Having cleared that up I will now move to the wider question of exactly why I am doing what I am doing.

Ioan Gruffudd supporters are focused on their position that this is a battle between a divorcing couple where it is my position that this is a battle where a woman is trying to survive what amounts to abuse and bullying.

The abuse I am alleging fits well within the survivor consideration and poses a serious threat to the wellbeing of two women, two girls and a faithful hound. I have documented the basis of my views and presented them in the public forum.

It is clear from the responses on SM that there is a strong consensus that I am correct in my reasoning. Unlike nearly every other person I have a knowledge of what has been going on at a level that is beyond the view of Alice's public detractors. It is on the basis of that knowledge that I present my reasoning.

People familiar with what I do will be aware that one of my main tasks is to balance the need to articulate the victim's narrative without exposing personal and or private information that would make that person vulnerable.

That has resulted in people having to take a certain amount of what I am saying on faith until I am shown to be correct when it is safe for the required information to be presented in full. Earning that faith has been the hardest part of what I do.

To be clear I do these things in the full knowledge that if I make a materially false allegation or I am caught out in any deception then I will fall and hard. This is not a game. Real people will suffer in the event I prove false and everything I am and have done will be lost to me. Essentially I face damnation in the event I deviate from my code.

The only reason I am taking on Ioan Gruffudd and Bianca Wallace is my strongly held belief that Alice Evans is being abused and that abuse is having a follow on impact on all the members of Alice's household.

It is my view that such abuse must be challenged and those who would abuse be held to account for their actions. I know for a fact that Alice is being lied about. I know that the ground zero for these conflicts is protecting the truth of the victim's narrative for without that truth the victim has no chance against their abusers.

This is the reality that faces all survivors of all backgrounds. To be very clear. I have no interest in the fact that Ioan has had an affair. I have no interest in the fact that he has met someone else. These things happen. I do not come to this from a position of moral outrage.

I am here because it is my firm view that Alice Evans is being subjected to extensive abuse. If Ioan had gone to Alice and told her he was leaving and was doing all he reasonably could to see to the needs of the people he made the willful decision to leave then I would absolutely go to Alice and advise her to cut back on the burn.

I would support Alice as a friend in the manner friends do but I would not spend my time trying to assuage her feelings by leveling false accusations against Ioan Gruffudd. However, I will not stand back while Alice is abused, bullied and defiled and then treated like she is a psycho bitch because she dares to express her pain and fury at being hurt and when I mean hurt I mean exactly that.

What Ioan and Bianca are doing to Alice and by virtue of that fact the innocents that depend on her is beyond disgusting. I am witnessing it, I have seen the evidence, I have seen the pain in Alice and her dependents and I simply will not stand for it.

Ioan was warned repeatedly and Ioan knows who I am and what I do. Ioan went into this with his eyes wide open, he made his choice and the moment he decides that hurting Alice is not going to serve him regarding the cost benefit consideration that he applies to his thinking then I will have no further interest in what he does.

Ioan's silence is not the silence of dignity but rather the silence of a coward who wants everything his own way and to hell with everyone else. If Ioan wants to actually man up and own his shit then Ioan may start to turn things around.

If the abuse of Alice Evans does not cease then both Ioan and Bianca will held accountable for their actions using any lawful means necessary. I have but one message. Stop hurting Alice. I trust that is clear enough.



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