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The issues that come with dealing with the enablers who plague the lives of sexual abuse victims require dealing with and part of that consideration is bringing accountability to those who would advantage themselves at victims expense. Sexual assault victims are generally targets for all sorts of ongoing abuse and responding to that as an activist requires an ability and a determination to defend oneself and any people who are dependent on support. 

With all that in mind I now seek to present the case against New York resident Robert Jay Marczak. My main motivation for doing so is the fact that Rob Marczak simply will not cease his defamatory attacks on Asia Argento. Rob is determined to do this to continue his sycophantic support of the predatory Rain Dove and this combined with his mealy mouthed evasions when challenged, demonstrate this man will say anything to try and make himself relevant. 

What makes Rob stand out from the general run of the mill SM wannabe is that his actions directly support the narrative of the sex offender Jimmy Bennett and the predator Rain Dove in what amounts to a pathetic attempt to make himself relevant to false accuser Rose McGowan. This is simply unacceptable. It is also relevant that Rob indulged in a range of offensive behaviors and ultimately betrayed Rose McGowan when one of his many attempts to grandstand on her platform backfired. As is my practice I will now provide the evidence to demonstrate the validity of my accusations. 

As described in the article Black 18 I met Rob in February 2018. Rob comes across as a warm and friendly type but this is largely a facade. It was not until August 2018 that circumstances placed me in opposition to him. At that stage Rob was known as the primary support person for Rose McGowan and I was on a hiatus after taking a hit from an infiltrator, also detailed in Black 18. 

The assault on Asia Argento brought me back on to SM and I was soon informed by a Silence Breaker as to who was behind the leaked texts to TMZ media. It was within a heartbeat of reading that revelation that I made the decision to stand against Camp McGowan. As a result I had a discussion with Rob where I declared my active support for Asia Argento and my hostile stance towards Rose McGowan and Rain Dove. I did so because up until that point I considered Rob a friend. 

It was not long before Rob the traitor revealed himself. In our dealings together Rob had some personal information on me and we had of course had discussions in DM. I have had a lot of discussions in DM with a lot of people and in the way of social media people fall out and find themselves in conflict. I have always had a strong policy that I do not reveal what is said in DM in the event of a falling out. 

People rely on my discretion and my word. People know that I will not use what is gained in friendship or as an activist as a weapon to fulfill an agenda. Not so Mr Marczak. As the situation progressed I cornered one of the most virulent of Asia's tormentors. I avoided direct contact with that person but it was widely known that it was my avowed intention to write up her behavior in an article much like I am here. 

This was a source of angst to this person and off she went to Rob. I am not sure what she hoped to achieve as Rob had zero influence as to what I would or would not do. By this point things were looking grim in Camp McGowan and Rob was determined to knock me out of the fight. As described in Black 18 Rob was well known for consorting with trolls and he was among them actively working against me. 

First Rob handed over all the information he had on me to some of the foulest bullies SM has ever seen. It was evident that he expected the Trolls would demonstrate they knew who I was and I would be intimidating into backing off. Rob also told people what I had said to him in DM and made claims about voice conversations I had with him. This I expect was to embarrass me and cause me to back off. Rob then went on making public claims that I was trying to destroy a woman and her young child. 

So it is clear that Rob put a lot of thought into his attacks on me. He set up a three pronged attack any one of which or all combined could knock me out of the fight. So he thought. Problem for Rob was is that none of it worked. The bully and I made a deal, which to her credit she has stuck to and so shall I for after all my word is my bond. That is the reason why she is not already up on this site. 

It is absolute truth that I would have put such an article up. I never tell lies about people. The best way to deliver what is needed is to tell the truth about that person. That is the antidote for enablers and bullies and offenders. In this case the bully deleted her offensive posts and ceased tormenting her victim. Hopefully the stress she apparently endured will provide sufficient deterrence in the future. 

Essentially Rob Marczak consorted with trolls and bullies and gave them information he gained from me and revealed conversations I had with him. He also made false accusations against me and I note for the record Rob has failed to provide a shred of proof to support his accusations. I provide proof here. This is a tweet where Rob declares solidarity with another highly active troll (also the infiltrator) The Orange Janitor whilst declaring his support for the bully I intended on documenting. 

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