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Underbelly: Bullied Breakers

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

What you see is what you get?

A campaign of bullying being inflicted on dozens of women in the Silence Breaker movement at the hands of their own sisters is taking place and this series focuses on the underbelly that is subverting the Silence Breaker movement.

A PR firm is revealed as being the architects of the public face of the Silence Breaker movement and serious questions as to this firms conduct and influence need to addressed.

Now that the initial Weinstein trial is over and outcomes there more certain it is time to turn attention to these most serious matters.

It is my firmly held belief that dozens of women in the Silence Breaker movement are enduring deliberately inflicted deprivation and facing the ruination of their lives and the time has come to talk about that fact.

Over a hundred women came out in solidarity to stand up against the perpetual abuse inflicted on women in the entertainment industry. Each of them would rightfully have expected equal support and equal opportunity to have their say and advance their own issues.

The evidence is blatantly clear that the result of this mass disclosure in no way resembles the reasonable expectations of these women who have ALL put their lives on the line only to be discarded.

To be discarded is bad enough but unfortunately that is not where the matter ends. It is clear from the evidence that women who try to advance their own opinions and issues are being bullied in a manner most vile.

This bullying is abuse in every sense of the word. When all these women stepped forward they would not have been aware that they were to be subjected to a regime that restricted them and silenced them as effectively as the rape machine.

It is fact that such a regime exists. It is exists in the form of a handful of Breakers who are bullying and invalidating any other Breaker who does not fit and or conform to their desired narrative.

This small group has formed a cabal and its members routinely attack, gas light and bully women who are already suffering terribly. These bullied women reached out to try and obtain support, tried to push their own activism or were lured to be used and then discarded.

What will come as a surprise to many is that the Breaker campaign we are seeing in the public forum is being conducted by a PR firm called SKDKnickerbocker. SKD has created a script and a criteria as well as an email list that provides information to affiliated Breakers.

The architects of this regime present the women who are on this list as "the" Breaker movement.

Important note: Just because a woman's name is on that list that does not mean in any way that she is necessarily aware of the issues I will be raising in this series. Many will not be aware. That is fact.

What is becoming increasingly evident is that inclusion in this PR created group is based on what is important according to SKD and what SKD considers important in no way reflects what we in the survivor community would consider as bona fide.

The Underbelly series will expose the abuse and bullying that has been going on and this article focuses on what happened to "Breaker A".

The short version is that Breaker A, who has in fact suffered extensive damage as a result of Weinstein, was invited to participate more directly and added to the SKD list as the lead up the Weinstein trial was taking place.

Breaker A was taken aback at this approach for she, like so many others, has essentially being ignored and sidelined since 2017 when the movement first flared into life.

As a result of this Breaker A gave an interview to a journalist and some time after the Weinstein trial concluded Breaker A discovered that she had been removed from the list in question.

Upon taking the matter up with certain people Breaker A received responses that present a chilling and cynical display of bullying and invalidation inflicted on yet another innocent woman in the movement by her own "sisters".

For the purposes of context I can state that I listened very carefully to the "offending" interview and I determined that Breaker A did not violate any survivor ethics and was entirely truthful and well reasoned.

It was in fact a presentation of quality well thought out activism.

I also note that every survivor has the inherent right to tell her story in her own way. At least so we all thought.

What Breaker A did do however was turn the blowtorch on Hollywood generally and it is there we can find her so called "sin". Asia Argento did the same thing at Cannes and the result of that is already very well documented.

This is the pattern that is emerging. Breakers who speak out against the industry directly or make accusations against industry men who are not Harvey Weinstein find themselves facing the wrath of the Cabal.

Breaker A has provided me with emails sent to her in response to her objections to being mistreated and by this group who see themselves as the "real" Breakers. The first is from a woman who I will not be naming at this stage.

This person has a well deserved reputation for clawing up other Breakers and I am personally aware of an instance where she forced the "expulsion" of another Breaker who I personally know to be a most honest and intelligent caring person.

Breaker A received this email from this woman who is clearly acting as an enforcer for the Cabal as the email itself will demonstrate.

