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Toxic Duo Ioan Gruffudd and Bianca Wallace display their DARVO for all to see.

Alice Evans with daughters Elsie and Ella

The Daily Mail has released another exclusive article regarding the DVRO sought by abused teen Ella Gruffudd / Evans that has provided some additional and highly pertinent information that I will expand on here.

The article details the allegations that I raised in my previous article thus confirming their accuracy and that article can be found here.

I have maintained from the outset that Alice Evans has been subjected to coercive control, false claims of so called parental alienation and DARVO. I also hold the view that Ioan Gruffudd and Bianca Wallace now seek to wield DARVO against Ella Gruffudd and the evidence supports that contention as I will demonstrate.

This second article by the Daily Mail provides additional information that I did not cover in my previous article. There are three key considerations that article provides:

Ella and Elsie were ambushed by the presence of Bianca Wallace in spite of the girls repeated and vehement demands that they not be forced into the presence of the woman who has played a pivotal role in destroying their lives.

Ella's response to being ambushed was met with allegations from both Ioan Gruffudd and Wallace that Ella is "manipulative", "abusive" and "narcissistic".

After the assault on Ella took place Ioan Gruffudd pursued his daughter down the road and when she stated that his girlfriend had slammed a door on her Gruffudd responded by saying "No she didn't, no she didn't, stop lying."

Ioan Gruffudd and Wallace later appeared in an article walking down the street with their beaming smiles firmly fixed in place which was essentially a declaration that Gruffudd intends on standing by the woman who assaulted his daughter and based on his comments on the matter to date and his previous actions it seems very evident that Gruffudd intends on reaching for his DARVO manual and will try and discredit his daughter.

Of course there will likely be an attempt to blame Alice Evans for completeness. So what do these latest details tell us about the situation? To provide proper context I will briefly detail some necessary information as follows:

It seems very evident that Alice was set up well before she was aware of what was going on behind her back. I recall a Twitter fight that took place between Alice and another poster, some months before Ioan made his grand declaration, that resulted in a deluge of claims that Alice was crazy and unstable by a number of other Twitter accounts.

As soon as the divorce became public knowledge, a posse of Gruffudd / Wallace Stans appeared out of nowhere attempting to concern troll Alice into silence before switching to false claims of parental alienation when Alice would not comply. These trolls have often shown that they have been provided information that they should not be aware of.

Many of Alice's followers noted several attempts by Ioan Gruffudd to stop Alice from speaking about pretty much anything on social media most especially on Twitter. This amounts to coercive control as defined by law in the State of California.

Gruffudd went on to present his "new" relationship in the media without warning the family he was in the process of abandoning which had the harshest impact on Alice and her daughters as possible.

Instead of addressing the logistics of the separation like a normal person would, Gruffudd elected to give Alice the silent treatment and refused to respond to her directly in preference of sending legal demands through his lawyer. This had the dual effect of stripping Alice of money and causing her the maximum amount of stress possible.

Gruffudd ceased providing any financial support for his children and allowed Alice to be essentially beggared as she tried to maintain some form of normalcy in her family's life. This included firing the housekeeper Gloria and cutting off the family's phone and internet.

When Alice reacted to these abuses Gruffudd then subjected Alice to DARVO and sought and obtained a DVRO based on what amounts to barefaced lies and false allegations thus achieving the silencing of the wife he was throwing away like garbage.

While all that was taking place Gruffudd Stans subjected Alice to repeated vile online attacks which they maintain to this day and have now extended these attacks on to Ella Gruffudd while Ioan Gruffudd has done nothing to call off his own fanbase.

Now, many people have left their partners for someone else and the fact that Gruffudd has done that in this case is not the issue. Generally when people leave a partner they feel sufficiently guilty to ensure that the partner they are leaving is not further deprived anymore than necessary and failing that, at least ensuring the children in the relationship are as impacted on as little as possible.

