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Site Policy 

This site and all expressed opinions within are the opinions of the site owner. This site is committed to the survivor code. Detailed policy is as follows. 

Silence Breakers:


Many visitors will be aware that I have interacted with various Silence Breakers. This site is solely concerned with Silence Breakers as activists and the issues they face as survivors as described in publicly available information. This site has no interest in Silence Breakers as celebrities outside of how that status relates to the wider movement.


There is no interest in any Silence Breaker's personal life and or acting career. There is no threat and or inducement which will cause me to divulge any personal information about any Breaker or private communication with any Breaker.

Private Communications:


This site will not publish any private communications between myself and any person. This includes individuals who I have reached a parting of the ways with. Private communications do not include unsolicited abuse, harassment or threats.  

Predator File Section: 


Individuals documented in this section are considered an ongoing threat to another or others. This includes potential threats of exploitation, false allegations, sociopathic behavior and any other applicable recognised abuse dynamic. 

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