It is egregious that you were added to the Silence Breaker list without being properly vetted. I’m upset at this breach myself. I’m sorry that you feel so badly about being removed from the list, but I’m sure you can appreciate that the upside is that you weren’t raped by Harvey. I think you drew the long straw there. It’s not a group I’d wish on anyone.

Who knew that to be a "Silence Breaker" one must be vetted and determined to be worthy enough to be part of what is clearly a group that has set itself up to dominate the entire Breaker movement?

Membership had VERY high dues. It’s not a clique, you’re not being shut out for any other reason than you’re lucky enough not to be a victim. Our list is for women who were raped or assaulted at the hands of Harvey Weinstein and who have risked their emotional and physical health, livelihoods and reputations to come forward about our very real and deep trauma.

What this statement demonstrates is that I am correct in my allegation that only Harvey Weinstein victims need apply. Also according to this statement Breaker A has been "judged" as not being enough of a victim to be worthy of being a Silence Breaker.

Breaker A was targeted by Weinstein after his failed attempts to inflict sexual assault on her. I also note that Breaker A has in fact suffered savage bullying and abuse as a result of her disclosures around Weinstein. More than many in fact.

Breaker A fits the textbook definition of a Silence Breaker. It's that simple.

I also note that according to this enforcer there is a requirement that the women listed as suitable by SKD Breakers must be raped or assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. So knowing who this woman is I checked out her own account of what happened with her and Weinstein.

According to her own public statements Harvey Weinstein barely laid a hand on her. Oh he certainly tried it on but there was no rape and or assault.

We have put our lives on the line. I am, therefore, extremely protective of every single woman in this group, and of those who have supported us along the way.Please stop sending me abusive messages. Please stop saying nasty things about my fellow survivors. Please stop calling yourself a Silence Breaker.

Evidently it is only the "real" Breakers who have put their lives on the line. Apparently the seventy plus who have been sidelined have not put themselves at any risk at all. The fact they have nearly all being bullied and deprived of work does not count apparently.

In some cases there has been forcible rape and sodomy inflicted on these women but they have not put their lives on the line despite been bullied to the point of suicide and clearly are simply not worthy of being counted as a "real" Silence Breaker.

How interesting.

We also see here the classic tactic of the bully in full invalidation mode. Breaker A's reasonable objections are "abusive and nasty". Again Breaker A has spoken nothing but the truth.

Then there is the question of who the actual store bought fuck this woman thinks she is demanding other women stop calling themselves Silence Breakers?

Please stop trying to undermine our good work and pain with drama. Please stop spreading conspiracy theories and ruining what is supposed to be a really awesome day for us. Just stop! I’m very sorry you have had horrible things done to you and I hope you have support for your trauma. Good luck and stay safe.

Objections to being mistreated are claimed to be "abusive" messages. These "conspiracy theories" are in fact truthful and factual allegations that are supported by the increasing flow of evidence that is turning up as the matter becomes more public.

No good abusive missive is complete without some patronizing lip service and we are not disappointed here.

This enforcer states that she is very sorry about the abuse Breaker A has suffered (after telling her she did not count as a victim) and the tone is clear in that Breaker A is being painted as a crazy drama queen who needs to get a grip on herself and be grateful she is not a "real" victim.

Seems its not only rapists who draw on the Abuser 101 manual.

I will now present an email from a woman named Hilary Rosen Vice Chair of SKDKnickerbocker.

I am sure that many Breakers and nearly every supporting activist and survivor will be shocked to see what I am publishing here.

After all who among us were aware that for the last two years we have been unknowingly subjected to the agendas of SKDKnickerbocker? Let us examine Hilary Rosen at work.

I am sorry you are feeling isolated on this important day. We took you off of our outreach list a few weeks ago when it came to our attention few weeks ago that you publicly criticized other survivors.

Firstly I note that I have listened very carefully to the interview in question and in no way did Breaker A criticize other survivors. That simply did not happen. What did happen was that Breaker A lit up the Hollywood industry.

I also note that Breaker A was effectively shunned without even informing her of that fact let alone giving her a chance to defend herself.

This is because in fact Breaker A has done nothing that would be considered offensive to survivors of bona fide intention. This is completely unacceptable and abusive.

The Silence Breakers space is a private and protected space where the women want to feel safe. Your actions made some of those women feel as though your goals weren’t the same as theirs and so we enforced our rules of behavior but taking you off of the group circulation.

