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Underbelly: Why Asia Argento and what happened to her matters

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Asia Argento

A lot of people have hurt Asia Argento who has paid a terrible price for standing up for all of us who value truth over the empty offerings of false idols. Those people know who they are.

When this movement was formed it was to be for the protection of the vulnerable and bringing accountability to offenders. Many arrived on the basis of those ideals only to be cast out when their refusal to choose political expediency over truth became inconvenient.

It is fact that people within the movement played a role in the obscenity inflicted on a woman who was already been beaten into the ground.

At the worst these people played a direct role in what amounts to vile abuse or at best were callous in their willingness to leave one of their own in a nightmare inflicted by sociopaths.

What is certain is that there were wilful and active efforts to try and ensure that Asia was not able to get back up. Attempts were made to hinder me in my defense of Asia. Attempts to demonstrate Asia's innocence were rebuffed.

Those attempts concluded when I was told point blank that the Breakers did not want to know. Those Breakers who stepped outside of demands to leave Asia to her fate and stepped into the conflict were expelled from the Breaker movement.

The reason for this is found in the speech that Asia made at Cannes in 2018. Asia spoke truth to power. Asia also had a huge following of activists and survivors. Those who never had any intention of living up to the principles of the movement and saw their agendas being compromised were not pleased.

The word was that there were those who were not pleased with Asia's behavior. Asia was bringing the movement into disrepute with her antics and or trying to take over the movement. So it was said. The evidence shows this in fact was a manipulation.

Asia Argento called out the rape culture in the industry and expressed a determination to stand for ALL the women in the movement based on the principles of the movement.

Asia was being relentlessly bullied and targeted by the industry. The fact of that bullying was used against Asia. The word was that Asia had brought all this upon herself with her outrageous behavior and was bringing down the movement.

It was not common knowledge at that stage that Asia was also being targeted by Rain Dove and being betrayed by her best friend and other people close to her.

The treatment of Rose McGowan provides clear evidence that the claims made against Asia are wholly specious.

Along with cutting a track across the movement like a one woman tornado Rose managed to briefly unite the left and right of a divided US when she earned the nickname Tehran Rose.

Then there is the matter of being on public record falsely accusing her best friend and sister Weinstein victim of sexual offenses.

Rose McGowan is also on public record referring to her sisters as, and I quote, "losers and douchebags."

Try as I might I cannot reconcile this glaring discrepancy in treatment. Both women are victims of Harvey Weinstein. Yet it is Asia who has been treated as if she is suffering some hideous contagion apparently because of her "behavior".

Rose McGowan on the other hand is fully included in the process that so many women stood up to be counted for.

I must note here that Rose McGowan did in fact recently publicly acknowledge that Asia was also a victim of Weinstein who deserved justice unbidden and ironically the only Breaker in question to do so.

This is not about Rose McGowan persay. Her circumstances are simply evidence of the fraud that is the contention that Asia Argento behaved in a manner that justified the movement making the decision to leave her to be bullied into suicide.

The politic in that period was riven with the issues caused by the conflict of interests that occured due to the #MeToo branding issues. Asia was blamed for those issues and that is where the scapegoating comes in.

As the argument that Asia was in any way a threat to the so called integrity of the movement is clearly demonstrably false, the logical conclusion is that Asia was scapegoated because it was convenient to do so.

Asia is a woman who will not sacrifice the truth for personal gain. This was demonstrated when Asia raised her fist at Cannes. Asia called out the faux nature of the movement and time has proven her correct.

Most of the Breakers who stood up in solidarity for the common good are blacklisted and have not had work for two years. Weinstein is giving new meaning to the term "doing a Hollywood" as he competes to outdo the dying swan in his efforts to impression manage.

Over a hundred women stood up to face Weinstein and the ongoing sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry. Every single woman unquestionably believes that they have the inherent right to have their stories properly and fairly examined before being judged.

It is cold hard fact that Asia Argento was not simply denied that right. It was ripped from her and trampled on by the self serving interests of sociopaths and those within our own politic who are essentially no better than the enablers we set ourselves to fight against.

Why this matters, aside from the fact a woman was subjected to sadistic abuse, is that those who observe this movement and activists like myself saw much to be contemptuous of.

For example. That anyone could take that half baked crap presented by Bennett as fact is a sad indictment on people's willingness and ability to assess evidence.

The fact that people wilfully ignored the fact that Bennett presented a completely different version on public record when on Italian television demonstrates corruption.

It also demonstrates the willingness of people to throw the life of a woman who trusted them and called them sister down the toilet. The fact they did this while seeking attention and support for their own situations is a breathtaking hypocrisy.

This contention is reinforced when the fact of Asia's medical evidence was ignored and dismissed despite the movement placing a great deal of weight on the presence of similar evidence in the case of Professor Ford.

Nor were these people moved in the face of Rain Dove's sadistic and sociopathic behavior and Rose McGowan's completely untrue public allegations.

Claims that Asia Argento was bringing down and or taking over the movement are entirely false. This level of falseness is entirely consistent across all the spurious allegations that have been made against her.

It is fact that there are people who seek our support who were completely willing to stand back and allow Asia Argento's life to be completely destroyed, the consequences of which were nearly fatal.

Asia Argento is not the only woman to be treated with callous cruelty in the movement. Her case is the most graphic example but other women have been "expelled" and coerced in terms of their own activism.

Clearly there are many questions to answer as this disturbing matter unfolds. The truth of what happened to Asia Argento is simply too large to contain.

Another truth that is its own monster walking is that what happened touches on the very core of what many of us came here to represent. There are some very interesting times ahead.



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