Not so Ioan Gruffudd who has done everything he can to make the divorce as punishing and brutal as possible without any regard whatsoever for the wellbeing of his children at any level. The presented facts in this speak for themselves. Gruffudd has deprived his children of everything they had in their lives from security to schooling and even a basic requirement such as internet connectivity.

Now we know that in spite of his daughter's clearly expressed and vehemently stated wishes, Gruffudd elected to ambush the girls with the presence of the woman they despise with every part of their beings. Gruffudd has worked tirelessly to force that meeting upon his daughters and when he failed he simply ambushed them and forced the girls into a situation without his daughters consent. Coercive control anyone?

We now know that when Ella reacted to this ambush she was called "manipulative", "abusive" and "narcissistic". The projection there is truly astounding. Evidently it is not possible that the children actually despise Wallace and resent their father for the suffering that has been inflicted on them.

No, apparently such a rejection is the product of narcissism and abusive behavior, a manipulation no less. Who could possibly reject the living wonders that are Ioan Gruffudd and Bianca Wallace? How could anyone dare to think that Lord and Lady Muck could possibly have done anything wrong let alone be held responsible for their own studied actions?

This begs the question. If that is what the toxic duo are prepared to throw at a highly stressed 13 year old, what then are they prepared to say about Alice Evans? Food for thought I believe.

Not content with dumping their toxic malice on a stressed out Ella Gruffudd, Ioan then goes on to claim that Ella is lying about the assault to Ella literally in the minutes that followed that assault. He tries to do so in a manner that prevented Ella's phone from recording it clearly of course because Ioan knows that phone in Ella's hands is detrimental to him.

To complete the scenario Gruffudd and Wallace present in the media together with big smiles which amounts to a message that Gruffudd intends on fully supporting his thug of a girlfriend and his actions as described demonstrate that he is willing to try and invalidate Ella's allegations through his tried and true application of deny, attack, reverse victim offender in the same manner that he has applied to his defamed and abused ex-wife.

It is very easy to predict what Gruffudd will likely attempt in response to Ella's court action. Gruffudd and Wallace will turn on their impression management and falsely claim that Ella is unstable and abusive due to the "parental alienation" Alice is inflicting on Ioan.

They will likely claim that Ella was out of control and Wallace was acting out of concern when she tried to stop Ella from leaving resulting in an "accident" that Ella is now falsely claiming was an assault.

All of this will be presented in Gruffudd's most reasonable tone. He is very good at that. I have heard that man in action. Gruffudd will likely claim he is the victim in all of this and he is merely a deeply concerned parent struggling to a be a father to his "alienated" daughters and that all of this is simply an extension of his "Gone Girl" ex-wife's abuse of his magnificent person.

It is quite possible that Gruffudd will try and wheel out the therapist that he has demanded Ella attend sessions with to support his claims, and of course the Amberii are very familiar with how that tactic is applied. Gruffudd is cunning enough to know that Ella was always going to be the stone in his narc shoe and that discrediting his daughter was likely going to be required.

Any normal person would have simply kept his new partner and his existing children apart but Gruffudd is not a normal person as the evidence shows. What we see is a man who evidently sees his children as nothing more than an extension of his whim and his inconvenient ex-wife as trash to be disposed of.

Personally I see these latest events as the point where Gruffudd has lost his daughters for I strongly suspect they will never forgive him for what he has done and that Gruffudd will devote his life to trying to paint himself as the victim of his own offending and generally vile behavior.

One thing is very certain. Wallace will never have any kind of relationship with those girls no matter how hard she tries to force herself upon them. That reality is set in stone. Ioan wants to be very careful what he wishes for in my view. I see his future.

The reason why I write these articles is to provide a timeline of events and allegations that can be tested by readers for consistency over an extended period of time. In the case of Alice Evans and her daughters Ella and Elsie it is my position that the details I have provided maintain a solid and documented consistency over the period of time in question.

Note: Alice Evans and Ella Gruffudd / Evans have had no input into this article. My actions in all the writing of every article to date are wholly unilateral in the absence of any instruction from Alice Evans.



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