Here we see that there is a "space" for "Silence Breakers" but only a selected few of course. This space is to allow these women to feel "safe". The inference is clear that Breaker A has committed some great offense that has made other women feel unsafe.

This is a complete and gratuitous lie. The only party that would have felt unsafe is the industry. One of the rules of "Breaker Club". Confine all activism to Weinstein and avoid commenting at any real level on the industry.

Are all you Breakers who have been assaulted by other men not named Weinstein seeing what is happening here? Remember the enforcer stated earlier that the "group" was specifically for women who had been raped and assaulted by Weinstein. Her words not mine.

We can also see that there is "rules of behavior". Evidently these "rules" require members to confine their activism to the stipulations put in place by SKD and these are enforced by the cabal that has formed to control and dominate their own sisters.

Therefore when the latest statement went out for review, you didn't receive it.

I am sure this day is filled with emotion for you. And while you did hurt some peoples feeling in the group, I am sure the ordeal has been overall as painful for you as for them.

Here we see the compulsory patronizing statements and mealy mouthed platitudes favored by all self serving bullies. Interesting how the benchmark for acceptability is based upon the subjective feelings of this self serving cabal as opposed to an adherence to the truth and reason.

This has been a very tumultuous few months and everyone has felt vulnerable.

So I encourage you to calm down, let the relief of the moment wash over you that this monster is going to jail and join with the other Silence Breakers in looking for healthy ways to move on, knowing that you have accomplished so much good. We wish you only the best.

Here we see Breaker A having her reasonable concerns and objections being invalidated yet again. (Calm down you crazy person. Your attitude is unhealthy and you need to get with the program.)

Breaker A is being told to join with the "other Silence Breakers". What Breakers are being talked about here? The sidelined seventy odd?

Warm regards,

Hilary Rosen

Thankfully Breaker A has Hilary's "warm regards". Thoughts and prayers as well no doubt.

Then there is the matter of the glaring contradiction between the "reasoning" provided by the Cabal enforcer and Hilary Rosen from SKD.

Enforcer: It’s not a clique, you’re not being shut out for any other reason than you’re lucky enough not to be a victim.

Hilary Rosen: We took you off of our outreach list a few weeks ago when it came to our attention few weeks ago that you publicly criticized other survivors.

Enforcer: Please stop saying nasty things about my fellow survivors. Please stop calling yourself a Silence Breaker.

Hilary Rosen: join with the other Silence Breakers in looking for healthy ways to move on, knowing that you have accomplished so much good. We wish you only the best.

I should note that I am not accusing these people of being particularly intelligent.

So what is it that we are seeing here?

What we are seeing here is a stark example of how a PR Firm and a cabal of women in the Breaker movement have conspired to suppress and if needed actively oppress dozens of women who stood up in public solidarity and placed themselves at serious risk in doing so.

These women have been isolated, cut off from all support and employment opportunities and deliberately gas lit into believing that they are the problem in all of this. These women have been bullied and defiled in exactly the same way they have experienced at the hands of the industry rape machine.

This cabal has completely dominated the public face of the Breakers in the media and is conducting a campaign of oppression and abuse on women who trusted them and needed them.

We have already seen one woman bullied to the point of suicide and this cabal was certainly part of that campaign to destroy Asia Argento who committed the sin of turning the blowtorch on the industry at Cannes.

Breaker A has also suffered bullying to the same degree until her own health and safety was severely compromised after coming out against Weinstein but apparently she is not "good enough" to be considered a victim.

The pattern is clear. Any woman who speaks out against the industry is attacked and defiled by her own "sisters". Any woman who tries to push forward on her own or is campaigning against other abusers is shunned.

It is also very clear that all the statements in the media we as a survivor community see are the product of SKD, an agency that has completely taken over the Breaker movement in conjunction with women who are prepared to hurt other women to ensure SKD's continued dominance of the narrative.

This behavior offends me as a survivor, an activist and a human being. The only violations of the survivor code are the ones committed by this PR firm and the Cabal that support it. This behavior is offensive, exploitative and breathtakingly cruel and it will be addressed and accounted for. Be sure of it.



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