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Lysette Anthony is a victim of false allegations and bullying

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Lysette Anthony

The evidence is clear that Lysette Anthony is being subjected to a particular malicious agenda at the hands of bullies and I address that matter here.

Lysette has a role in a TV series called Hollyoaks. For the record I have never seen it. It is evident that there is a destructive politic (as is often the case) between various parties who have connections to the show.

It is equally evident that some of the participants in this politic have been trying to manoeuvre Lysette's life to their own advantage. In a breathtaking display of cruel cowardice it is evident that the failure to maneuver and bully Lysette into conforming to their agenda has resulted in them trying to destroy Lysette's life instead.

The method used is a familiar one. The bullies take what a person says, interpret it based on the bullies desired point of view and then present it as some grievous sin committed by the target. This method relies on a bus to throw the victim under.

This is achieved by publicising a private communication the target participated in with great umbrage and with language designed to try and ignite a response from a mob who have been deceived by the false nature of the allegations.

The victim is overwhelmed and in fear and distress therefore being unlikely to be able and willing to fight back. The situation here is pretty basic and the evidence is as follows. The first relevant exhibit is the Whatsapp communication Lysette had with an as yet unnamed parties.

Here we see what looks like a group chat taking place between Lysette and if I am correct at least three other people. Lysette evidently holds a negative view towards Amanda Clapham and Charlie Clapham. There is nothing unusual in this. Lysette has never been backward in coming forward in her opinions.

Amanda Clapham posted an open letter to Hollyoaks management on the 7th of June making various claims of racist behavior in support of Rachel Adedeji who has also made such claims.

Evidently Charlie Clapham supports both Amanda Clapham and Rachel Adedeji and their common agenda is evidently what Lysette was commenting on. Charlie Clapham obtained a copy of the chat, exactly how is so far unknown. Evidently Charlie was not happy and responded with the following tweet.

Charlie is clearly indicating that he is under attack from Lysette due to his stance on racism and seems determined to whip up some hate to be applied in her direction. Charlie goes on to clarify his motive in the matter.

Charlie doesn't like people talking about him it seems. We can all relate to that. But clearly there are the ways in which we choose to deal with these things and instead of going to Lysette and dealing with the matter, Charlie decided to malign her on public forum instead. This is very relevant. Let us look at what Lysette actually said and apply a few salient facts to the situation.

"Well, to be fair they both have that embittered, traitor vibe going on.."

First we take the fact that Lysette knows the people involved and so is talking from an informed position. It is fair to say that in knowing them, Lysette will have formed a personal opinion about them and having done so expressed that opinion.

Then we take the fact of Charlie's actions and apply those actions to Lysette's reasoning. Charlie has received information and his response was to decide that there was no way that anyone was going to say things about him and he would show the treacherous one by throwing her under a bus publically.

Of course in doing so Charlie is also acting in a treacherous manner, by lashing out and trying to inflict harm on a woman who has just recently gone through three years of trauma and bullying while Harvey Weinstein was being processed.

It is very evident that treachery both in perception and action is part of Charlie's makeup. Not only that Charlie is not accurately presenting the context of the communication. Charlie presents it as a matter that concerns the race issues that are dominating the media but in fact it is all about Charlie.

Relying on a particularly vile deception, in the form of a false equivalency which is a tactic favored by many bullies, Charlie is trying to turn a mob on to Lysette and essentially destroy the life she has fought so hard for through multiple rapes and various other ordeals that Charlie, as per his nature, has no regard for whatsoever.

These of course are the actions of a very bitter person. Indeed I would go on to say a very nasty person and nastiness as we know finds fertile ground in bitterness. Essentially Charlie demonstrates the complete truth of Lysette's contention.

Responding in what could be realistically described as narcissistic rage Charlie condemns himself through his own actions and in short reveals himself to be an unfeeling asshole with far too high an opinion of himself. This leads to the next part of Lysette's statement.

"Sorry we are not going to have a job to come back to if this stuff keeps being disseminated x. "

Lysette has informed the group that Charlie is an embittered asshole who, by his own actions, is the type who will do or say anything if his sense of self is in any way offended. Obviously if Charlie was allowed to inflict his agenda on Hollyoaks he will succeed in unjustly destroying it.

To be clear Lysette is saying: do we all want to lose our jobs on the musings of Charlie the self demonstrated asshole? This has nothing to do with racism or the issues currently going on. Again we see the real Charlie in action.

At this time with the horror we are seeing being played out before us we find Charlie trying to tap this quagmire of human misery to try and turn it on a woman whose only crimes are to see Charlie for what he actually is and relying too much on nuance in a world where people read in text bites.

It is clear that Charlie is well versed in the art of treachery. Charlie is so cynical it beggars belief. But Charlie now faces some serious problems. Lysette's comments were all about Charlie and completely divorced from the race issues Charlie is attempting to weaponise.

Lysette has betrayed no cause. Lysette is entitled to survive. Like the rest of us she needs food and shelter and is entitled to a life. I note that the three people in question who seem to feel Lysette should join them in attempting to sully Hollyoaks are all ex cast members.

Very easy for them to make such demands when they have nothing to lose. So they think anyway.

There have been attempts to bully Lysette into subscribing to these people's agendas. Lysette has refused to be bullied and is completely entitled to want to preserve her own well-being and the well-being of the people who depend on Hollyoaks. This refusal has resulted in this shameless vile attack.

In doing so Charlie has exposed himself for what he is and he can be sure his actions will follow him anchored by the truth. It is evident who the trash is in this matter.

Note: Lysette Anthony has had no input into this article.



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